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Up, Up and Away

My passport came in today. Suddenly there is concrete evidence that my 2016 adventure is really going to happen! I can’t wait for France, London, Florence, Rome and Australia. 24 more words

‘Winter on Fire’: The Evolution of Ukraine’s Revolution

Gunshots and screams ring out. “Do something. Do something for the revolution” a man says above the sound of more gunfire. Protesters wearing hardhats and carrying makeshift metal shields are clamoring in the streets, directing each other to avoid sniper fire. 634 more words


Russia to Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst: You'll Always Have a Home in Crimea

Fred Durst is the lead singer of what may be the most hated band in the United States — a group that has been voted by Rolling Stone readers as one of the… 685 more words


The Bavarian Forestry Minister Started a Forest Fire in His Own Backyard

Helmut Brunner, the same man whose job it is to protect forests in the German state of Bavaria, accidentally started a forest fire this past week when he dumped a pile of ashes into a wooded area behind his house. 145 more words


4 Ways to Protect Your Passport When Travelling

Your passport is an essential travel document… It could easily get damaged, lost or stolen. All new passports in the UK & Ireland now contain RFID (radio frequency identification) chips. 507 more words


The Cappuccino Rules

Traveling and spending time abroad is more than just a plane ride, a trip to the museum, and a tour around the city. Traveling to foreign countries a way of placing ourselves in a maze of confusing customs and normalities which we must successfully navigate to avoid social embarrassment or further distinction from those around us. 1,043 more words