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You Ensured We Never Had A Chance

This poem is dedicated to all the apologists, enablers and paedophile protectors of the catholic church.

But particularly to the founder of the Passionist family group movement who introduced a monster into family homes. 947 more words

Catholic Child Sexual Abuse

Victim Concludes From Personal Experience: Catholic Church Hierarchy Have Absolutely No Intention of Helping Victims

Since first speaking out in 2008 about my six years of child sexual abuse at the hands of a Brother from the Passionist Order, I have found a strength I never knew I had, discovered a voice that demands to be heard after being bullied into silence for so long, and have achieved so much on my road towards recovery, acceptance and peace. 1,570 more words

Catholic Re-abuse Of Child Sex Abuse Victims

How many thousands of child sex crimes are needed before action is taken?

My post of May 12 predicting this child sex abuse scandal permeating the entire Catholic Church would be revealed to be bigger and dirtier than anyone imagined was hauntingly prophetic. 425 more words

Catholic Re-abuse Of Child Sex Abuse Victims