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I knew that I’d missed this, but I didn’t realize how much until our lips met.
I groaned at the contact, tentative in my response at first, having forgotten what it felt like to open my mouth wide – to let him in. 2,983 more words

The Journals Of He

Melting our hesitations by the fire

This week’s Torah portion, Parashat Tzav, holds the middle point of the verses in the Torah, in the heart of the Book of Leviticus. Leviticus, Vayikra, is the only book whose name begins with a vav – a letter which literally means “hook” and stands for “and”, expressing connectivity. 927 more words


Patience is a virtue. What does that mean? I’ll tell ya, it means A-L-O-T! Today I was writing down all the side hustles I would like to start up this year. 455 more words

Turning your Shitholes into Gloryholes - Inspired Insanity 

Falling on your ass with divinely clumsy grace…

You are the only one who knows you best. So never allow yourself or others to confine you inside your own ‘cube of complacency’ or to handcuff you to the headboard of their own unfulfilled dreams. 619 more words

Passion Island Cove Series (PICS)

Little thoughts.

We find inspiration sometimes from the oddest places. I find it sitting in my room with incense and the TV on one of my shows I am currently watching. 171 more words

The Story

You are not selling
An item for consumption
But you are telling
A story with gumption.

It’s your passion
And if you do what’s right, 57 more words


Many Mistakes-poetry by J♥️of LDW

Many Mistakes – by J♥️

Many mistakes have I made through out my life and walk on this earth as a man

A self destructive manipulator, a user, and an abuser are the things that I truly am. 165 more words