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Kisses In The Sun

We went walking talking, sunshine blazing on the sea shore, no thoughts that this might be anything more.

Lotion massaged with hands that sent a shiver, eyes shut she did not anticipate the kiss he was to deliver. 62 more words

Vital Poetry/Lyrics

Home Abroad

In India, more than 80% of youth’s want to become either an engineer or a doctor. The number is around 20% in UK. India being seventh most populated country, that is a very big number. 216 more words

Daily Blog

Storyteller 2017- Fueling the passion with book excerpts

Fueling the passion of the Storyteller 2017 with book excerpts, part IV

 I have named my book campaign Storyteller 2017 because I am so excited about this epic year full of big changes. 517 more words


Is this a good idea? No.

Am I going to end up hurt? Probably.

Should I end it before it’s too late?… But isn’t it already too late? 257 more words


I am a patient guy, really.

I have been know to be impatient. If one were to ask my family, friends or colleague whether I am a patient guy, I believe all of them would say NO in a jiffy. 382 more words


The Red Robin on the Path

Each step down the hall was light so that the cold floor just barely teased her bare feet .

Warm cup of tea in hand she headed towards a sweater .   179 more words



“Are you a student?”

I get asked this question a lot. The answer is always the same: “I used to be. I graduated a year ago.” 1,474 more words