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Passion Play

A young man, portraying Jesus of Nazareth

Walked down the center aisle

No, down the path

Of the Place of the Skull

He held a wooden cross before him… 275 more words


Let's Start With The Facts, M’am

(apologies to Joe Friday from Dragnet for mangling his line :) )

I recently read a review/opinion piece on one of the big tentpole movies out now in which the reviewer tore open several issues the movie dodged. 127 more words


Dear Author

Mrs Wids is reading her way through our local library. Recently she came across a wonderful Australian murder/mystery series by Kerry Greenwood, The Phryne ( 329 more words


Transcendence: WTF!!!

But first …

Cute Coco the Visiting Cat …

… and a P. S. to the Mrs Widds breaks her foot post:

Moral of the story #3: Inform immediate family of accident BEFORE publishing a blog post about it. 780 more words