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“I only stood up for a few seconds, but I was hooked.

I’ve surfed since I was 4, and have continued until now. I also love skateboarding and biking. 670 more words



Passion, and hungry beggars, made and children were hunted down an’ ’tis a gold probe, and not live twice foiled in the thought was with its own instincts to waste. 725 more words


Sukses Melalui Cara Berpikir

Berbicara tentang hasil akhir terkadang kita keliru dalam mengartikan sebuah hasil. Dengan sebuah perjuangan yang sama besarnya, ketika “hasil” itu sesuai dengan harapan sering disebut “sukses”. 844 more words


Is Football Becoming More Boring? + Predictions for this weekend

In my opinion, football is the best sport in the world, to play and to support. But there must be reasons why we keep clinging on to past games from a decade ago, watching Premier League Years for example is so nostalgic. 529 more words

Contemplating Quarantine

PART 1: Satan’s Strategy

It’s no secret or surprise, 2020 has been a year of twists and turns to say the VERY least. At the beginning of quarantine it seemed, for me anyway, easy to turn my attention to Jesus. 2,453 more words

Thanks, but I'll stay in my comfort zone....

One of the common theme during sermons is this idea that we need to leave our comfort zone so we can be better in our Faith, grow in our knowledge of God, etc. 823 more words

Today's Meandering