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What does passive-aggressive look like and what to do about it

For whatever reason, I seem to get asked this a lot. How do you deal with passive-aggressive behavior. Well, here are some practical ways to deal with passive-aggressive behavior: 451 more words


Passive Agressive Post-It Of The Week

There are always going to be people that piss you off in the office. That’s just a part of life.

In my short time in the work force, I’ve learned that there are two types of people in every office: 316 more words



This has nothing to do with teenagers but I’m posting it anyway. It’s about a recent visit from a family member. Some of you will relate. 682 more words

Toxic One-Liners Women Cough Up to Massage their Inferiority/Comparison Complex: Interpret to Eliminate

Here’s a non – exhaustive list of apparently grand statements that I’ve heard and seen thrown around (not just at me but at others around me). 1,437 more words


Lessons in Trade

I’m almost 50 years old. I should have learned this lesson long ago.

Most people don’t operate on my level. Not to say I’m on a higher one, just different and it’s mighty lonely here. 632 more words

Keep honking jack ass - I've got all day

Everyone is in a hurry (and honking WTF?). While I freaking hate it, I get it. Actually I only get it under five circumstances.

1. A funeral: Running late to a funeral and driving like it’s your last chance to see someone – I get it. 1,244 more words

Just Life

Rising above your workplace nemeses

I know of practically no one who does not have to use their social talents to excel at work. In that social environment, many forces are at play. 732 more words