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11th-Hour Push for Iranian Nuclear Deal Two Days Before the Deadline

Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers continued Sunday, and it remains unclear whether both sides would be able to reach a potentially historic agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program with just two days left before an end-of-the-month deadline. 720 more words


Sunday Snapshots

From left to right: 1) My favorite dog/person/snuggle buddy. 2) Prepping for another weekend adventure. 3) The latest addition to my reading nook (thanks, Mom!).  20 more words


Freedom: A Sijo

Ragged edges and heavily stamped, my passport is well used.

It softens the edges of my life, transports me away from here.

My husband finds it and locks my ticket to freedom away. 220 more words


A Dummy's Guide to a Possible Nuclear Deal with Iran

Diplomats from world powers and their Iranian counterparts who are currently huddled in the Swiss city of Lausanne insist that they are closer than ever to inking an agreement governing Tehran’s nuclear program. 1,670 more words


GOP May Be in for a Rude Awakening on Immigration When Pope Francis Addresses Congress

Pope Francis in September will head to the United States for a trip that will include addresses to the United Nations and a joint session of Congress. 683 more words


The Fastest Way to Renew or Obtain Your Passport

In the US, more people than ever have a passport. I recently did a survey that surprised me. 84% of respondents said that they hold a valid passport. 789 more words


Central Asia’s Chess Master: How Islam Karimov’s Wily Diplomacy Has Cemented His Power

Uzbekistan heads to the polls on Sunday for presidential elections, but the results are a foregone conclusion: President Islam Karimov will be re-elected. Uzbekistan’s ruler since its days as a Soviet republic, Karimov has spent the last 24 years consolidating his power in the most brutal of ways: … 966 more words