Tobacco: e-Burners, Slow Learners

In 1898 Würzburg medical student Hermann Rottmann proposed tobacco dust, not smoke, might be causing the elevated incidence of lung tumors among German tobacco workers. In 1912 New York doctor Isaac Adler proposed smoking, not tobacco dust, was to blame for the growing incidence of pulmonary tumours. 369 more words


main bhi peeta hun

kabhi bachpan ki aadat to kabhi jawani ke maze ke karan;

kabhi kisi gum ya anya bahano ke khatir,

dosto ki zabardasti ya apno ko dekh-dekh seekhta hun; 123 more words

Down With Passive Smoking

Passive smoking was to blame for the death of her family Dog

This is in deed devastating for Heather Goddard, but was passive smoking to blame, some would say yes, while others would say no, or not sure. 823 more words


Smoking gives your kids heart disease

It’s not the chic thing to do any more. It’s more about being insensitive parents. If you smoke in front of your kids, the passive smoking can affect them way into adulthood and give them clogged arteries, as per a new research published in the American Heart Association journal… 119 more words


Passive smoking and the deaths of precious children: Smoking is NOT an adult choice!

According to the World Health Organization: “More than 600 000 death per year worldwide are caused by second-hand smoke (SHS) – this is more than 1% of all deaths. 111 more words


Bladder cancer - The Bladder and Cancer

By Ian Gould

The Bladder is a term used to refer to the urinary bladder in the body. The urinary bladder stores urine until it is removed to the outside of the body. 418 more words