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There Are Some Things I Really Want

Sometimes it can be scary to want things.

I just read an Ask Polly advice column, and the whole thing is pretty interesting, but here is the passage I want to look at today: 751 more words

Amy Sundberg

A Warning Against 'PowerPointlessness'

Lately, I have been questioning the place of PowerPoint presentations in the classroom.

In my research for this post, I came across a term that I loved: ‘PowerPointlessness’. 308 more words

words spoken on a whim

Love’s raptors I felt so few
Tender embrace I felt none
Such decline of a human spirit
I creed with passivity to my heart
And embrace the fallen stars… 18 more words

Discouraged voters may fuel the revolution...

By poll numbers and my own observations, it seems that an unprecedented number of people are waking up to the reality that the Ds and Rs are part of a… 642 more words


26BSG and The Authenticity Test

Have you ever been to a conference, seminar or a meeting when you’ve been made to sit quietly while some Monologist pontificates from the stage, the lectern or somewhere slightly out of view, up the front? 703 more words

Cognitive Science

A Gun, a Dog, Burnt Hands, and the Cross; and How they’re All Connected.

You might be thinking, what an unusual title for a post; and you would be absolutely correct.

Let us see if I can make sense of this enigma in the form of a title. 3,611 more words

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The Inward Train of Nowhere.

When, oh when, a part will be broken.
They wait for that to happen,

a sacred thread may not find
the exact wrist, so you would fail. 161 more words