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Eco Thrifty Renovation Revisited

It’s been over six years since we started the Eco Thrifty Renovation in Castlecliff, Whanganui. That seems like ages ago.

Here is a series of before and after shots, along with a little background on the design inspiration. 55 more words

Things We Do Know: Passive Solar

There’s nothing quite like blustery, cold and dreary weather to make a person slow down and do a little daydreaming – and I have found myself thinking a lot about our future house. 600 more words

Farmhouse Renovation

Warm Inside

The coldest night we’ve had in the passive house so far saw the outside temperature drop to -20ÂșC (and that’s before we take account of wind chill). 183 more words

Passive House

Heating and low temperature performance

We finally had the little Thermolec 2kW heating element installed in the HRV intake last week, just in time for a cold snap. This element is a bit like a toaster and heats the air coming into the HRV manifold that distributes heat around the house. 433 more words

Passive House

Light and Shade

The porch has made a huge difference to the lighting and temperature of the house, however it can’t do everything. After a day during which a reduced crew got most of the subflooring done upstairs, we were able to see how bright the evening sun is for just a couple of summer hours through the west windows. 79 more words

Passive House

Porch Construction 1

Alongside the HRV installation, the crew are also getting the porch (or ‘veranda’, for those back in Britain) built. The porch isn’t just for show or to give us a nice place to sit outside – although it will do that – it’s an essential part of the ecological design of the house. 222 more words

Passive House