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Pembuatan Paspor Baru Kantor Imigrasi Depok

Pada post ini saya akan share tentang proses pembuatan paspor offline di Kantor Imigrasi Kanwil II Depok tanggal 26 Mei 2017. Kenapa offline? Karena website pembuatan paspor online sedang tidak dapat diakses. 250 more words


Packing Tips for Any Trip

I’m often asked by everyone how I’m able to always pack so effortlessly, and by “everyone,” I really just mean my mom. I do have a few tips that I always follow when it comes to packing, though, whether it’s to fly halfway across the world or a drive down the street to my best friend’s house for the night. 909 more words


[Kemudahan] Layanan Paspor

Sehari setelah mengurus perpanjangan paspor di kantor Imigrasi Bandara Soeta, grup WA kantor memposting berita tentang kemudahn pengurusan paspor yang telah dilakukan oleh kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Selatan. 890 more words


Border Patrol, Bribery, and Croatian Jail

Throughout my recent years of travel, it has become an inside joke in my family that I am always the one who gets randomly searched or stopped going through customs or border checks. 301 more words

The Color of Blood

North Berwick, Scotland – September 2016

How high the walls of this castle are. How red the stone. Red: the color of the family that once dwelled within. 532 more words


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One of the fears of traveling internationally has to be the thought of losing an item of great importance in the midst of unfamiliar travel and hectic schedules.  2,433 more words


Keep on Dreaming - Final Blog

(Originally written 26 September 2016 after having returned from California)

I was at a Fast Food Outlet at Minneapolis International Airport on my way from the West Coast of the USA to Denmark, while I met a young woman working her shift. 597 more words