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Oberammergau's unique village passion

Throughout the Middle Ages, Black Death, officially known as the bubonic plague, ravaged Europe. Spread primarily by rat fleas, sufferers could die (and still can) within a matter of days after infection. 599 more words


The Reproaches

The Catholic Church continues to surprise me. I’ve attended a lot of church services, but not a lot of Catholic ones, and I’ve been to Good Friday services, but never a Catholic one. 653 more words


Because of Me

Jesus–died on a cross for me! He spilt blood and tears from His hands and feet to cleanse me from my sinful ways. His life was not easily lived here on earth. 506 more words

The 4 Rules of the Passion Play: Rule #4

In our play, after Jesus has been arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, the only two characters left on stage are Thomas and Judas. Thomas glares at Judas and then spits in his face. 556 more words


An Appeal To Desire

The closest thing I have to an Easter poem:

Before time began, or rather before what we call time, a vast black void filled space, a place called Chaos by makers of myth, desire drove God to speak light into dark. 275 more words

The 4 Rules of the Passion Play: Rule #3

In fact, go see lots of plays. What business do you have bringing anything to the stage if you know nothing about the stage? I say it often: you have to respect the art form. 456 more words


15-04-03 Itzapalapas 2015 - Good Friday - Hour 1

The Itzapalapas celebration is renowned through Latin America and the world . Since we attended Oberammergau several lifetimes ago It only seemed right to attend the Good Friday celebration since we are in Mexico. 13 more words