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“The Password is dead, Long live the Password”

It seems as though each year an IT giant declares the death of the password. Microsoft, IBM, Google and others claimed that the age of the password had come to an end because passwords no longer kept users safe. 406 more words


RoboForm 8 Feature Highlight: Web Password Generator

This post is part of our RoboForm 8 Feature Highlight series.

For one reason or another, we all have to change our passwords every now and again. 216 more words

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Let the passwords go! Just Log in Safely with the Best Password Manager Online

Password security is highly important unless you want to ignore the inclement danger lurking in the cyber world. With a plenty of vital online transactions through various accounts, you need to have strong passwords and keep changing them regularly. 401 more words

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Password Managers: Yay or Nay

Recently I started using Intel’s True Key application across a number of my devices. This includes my iPhone, iPad, Laptop and Desktop PC. I have used some password managers in the past but never really felt the requirement untill maybe the last 6 month, this is due to me not only having a lot of account, but because the passwords are different between them. 424 more words



Keefox is an open source and easy to use password management application which keeps you password and privet data more secure. It an ad free application. 108 more words

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EncryptStick Lite

EncryptStick Lite is a lightweight and comprehensive software that helps you place all your important documents and files in a secure vault. In this app, resulting vaults can be synchronized with flash drives, including several mobile devices. 103 more words


Password Generator - Password Generator - Simple, Fast and Safe - Stay protected

Password Generator – Simple, Fast and Safe – Stay protected

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The best and most complete application to generate passwords, fast, simple and secure. 101 more words

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