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Mimesis in Sarah Ruhl's "Passion Play"

In Poetics, Aristotle discusses the elements of tragedy. He introduces the concepts of mimesis, harmatia and katharsis, which respectfully mean imitation, error and purification. Mimesis is a central concept in Sarah Ruhl’s… 622 more words

Sarah Ruhl's "Passion Play" blurs the line between the real and the staged

The Passion Play has existed for centuries, and is “a dramatic reenactment of the suffering of Christ…. The focus is on Jesus’s last week of his life” (Chancetheater). 697 more words

Too Good 97

Psalm 32 in the Bible tells us, “Confession is good for the soul.” This may be true but what does it do to one’s confessor, especially if the mea culpa transgressions were committed against him? 405 more words


At Play With Passion (Redux)

Rise above matter
This world is but a playground
Lessons to be learned.

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At Play With Passion by G A Rosenberg

Passion in the desert: Behind the punishing scenes of Canada’s hottest religious production

Under parting grey skies, a motley crowd of actors in Judean garb gathers together and prays.

Minutes before, biblical weather had been pounding this corner of the Alberta desert, a sweltering summer’s day quickly overtaken by high winds, dust clouds and a battering storm of hail. 2,254 more words


Poverty Breaks Kids

Enter the multitudes
The walking wounded
They come to this diver of the heart
of the multitudes
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done

Oh all around the marketplace… 62 more words

Photography And Art