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Guns blazing with my hair on fire

I was thinking today about how I hadn’t written since school started, shoot, hadn’t even thought about it until today. Then I read a friends recent blog post and it lit the fire under my butt that was slowly fading out. 394 more words

Love is sea

“Have you ever seen a lover bored with passion? Have you ever seen a fish bored with the sea?”



Free Verse # 308 (stealing her breath)

Autumn morning…
in the distance
smoke lulled
by the cool wind,
a farmer tills the field
as birds in the tree clamor,
behind the grove… 175 more words


COTD 28.08.15: Pesky jigsaw...

Today’s COTD is the 9 of Wands

Uh oh!  What have you forgotten???

You were nearly at the end of your journey, ready to complete your task or reach your goal, and you’ve completely missed something out!   62 more words


Gifts to myself

I needed a few products for an upcoming event


The Rules Of Writing... Really? 

I’ve been thinking about the rules, guidelines, advice, (whatever one may call it) about writing and other forms of creativity. Over my last thirty days of blogging, I’ve learned that I enjoy storytelling and creating a unique atmosphere much more than dispensing advice. 493 more words


Does Love Really Make the World Go Round?

My freshman year at college, I was pigging out on pizza with a group of people at my friend’s apartment. We were happily chatting the night away, until the topic of conversation turned to “What Makes the World Go Round?” 627 more words