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Hey guys, long time no post aye… my bad haha.

I have been really busy lately, many big things and decisions have been made in my life recently and I needed a little time to myself for personal reasons. 799 more words


I skipped writing

I skipped writing yesterday because I lost motivation.

I skipped writing yesterday because I ran out of ideas.

I skipped writing yesterday because I was lazy and busy for other stuff. 74 more words


Why life's philosophies aren't simple

The concept of a core set of principles and values that emphasize the existence of an indivigual is called life philosophy. The idea of elevator pitching ones life philosophy can be a daunting task and today we try to see why. 139 more words


I just don't write at all !

It is funny to think of the time when one doesn’t want to write but has to write. Because for me when I am not in a mood to write due to any reason under the sun I won’t write at all because if I do, it will not turn out to be the piece I want it to be or even the piece any one wants to read. 419 more words


Thoughts of a Lunar Petal 7

Junkie to the rush,

Watch as you crawl on your knees,

Take another hit from your lips,

Addicts to this drug,

I needed you like you needed me, 7 more words