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Growing up I was always told I was destined to do great things in this world..no pressure huh? I always had a plan, everything would work out perfectly in my life because I was in control. 157 more words


It’s never too late to love

The girl with the leather jacket.


How to kiss passionately II

I introduced this topic few days ago, but with just the image above, so I’ll call this part II

A kiss is all in the experience. 1,145 more words


He Just Flat Out Loves You!

There was a song released in 1998 called “Love Like This.” The hook of the song says, “I never knew there was a love like this before; never had someone to show me a love like this before.” It is really easy for us to thrive on the love of someone else, after all we are designed, built, and created to love.¬† 500 more words


I Wish... !!

Being different , being different in a way as in being physically or mentally different from others..

What more could I wish… ¬†They think I could wish for : 201 more words