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Instincts: 9

Now that we’ve discussed the basics of Enneagram 9, let’s talk about Instinctual differences among Peacemakers. If you need a refresher on what Instincts are, check out  296 more words


Q&A: Stop Accepting “Non-Apology” Apologies

SOURCE:   Taken from an article by Leslie Vernick

QUESTION:  My husband has had two affairs, he throws things when he’s angry, abandons me for days at a time after an argument and now has just completely detached himself from our family. 609 more words


Enneagram 9

We’ve arrived at type 9, the Peacemaker! Let’s check out the basics. Feel free to click the image for a closer look!

Peacemakers often seem like very mellow individuals, but their wells tend to run deep. 352 more words


Living Like Water

Parker J Palmer is someone I respect deeply. In a recent post he wrote about an aspect of Taoism in such an intelligent way. What I so enjoy about him is his belief that no one tradition can have all the truth – that they kind of correct one another in their journeys in to truth. 131 more words


Not Alone

I came to a sudden realization tonight: everyone feels lonely.

I don’t mean to say that everyone is always lonely, but everyone has experienced the emotion more than once in their lifetime. 575 more words

The Unexpected Journey

“Pick a man who stumbles and falls in incredible ways, and his sins always have a root in some fundamental passivity. This passivity is typically characterized by a refusal to step into what God has called a man to do.” 6 more words

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