The Smoker's Jargon Decoded

The following terms are not in alphabetical order because neither smoking, nor coolness or Death for that matter, are very systematized actions.

cigarette /sigaret/ noun… 514 more words

Social Commentary

5 Reasons Why Smoking Is Still The Shizz: A Guide To World Domination

World No Tobacco Day is tomorrow and we all know what means. Come on, admit it. Aren’t you all bored of those sickeningly long anti-smoking ads before your favourite superhero movie? 494 more words


Passive smoking and its effect on your health

How many times have you just accompanied your friend for a “sutta break” even though you do not smoke. Sometimes, as a subordinate , you are forced to be a part of the break. 988 more words


"DO NOT EVER SMOKE!" - An interview with the authors of ‘When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror’

When I reviewed the book ‘When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror’ my belief in ‘DO NOT EVER SMOKE!’ just became stronger. With ‘No Tobacco Day’ coming up tomorrow, on 31st May, this was a great time to do an interview with the authors.  2,695 more words

Battling Cancer

The Smoking Room

In summer we’d sit, hotboxing lounges with the difficult aroma of cigarettes & bitterness while my lungs took the force of the impact as the face does the sun at the turning of the season. 33 more words

Passive smoking still exists along with smoke-free policy

The notification of smoke-free in Monash Caulfield campus. Photo by Ting Zhang.

The cigarette under the tree which near Monash Caulfield campus. Photo by Ting Zhang. 402 more words

Smoking In College Campuses: The Real Story : Perspective

“So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. I smoke because it’s bad, it’s reallysimple.”
-Damien Hirst

“To me, being grown-up meant smoking cigarettes, drinking cocktails, and dressing up in high heels andglamourous outfits.” 2,058 more words