have a smoking spouse increases the risk of stroke

have a smoking spouse increases the risk of stroke

A study just proved that passive smoking greatly increases the risk of a stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA). 220 more words


Farewell to the smoking sections

As a non-smoker surrounded by smokers for my entire life I am feeling the impact of smoking areas disappearing. As a non-smoker I love smoking areas in restaurants. 981 more words


Blowing Smoke: Making Sense of a Dying Habit

Just like a reality TV contestant, this piece is not here to make friends. But seriously, do you have to smoke in here?

“Do you smoke?” asked the doctor, peering down my gob as I sat stricken with my third throat-based illness in as many months. 1,897 more words

Real Talk

Passive Smoking

Now, I’m writing this at a bus stop (waiting for a bus that’s ten minutes late, as per Irish bus standards), and I realised how much passive smoking actually worries me. 437 more words


What's Passive Smoking and Do you know the Risks?

Passive smoking can be explained as involuntary inhalation of secondhand cigarettes. This secondhand cigarettes is a combination of smoke blown out by active people who smoke in addition to smoke launched from smoldering tobacco, diluted with ambient air. 344 more words


Dangers of Passive Smoking: Is it okay behind closed doors?

Passive smoking effects thousands of individuals in the UK. It has the ability to cause serious health issues for everyone but it has become particularly concerning when looking at its impact on the health of young children. 532 more words


A smoke & a few mirrors!


Never believe a man who promises while wielding a smoke!

The latest factsheet by WHO on Tobacco consumption states the following – 805 more words