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Love Unforgotten

A warm evening,

A tornado rolling,

Birds chirping,

Black ravens engulfing,

Happy couples strolling,

Grey shadows passing,

A lively park,

An abandoned cemetery,

A warm bench, 19 more words

The Importance of Personal Values

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

We are all faced with many questions and decisions each and every day. 

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I believe we all have pre-determined destinies, but so many of us make decisions that lead us off course. Life isn’t meant to be easy-God has to see us trying to reach the potential he’s reserved for us. Be diligent-be persistent-see things through.

I am committed to the journey of discovering a holistic sense of “who I am” and what nourishes my soul…….what illuminates the light that shines deep in my soul……….I must say it’s been a beautiful journey thus far.

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Stop searching for sources of strength. The greatest strength comes from within.

Make Your Mark!!!

I left work today through the downpour of a late day, summer storm. Strong enough that I had considered not working on my rental house and putting out another page of The Boondock Kids. 677 more words