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Worst Roomate Ever

I have come to a terrible conclusion: I live with the worst roommate ever .

Note: I live alone in a studio.

Anyway, last week, I walked into the kitchen, ready to prepare my lunch. 260 more words


Lesson 3: I Can Have Conflicts and Still Be a Nice Person

It’s dreadful and scary confronting others but if I don’t do it, I’ll allow resentment to grow in me. Confrontation isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it’s a necessary thing in order to stand up for myself. 407 more words

Daily Thoughts

Aftermath - the dark side of confronting toxic parents

Jack was 39 years old when he decided enough was enough. He’d been bullied all his life. He was “too short” and “too fat” at school. 1,189 more words


"Is there anything that I can do to help?"

Warning: May come across as passive-aggressive.

Well, I hate life and being ignored kinda sucks, so unless you want to stop ignoring me, no. I don’t think there’s anything else you can do. 12 more words


It's Time To Stop Being So Passive Progressive

There’s really no better time to be an opinionated hot head than during an Australian federal election campaign. Reason, solutions to problems and the simple practice of keeping your raging thoughts to yourself all go flying out the window in a seasonal overhaul that often sees your middle-of-the-road Facebook acquaintance suddenly become hell bent on tasting Peter Dutton’s tears. 634 more words

Hard Copy: Name your cause and we will pander to it, just please click on this article.

HARD COPY HEADQUARTERS (Any city that would make you more likely to read this) — Hey there! Hard Copy Satire here! We’ve been writing satire for a little over a year now at Seattle University. 136 more words

Seattle University

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“I have always found it odd that people who think passive aggressively ignoring a person is making a point to them. The only point it makes to anyone is your inability to articulate your point of view because deep down you know you can’t win. 40 more words

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