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Will You Into My Will (Chapter 68)

I cannot bear Brandon ignoring me on the school. Passing on the hallways without meeting my eyes, skipping on lunches just to avoid me and now, even on our favourite  sub when we always pair up together he is sitting 10 desks away from me. 688 more words

Your Best

Once in a while in life, one is forced to admit they aren’t giving their best. I had one of those moments not to long ago, not with writing, but with piano. 957 more words

Kobe Beef in Kobe

Top 5 experiences of my life: eating Kobe beef in Kobe, Japan with the man who produced it, at his restaurant.

Day 7:

This has most definitely been my favorite day so far. 1,077 more words


What's Your Passion?

Everyone has something they are really passionate about. We all have dreams. For example, I’m truly passionate about music, singing, and writing.

For a very long time I never thought I was good enough at any of the things I was passionate about. 245 more words


A letter to my exes.

To my exes,

You may think I am, but I’m not actually writing this to degrade you or the time we shared together (even though at times I definitely had the urge to). 848 more words


I’m Love.

I’m Love. Every moment is an opportunity to be Love. Patience with myself is being Love. Choosing to be present is being Love. Practicing stillness and non-doing is being Love. 22 more words


Life juice

Everything that gives me hope

Is made of words and imagination.

It lies in my head

Ready to spring

And fill me with joy.

I plan projects, days, months, life, 14 more words