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A Quick Primer on Passive Voice

I enjoy teaching, not enough to get certified to teach public school, but when it comes to sharing my knowledge, I greatly enjoy the fun of living into my gift of teaching to communicate the material in a fun, easy-to-understand way. 674 more words

Hook Your Reader - 5 Easy Tricks

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How do you get your reader to want to read your story? You grab them by the throat! The first few lines should stimulate thought, invoke a mental image, intrigue them, offer something, make a promise and perpetuate the desire to know more. 763 more words


A Benefit of Cutting Words

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I know I promised to make more posts toward the end of July, but for some reason I forgot to do it. So, I’ve decided to make a post today on a topic that is a fundamental part of my process:  244 more words


Passive Voice in Various Songs

This time, I tried something different with songs. I found a couple of songs which have parts in the passive voice and I included only those lyrics in the activity. 420 more words

Passive Voice

Exercise - The Hour of Truth - Passive Voice Page 72 (+2)

Daring raid at Local Hotel

The Manager of the Ridgeway Hotel was held at gun point by thieves last night during a daring raid in which nearly Rs 50,000 was taken from the hotel safe. 56 more words


You Can Break These Rules Too!

Write what you know

You can write about stuff you know nothing about as long as you can pull it off and make it believable. By using the internet, you have the world at our fingertips. 479 more words

Writing Tips

Further thoughts about passive voice

Many explanations of active and passive voice state that in active voice, the subject does the action, and in passive, it receives it. This explanation is inadequate, because there are many transitive verbs (that is, verbs requiring a direct object) in which there is no action, or if there is, the receiver of the action is not the direct object. 613 more words