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Code Review: Twitter but Shitter

Opening up the brief for this weekend’s challenge was a little daunting.

Make Twitter.

Oh yeah sure, let me grab a tea, a couple of years more experience and I’ll be right on it. 805 more words


Password Hashing in Client Side

Password security is most important concern in web development. Most of the web applications developed now a days secure user password by hashing it in server side before storing it in database. 387 more words


3 Top Security Tips for PHP Developers to Help them Develop Safe Web Applications

Even the most experienced of the developers cannot develop web applications which are completely secure. It’s not all about writing a secure PHP code all the time. 37 more words

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Upgrading Password Linux Hashing Algorithm to SHA512

Ide tulisan ini datangnya ketika saya sedang menonton record-classroom video tentang offensive-security punya salah satu kampus diluar negeri sana.

Klo dilihat-lihat judulnya sih agak membingungkan juga, saya harap tidak ada yang bingung, sebenarnya tujuannya adalah mengupgrade default algoritma hashing MD5 yang digunakan pada password linux menjadi algoritma hashing SHA512. 284 more words


Closing the Password Hashing Competition, releasing Argon2

In fall 2012, I proposed to organize an open competition in order to develop a new crypto standard for hashing passwords—be it to protect users’ credentials in web services, derive keys for disk encryption schemes, or to log in your operating system. 207 more words