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WATCH | TAILS - "1/4 Life Crisis"

  • Artist | TAILS
  • Song | “1/4 Life Crisis”
  • Prod. | Omito
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The Music

Do You Think I'm Fat?

A READER ASKED:  My boyfriend of three months treats me well, except for a few nights ago when I made the mistake of asking him if he thought I was fat. 557 more words


Five Types of Human Behaviors That Work My Nerves

Sometimes I sit down and start to write, and I start to think “Whoah lady, you sound like a real hater”. Often times when that happens, I will delete what I was writing, or chalk it up to catharsis and sock it away somewhere. 923 more words


Resources - Stages of Healing

From: https://m.facebook.com/notes/after-narcissistic-abuse-there-is-light-life-love/stages-of-healing-after-narcissistic-abuse/467743223310651

1. The Decision to Heal.

Once you recognize the effects of narcissistic abuse in your life, you make an active commitment to heal. Regardless of the pain or risks you have to face, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. 1,095 more words

Recognizing Abuse

Resources - Recognizing Covert Aggression

From: http://psyed.org/r/cog/bw/bwd/manip.html

Covert-Aggressive Personalities
Personality can be defined by the way a person habitually perceives, relates to and interacts with others and the world at large.

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Recognizing Abuse

Pass the passive-agressive, please?

Oh, don’t you just love it? It took me years to truly understand what passive-agressive means, but when I learned for good what it meant, I noticed it it. 370 more words


We just communicated effectively

I really don’t want to be passive aggressive, but I feel sometimes that my opinion might literally kill someone with words. Instead of, “Ya know, I absolutely loathe that you don’t care to pick up dog poop in the yard and assume that I will because I just tend to take care of everything so why should you care you son of a…” 910 more words