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Question Authority

Submission isn’t passivity. Someone smart recently said, “being passive is how you ensure the other person will always be wrong.”

That resonated with me, and it is a manipulative tactic I have seen women engage in frequently, said with all gentle grace and understanding here. 610 more words

I Challenge You to a Duel

“Don’t mess with Mama-Bird!”

If you grow up in a bubble and are suddenly confronted by a difficult problem or situation, it can be easy to start quoting platitudes. 516 more words


All the Adventures Belong to Men

I’m looking through free stock images on this helpful resource (https://unsplash.com/) for purposes that have to do with my NEW BOOK and finding that most of the women are relaxing and throwing their hair back or taking pictures on their cell phones or wearing hip, youthful clothing whereas the men are doing… like, all sorts of things: 83 more words


Masculinity P2

The premise for these blogs on masculinity is that God did not create humans.  That’s a throw away categorisation and generalisation attached by man.  Father intentionally and purposely created a masculine and feminine heart and soul and both are unique and complementary, and together they reflect all His fullness. 897 more words


Book review of Essbaum's Hausfrau: NOT a modern Anna Karenina story

A couple of weeks ago I found two books at my local library using one of my common techniques for choosing books—browsing randomly. These books were in a corner of the library set aside for a summer reading club. 1,502 more words

Book Reviews

What about the lazy?

Millennials/the young get a bad rap for being lazy, but about 99.999999% of the population is lazy on a regular basis (this is hyperbole, but you get my drift). 552 more words

Sons of Adam

The truth about the passivity of men…Back to the garden of Eden; where is Adam while the serpent is tempting Eve? He is standing right there. 132 more words