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This isn't a breakup Poem

You can stop

Being friends with me

But you can’t stop me

From drunk posting

Shitty poems about you

On WordPress

Why Can't People be Honest?

I cannot believe how bad i feel about this. I asked a friend out on a date and now we are not even friends. I had told her that remaining friends was the most important thing to me. 330 more words


Catty Comment: The Passive Aggressive Combatant

The passive aggressive person can be more annoying than the aggressive or narcissist because you never know where you stand with them. They are elusive and always try to hide what they’re feeling. 34 more words

Katty Comment

So needy

My mother was classic case of narcissistic passive aggressive person. She made every situation to be about herself. If she wasn’t treated right, she’d lash out, and became all happy that she made our lives miserable. 716 more words

Personal Experience

We should be kinder to each other

Women’s day?

Honestly, I did not think we had it that bad that we needed a day for ourselves at least not in the western world. 393 more words

'Kind Regards' goes from passive aggressive to outright lie

Scientists have discovered that over 90% of respondents who sign off emails are neither regarding us kindly, interested in the best of our wishes or intending to stay faithful.  211 more words


Chiro, Shopping, Church, Snow

This morning, we woke up around 7:30am, and got ready to go to the chiropractor. We had to leave the house in an hour. Drew is not a morning person and was kind of out of it. 1,665 more words