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He Just Flat Out Loves You!

There was a song released in 1998 called “Love Like This.” The hook of the song says, “I never knew there was a love like this before; never had someone to show me a love like this before.” It is really easy for us to thrive on the love of someone else, after all we are designed, built, and created to love.  500 more words


I Wish... !!

Being different , being different in a way as in being physically or mentally different from others..

What more could I wish…  They think I could wish for : 201 more words

A woman's heart

Women are bringing life on this planet. They have been chosen to wear in their wombs a miracle. And the reason is simple: women are emotional. 280 more words



It’s been such a long time….

I’m learning how to be loved and I’m still working on not pushing it away.

I’m struggling to remain emotionless. 181 more words

‘There are worse ways to go through life than to feel things passionately.’

-I just don’t remember where I read this today.

The Adventures of Eros - The Halloween Party

I was wearing my costume, looking like a hunky zombie that loves girls for their brains. I wore torn pants and ripped up shoes. As for the rest, I was flashing my chiseled abs to the ladies. 270 more words


Experiencing Passionate Loving

There was a time when passion arose as quickly as water boiled for only a few minutes.

Immaturity can cause the inability to have patience enough to hold on to a sweet moment, fearing it will all end much too quickly. 305 more words

My Poetry Corner