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When I think of love it is those little things that make it pure. They make it everything you want it to be. It is what brings the joy to a relationship. 443 more words



There is nothing unmanly about the man with a quirky heart
not even in the way he says he loves to paint my nails
He knows the way to please me is through the art… 192 more words



In almost

There is anticipation

And regret

And optimism

And disappointment

And opportunity

Much of life is contained within

This particular six letter

String of vowels and consonants


Sent from inner space


Nostalgia, love, history, emotion

Feelings flood like a turbulent ocean

What to do with all this thinking

Raise us up, prevent the sinking

Reference, but do not be stuck in the past… 17 more words


My journey from being a Blogger to an Author

The image above is something I had made in my diary (the year 2016).

A lot of people were taken aback when I announced the release of my first book, “Let’s Rise in Love”. 563 more words


Happiness is a phoenix.

I like the sound of that.

It never truly dies,

why would it?

It’s eternal

just like Love.



A while ago, Mr J gave me the little bottle in the picture. He had found it by the sea, and he was sure it was a very old ink bottle. 572 more words

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