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What the fuck?

So… I let the cats out of the room after my shower, and immediately started our bedsheets in the washing machine. I next hear mom clomping around upstairs. 672 more words

Mother-in-law Stories

Beep beep, coming through!

On two mornings a week I walk Eddy to school. Normally it’s pretty uneventful – he zig zags in front of me on his scooter, I try not to get annoyed and we both have great fun guessing what the day’s temperature is going to be on the big digital thermometer in the village centre. 731 more words

You Are Passive and it Hurts

I do not like passive people, they make me uncomfortable because passive people are not impervious to pain. Passive people want the same things from life as everyone else, and when they don’t receive what they need, it hurts them. 503 more words


Two Roads Converge

These things are guaranteed to annoy the s&%# out of me.  Like irrational rage level of annoyed.

People at work who don’t identify themselves by name: 165 more words


Sharing your Opinion 

On my desk sits a drawing gifted to me by a client.

This picture has turned into quite the conversation starter. And while he seems fairly innocuous to the average person, Fernando has sparked outrage. 340 more words

Life Coaching

Prospective Student Thinks Once College Starts “Everything Will Be Better”

I’ll have friends! The city will be amazing! I don’t really mind the rain. My professors will have office hours and we’ll talk about things that really matter. 49 more words


G: If you’re gonna be manipulative at least be good at it.