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Light and Shade

The porch has made a huge difference to the lighting and temperature of the house, however it can’t do everything. After a day during which a reduced crew got most of the subflooring done upstairs, we were able to see how bright the evening sun is for just a couple of summer hours through the west windows. 79 more words

Passive House

Porch Construction 1

Alongside the HRV installation, the crew are also getting the porch (or ‘veranda’, for those back in Britain) built. The porch isn’t just for show or to give us a nice place to sit outside – although it will do that – it’s an essential part of the ecological design of the house. 222 more words

Passive House

Living Green in Passive Solar Design

Over the past decade, solar power has become a significant player within both residential and commercial construction businesses providing a viable option for alternative energies. Solar passive design has been used for thousands of years where the most obvious instances were, and still are, in the Mediterranean. 620 more words

Going Green

The Revolutionary Mud House Movement

First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

Directed by David Sheen (2010)

Film Review

First Earth is about the growing movement to build homes from wood rather than word or concrete. 470 more words

Passive Solar Water Heater/Shower

Oh boy, here goes another  dense, boring how-to post, you think. Great. Why can’t we have more stories about your ex, or Renaissance faires, or something cool and fun? 1,167 more words

Tiny House Building

The Lean Home: Energy Efficiency to Consider

Have you ever heard of the energy pyramid?  Think of it as a mental approach to solving matters of energy use. Like the food pyramid, the bottom is the base and holds up the structure. 1,641 more words

Renewable Energy

Net Zero?

It has been exactly a year since we moved to our Lily Pond House. So how did our passive and active solar design perform? How close did we get to our net zero goal where annual energy consumption is roughly equal to renewable energy generation? 978 more words