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Proactive participation,
Promote possibilities passionately –
Pique probabilities; be pro


pique verb 1.stimulate (interest or curiosity).
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/provenance?s=t… 140 more words



Rant: v. to speak and/or shout for a relatively long duration angrily and/or aggressively and passionately and frequently with some illogicalness and/or irrationality

In all my life I have not come across an example of a ranting human in person but I have seen examples of it in dramatic movies and at some religious revivals where individuals speak loudly and angrily and/or aggressively against drugs, racism, or evil humans who evoke much hatred. 99 more words

Common Sense

It’s never too late to love

The girl with the leather jacket.


How to kiss passionately II

I introduced this topic few days ago, but with just the image above, so I’ll call this part II

A kiss is all in the experience. 1,145 more words


He Just Flat Out Loves You!

There was a song released in 1998 called “Love Like This.” The hook of the song says, “I never knew there was a love like this before; never had someone to show me a love like this before.” It is really easy for us to thrive on the love of someone else, after all we are designed, built, and created to love.  500 more words


I Wish... !!

Being different , being different in a way as in being physically or mentally different from others..

What more could I wish…  They think I could wish for : 201 more words