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how to have a (minor) allergic reaction in Siem Reap

Start by ordering mango juice, slurp it down without abandon, and then 10 minutes later, in between light gasps and itchy coughs say, “I think I am having some sort of allergic reaction.” 116 more words

all you need...

… is fresh fruit and vegetables, well almost, a huge amount of LOVE aswell, and you’ll be good for a lifetime!

Quick Passionfruit and Macadamia Cheesecake Cup

With two small children, our family goes through a lot of fruit. A few weeks ago, it was late on a Sunday and we were facing the prospect of starting the week sans fruit. 486 more words

Sweet Treats

Black Rice Pudding with Mango

Black rice is something I first tried at one of the hip and trendy cafe’s in Ponsonby, at Orphans Kitchen to be precise. This was a few months back before I was officially an ‘Aucklander’ I was up visiting for work and found myself getting breakfast at one of the cafe’s near by, as all good Ponsonby workers do. 453 more words


Travel eats - Changi airport 

Today in Singapore, it was back to the airport and sampling more of the food there.


Tropical inspiration

I am sure I am not alone in my excitement at the start of the Olympics this weekend.  I was so lucky to go to The Games and the Paralympic Games when London hosted them back in 2012, what an amazing experience.  611 more words

Day Two

Jump in the ocean alone: Although I have always loved the ocean and the feeling of the waves crashing over me, I have a fear of diving into the waters alone. 428 more words