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POETRY QUEEN (An Ode to Waltz Disney #2)

Some people call me Poetry Queen.
Say otherwise and I’ll rip out your spleen.
Poets are deemed to be legal killers.
Words from the heart, don’t give a shit if it hurts. 45 more words

The art of dropping words

It happens all over, from the most upscale boutique to the deepest nook in the ghetto. It wouldn’t surprise me if small furry woodland creatures in the underbrush of some unexplored section of jungle in some exotic uncharted place have mastered the art. 701 more words

What not to comment on your ex's photo of him and his new girlfriend

“Looks like you’re having fun in *insert city/country they’ve moved to*!”

“I’m glad you’ve found someone.”

“I remember that place, remember when we visited?”

“You changed your hair haha” 43 more words


There was a piece in December 31st’s NYT Thursday Styles section about rich people sneaking their dogs into places they shouldn’t be. It singled out the predicament of the actress Amber heard, wife of Johnny Depp for sneaking her two Yorkies into Australia on a chartered jet. 871 more words

MPM- Mom


My Mom moved into my house shortly after Zee and I split. She’s been taking care of Thalia While I work and genrally helping out around the house. 134 more words


Sam- Fiercely


This Post is about Sam. I’ve loved Sam since the moment I laid eyes on him. I was 23, freshly divorced and wild as the prairie grass.  255 more words


Ne’er-do-well Narcissists:

If you have a sneaking suspicion that someone sullen that is either a part of your life, (directly, or trying to force themself into it, indirectly… 49 more words