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You Cannot Continue To Be A Passive Christian

By Teck,
For far too long I was a passive Christian meaning I didn’t fight against sin, my feet were quick to jump into sin waste deep at times. 711 more words


Coward in the pale light of April

In chapter IV of Henry James’s novella “The Beast in the Jungle,” Marcher visits Bartram feeling a “sadness sharper than all the greyest hours of autumn” (54). 472 more words

Overlooked Moments

Humankind is notorious for it’s love affair with the flashy, the brilliant, and the sensational. As a student at a supernatural school of ministry, my fellow students and I aren’t much different. 678 more words


Letting Go of Suffering- Week 7: Stopping Passive Behavior

A major predecessor of suffering is passive behavior. Many years ago one of my mentors, Elaine Childs Gowell, taught me that we are being passive when we are aware that there is a problem and we: 282 more words


Resist Inaction

Once you’ve made your list, RESIST THE URGE TO PUT OFF SENDING INTRO EMAILS. This is hugely important. You are going to want to wait, you’re going to make up excuses for why now isn’t the right time, and you’ll allow yourself to get sidetracked. 176 more words


Arsenal đang phòng ngự kém như thế nào trước những đội bóng mạnh?

Bài dịch từ blog Spielverlagerung của tác giả Lewis Ambrose, bản gốc tại đây. Một số ý kiến và giải thích của người dịch được thêm vào để làm rõ nghĩa hơn. 2,479 more words

Đội Bóng-Huấn Luyện Viên-Cầu Thủ

Make Your Life Exceptional

Currently I am sitting at Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, thinking and kind of wishing everyday could be like this: exceptional, special, being able to do different kind of things out of routine. 671 more words