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On Chemical Weapons and Red M&M's, an Islamic State Fighter Defends the Cause

Let it not be said that the Islamic State shies from passing judgment on all matters it considers under its domain, no matter how large or small. 723 more words


The Importance of Doing a Tour While on Vacation

For many people who visit a new city, it has become a badge of honor or coolness to not do things that are considered “touristy”. Such thinking is foolish and shallow. 396 more words


Degene die facebook "Maud Oortwijn" invulde, stopt er nu mee

Lezers, omdat facebook geen account meer accepteert, zonder dat er identiteitspapieren overlegd worden, zal er geen account meer zijn met de naam “Maud Oortwijn”. Ik geef deze kennissen groot gelijk en wil zelf niet dat mijn ID-papieren over de balie gaan bij facebook. 161 more words


New Zealand Has Chosen Four Finalists for Its New Flag

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is sick and tired of being accidentally seated under Australia’s flag. The two countries’ flags are nearly identical, and as Foreign Policy… 466 more words


Malala: Nations Should Spend Money on ‘Books, Not Bombs’

Nobel Peace Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban after fighting for her right to go to school, called on the United States and other leading powers Monday to devote more money towards providing educational opportunities to needy children around the world. 601 more words


Tuesday Tutorial: Passport

An in-depth online market research and analysis tool, Passport provides statistics on market size and market share, and market activity. It covers a broad range of industries and products worldwide, including economic indicators, demographic data, foreign trade statistics, and strategy briefings/analytical reports.

Tuesday Tutorial

Yay!!! (Well, sort of...)

I went to do Soon’s hair yesterday, and I was so tired afterward that I didn’t make it to school. As a result my cell phone died, because I am trying to keep all my chargers here in an effort to make me go to school more. 403 more words