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Anticipation of You

Anticipation of you

Time passes slowly as I think of what we will do

Being apart is a drain on my soul

You are what in the end makes me whole… 63 more words

Have you ever said there is no god?

Have you ever said there is no god? You might be less aware of the many thrones and kingdoms which rules the affairs of the world.

290 more words


Writing has been a passion of mine most of my life. It’s always been a way to express myself even if I couldn’t express myself to other people. 512 more words

I want to feel love...

I want to feel love dammit, I want to ache when I think about that I have to wait to see you, I want to go crazy from missing you, I want to feel whole again when I see you, to feel in bliss when we slowly embrace under the dimmed lights, to lie in together, to feed each other and play with our food, to feel jealous when you talk about other people, to reconcile in tears, to explore together in unknown places, to feel like we are the only two people in the world, I want to feel bliss…I want to feel connected…I want to feel love!


The Best Sex of Your Life

Oh man, you guys, I really don’t want to write this one. 

With nearly all my posts so far, I’ve really wanted people to read them…this one…this one I hope slips through the cracks, just because I’m a big baby. 2,505 more words


My not-so-perfect life

Damn you Sophie Kinsella. Damn your book, damn the dreams, the hope, the love story, the perfection and the laughing. Damn me for falling for it every time and buying it, but all I needed was 24h with pink goggles. 53 more words



The hesitant hand grasped for what it did not recognize – something it has never laid itself upon.

It shook and trembled mightily.

But in the end, the hand retreated, for it felt a scalding heat. 24 more words