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The ancient path to victory today...

Henri Nouwen’s writings have helped me more than any other since I took unwell. I am grateful for his insight into the Passion of Jesus Christ: the word Passion means “undergoing” and is related to the word “passive.” 311 more words

Daily Bread For Daily Life

Passive Actions and Active Passivity

“Our actions determine us as much as we determine our actions” – George Elliot

Good because I don’t feel much of a connection between me and my actions at all most of the time. 148 more words


Stylish Academic's Guide to Living an Active Life: How to Avoid Passivity

Hello, World.

Do you ever feel as if you’re watching your life go by and you don’t have control of over it anymore? It’s funny how frequently I hear people say, “How is it almost October already?” “Where did the summer go?” etc. 1,128 more words


Willful Manhood

“Prosperous times produce passive wills.” James McDonald

Many American men have become passive. We live in a “safe” place. We are very wealthy by 3rd world standards. 176 more words


Music Makes Me Soul-Search

“It’s been a long day

Without you, my friend

And I’ll tell you all about it

When I see you again.”

I’ve heard this song a lot of times in many different contexts and it hits a little bit differently each time. 415 more words

Christian Life

“Bully Beatdown”: a case study in charity.

A virtuous expert intervenes to defend a hapless victim against an evil aggressor. The result? The aggressor insincerely apologizes, the victim remains passive, and the expert gives away their earnings.

#5: Pacifism v. Passivity / Copying

Pacifism doesn’t mean being passive; it doesn’t mean you submit. It’s still about resistance. Violence isn’t always resistance, but resistance should have an active element. 188 more words