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India passport application process 2017

It was year 2007. Chennai. My passport was about to expire and I had to get it renewed. So, in the month of November I started the process like everyone does – with an agent/broker. 940 more words


What I Loved About Italy

I hesitate to pick my “favorite” cities or experiences of my first European trip because every single minute was extraordinary (expect maybe for the “bad” stuff that happened. 422 more words


Indian passport holders can apply for e-visa to Tajikistan

NOTE: Indian passport holders are not eligible to apply for Visa on Arrival. You MUST apply for an E-visa prior.

There are two easy ways to obtain a visa to Tajikistan. 201 more words


Apply USA Travel Visa for Malaysia Passport

Simple steps to guide you on how to get your United State of America (U.S.A.) Travel Visa.

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Applying USA Travel Visa is not difficult at all if you follow the instructions below. 1,060 more words


'Rodrigo Alves' Plastic Surgery Fanatic, Delayed At Dubai Airport Due To Unrecognisable Passport Picture

Rodrigo Alves, 34, plastic surgery fanatic was alleged detained, on arriving the airport in Dubai as officials felt his face was quite different from his passport picture. 247 more words


The Regrettable Death of the Passport Stamp

Guest post by Patrick:

I try not to collect material things.  In a few ways I’ve failed.  Sharks teeth, yes.  Camera lenses, double yes.  But otherwise, I really try not to.  514 more words


Preparing for Europe: 101

Do’s and Don’t of Europe Travel

How to avoid overpacking:

My biggest suggestion is to plan your outfit for each day. Of course you should take an extra shirt or two for a back-up-plan, but planning your outfits will save you not only space but time.

508 more words