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Hurry Up & Learn Patience!

I’m all for patience–I just wish it wasn’t such a slow process!

In my family growing up, anger was often present but rarely acknowledged. Outwardly we were a very calm family who believed that all anger was ungodly, but that simply meant that our anger was only expressed in a simmering, passive-aggressive manner. 413 more words

Book Review

Control freak

Culturally we joke about the concept of a person being a control freak. It’s in the church too.

And yet…could it be that we have made little of something that is truly a huge heart and sin issue? 1,007 more words

This Is Life.

1 year anniversary

It’s our 1 year anniversary — sort of. 1 year of being facebook official. I don’t really like to talk about it because I felt like he kept me hidden from his ex. 877 more words


flutter of leaves

before the thunderclap –

warm rain



Symptoms of Depression and Passivity

  • Sadness that does not abate

The passive person is often sad in part because they do not actively grieve their missed opportunities, sabotaged relationships, passed over for promotions and much more. 412 more words


was this the easy part?

A couple days back I laid down on my sister’s bed and showed a cheesy life-organizing tip I’d seen on Youtube. You can see the same video… 403 more words

The Colours of September – the month of Passivity

The Colours of September – the month of Passivity

Quote of month of September

‘The kaleidoscope effect of September makes it the month to always remember. 486 more words