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P is for Passport, And My First Trip Out of the Country

I love the concept of passports.

A clear proof of citizenship, a gateway to the world, a reminder of all the places you’ve been and have yet to go to, and a repository of amazing memories abroad and less pleasant ones of going through customs — that little passport is essential to a traveler. 345 more words

A To Z

Membuat Paspor untuk Bayi

Bayi saya, umurnya tujuh bulan sudah punya paspor. Bapak dan ibunya baru punya paspor setelah kerja. Ckckkc… si Nusantara (nama anak saya) ngalah-ngalahi (mengalahkan) bapak dan ibunya. 804 more words

Hello World !!

Oh no! Oh no!

Sometimes walking the faith-walk is quite the exercise. The lines blur. You  mess up. Circumstances change. What is it God wants me to do? Is He going to take this huge mistake of mine and make it good?  492 more words


The Passport Picture Project

Summer is here and it’s finally travel season, yay!

Gone are the cold and gloomy winter months, time to prepare for epic sunshine adventures. This is definitely a time to consult your map, list of dream destinations and dust off your passport. 667 more words


40 Years After Cambodia Fell to the Khmer Rouge, Perhaps We Shouldn’t Focus So Much on Anniversaries

On April 17, 1975, the sound of mortar explosions and rifle fire around Cambodia’s capital gave way to cheers. After years of fighting, the ultra-Maoist guerrillas from the jungle had finally defeated General Lon Nol’s American-backed government. 1,129 more words


Saddam Deputy ‘King of Clubs’ Reported Dead in Iraq

For 12 years, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri has been on the run. When U.S. forces swept into Iraq in 2003, Douri’s face and signature red mustache was printed on the king of clubs, labeling him a high-value target in the military campaign to crush Saddam Hussein’s regime. 696 more words


The Passport That'll Get Me Frisked

And I finally appeared for the passport interview! It might seem a tad bit surprising, but yeah, I do not have a passport yet; but a police investigation and another month from now, and that will be sorted out, although I really doubt what the police are gonna find out about my history. 388 more words