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Love Triangles

Dear friends!

Robert Sternberg’s theory makes it possible to describe and classify the way in which we love each other. He outlined the three main components of love: intimacy, passion and affection – three vertices of a triangle. 269 more words


The Notebook Farewell

Following the Bingley misery, where I spent weeks re-enacting an original dramatic piece called ‘I Hate Myself and My Life’ and listening on repeat to Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’ album, and in which I went through ‘The Fives Stages of Grief’, I decided I needed a distraction so…I began swiping again. 1,953 more words

The importance of goals

I know that I knew this before in theory, but today it struck me as I looked at my bank account and seeing more money than I expected.   472 more words



Inevitable night—sky mirrored

Conflation:  passions rose in

Gold-tipped flames, inscribed indelible

Love…heart’s everlasting embers.

© M Chaillot, 2014


Reno: The Recap

Wow. There’s not much else I can say.

I was warned that my first time at Nationals would be hard, but can it really be described? 816 more words


Kiss The Girls

A slow evening.
Watching the planes overhead,
Break the deep purple,
Break the zen.

I became enthralled,
By the things she said,
“Hello, How are you?” 275 more words



Imagine a movie

broken down into frames – frames like pictures – one picture caught in  your mind

Mouth open in ecstasy – my lips parted and pouted – glistening in the mute light… 127 more words