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Shhhh...you can get your passport in less than a month

The era of waiting ages for a passport and paying middlemen hefty amounts of money to acquire a passport is OVER.

My passport(Blackbook) expires in April 2018, however, I wanted to acquire a new one in advance so I could apply for an extended UK visa before the current visa expired. 550 more words


Moral Innovators’ perspectives on making America great again

On this Thanksgiving Day 2017, USA is a divided country focused on history of sexual harassment by civil servants and Hollywood stars in the last 50 years. 541 more words

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How to get your passport back, if eaten by the dog?

So, after posting this toon blog – I was asked: “how to get the passport back?”. And this is what I thought and drew.

The dog after losing his house, took the onus on himself to get the passport back. 27 more words


Passport Photos & Other Humbling Phenomena

Don’t know about you, but I question my self-image every time I have to get passport photos taken. I got some just over a week ago and I remember looking at them thinking “is this really how I’ve looked today?” ‘cause I was REALLY feeling myself! 501 more words

When the ​dog eats your passport?

It sounds funny, isn’t it? But just imagine your passport was lying on the dining table and your pet (dog) chews some portion of your beloved passport? 286 more words


The Importance of your Passport

This is perhaps a blog that many people have told me to write and due to high demand, I thought I’d better write it up. 366 more words

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Mengurus Visa Pelajar ke Jepang

Awal tahun kemarin saya mendapat kesempatan mengikuti kegiatan pertukaran pelajar di Tohoku University (TU), Sendai, Jepang. Waktu pertama kali nerima pengumumannya salah satu hal yang paling saya pikirin adalah gimana nanti ngurus visanya ya. 794 more words