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Yesterday, I talked about dealing with a personality type that is introverted to the point of  dysfunction.

Today I’m going to talk about some ways to pull that person out of their shell and hopefully get them to dialogue. 396 more words

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It's All In The Presentation, Baby

I’ve always thought of myself as a nice person. I mean, I am, right? Even “behind the scenes,” so to speak. Ok, well, maybe you’d have to get to know me better, to see that for yourself ;) I’ve really been taking note of “presentation,” lately, with myself as well as those around me. 6 more words


The stress that ails me

I don’t really understand stress. My whole life I’ve always been pretty carefree with zero to little responsibilities. Even as I got older, I made sure I was always in a position to take care of myself without too much headache. 601 more words

Two different working styles

So, I am doing this master which is basically non-stop teamwork. Usually, that’s not a problem. I have been working/volunteering long enough to learn my way around the people. 239 more words

Discovering Myself

No Reply Necessary

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Level: Cat Scratch Fever

Have you ever gotten an email or text that you just knew you didn’t need to respond to? Or decided not to respond to? 230 more words

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