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Small Business Saturday

Since its small business Saturday (and even though I’m closed for the holidays)  I thought I would give a little insight about my small little business,  167 more words


Too Many Things to Learn

Tonight I am looking at this research database that my new school has. And I looking at all the topics in the science section and I’m not gonna lie, it’s very interesting. 536 more words


Truth Be Told

Tell the truth, no matter the situation you may be facing!

Source: Truth Be Told



time is merely a man-made tool to put life into perspective. money is a man-created product used to control lives. a home is built by man to shelter and contain. 28 more words

fuck amongst roses and thorns

Lets fuck in a field of bushes filled with Roses and sharp thorns

When our bodies connect we are overcome by a high that makes us forget pain and suffering. 174 more words


The Beautiful Girl Who Fell

I know that you’re afraid,

afraid of what’s going to happen when the life that you’ve spent years building for yourself falls apart.

But, what I really think you’re afraid of is your life falling together in a way that you didn’t prepare yourself for. 110 more words