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Trials of Passivity

When I got my driver’s license in high school, I inherited the family car: a Nissan Pathfinder. He was a lovely vehicle – reliable with his snow tires and four-wheel-drive capabilities; sleek with his black color; endearing with his lack of air conditioning. 1,343 more words


Day 15: Be Open, Assertive and Vulnerable

We go through a plethora of challenges and issues in life especially during our childhoods. During our less knowledgeable and formative years, we are not capable of dealing with our emotions effectively. 532 more words


November 7th, Year of the Corpse

I wait for something to happen. I’ve done it before, seeing nothing, no matter my patience. Perhaps that should have taught me to take action, but it did not. 220 more words


Flee from passivity

Passive ingrained like a grinding stone
When I fall on these feelings I feel all alone
Like a salmon up river there is an inward call… 83 more words


Post # 5 Ghost in Raval

It was scabby
Ugly and terrified
With skin like red velvet.
It crawled, hung, stuck to the floor
the paws red and abused.

The phantom walked past quietly… 64 more words

Creative Writing

There Are Some Things I Really Want

Sometimes it can be scary to want things.

I just read an Ask Polly advice column, and the whole thing is pretty interesting, but here is the passage I want to look at today: 751 more words

Amy Sundberg