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Security Experts to You: Use 2 Step Authentication

I thought this would be a pain to do, but was much easier than I thought and actually kind of fun. It’s a very “cool” concept to experience.  104 more words

Phone Security

Who knew? February 1 was Change Your Password Day

Oops; already blew that deadline… Not to worry or maybe worry all you want. It’s only a matter of time before we hear about the next data security breach. 312 more words


What's The Password?

In today’s technology, passwords are a must. We need a password to open our computer, do online banking, check our email, look at Facebook, book a vacation, purchase an item, or enter a particular app. 450 more words


Passwords were a snap when we only needed (used) one.  Nowadays, we can’t function that way because A) Bad idea & B) They (you know who you are) make it so we have to use unbelievably exotic combinations i.e. 166 more words


Password Protection vs. Data Validation

A very common question, “Can you password protect those files?”  The answer of course is, “Yes.” I recall a documentary with a former professional car thief (yes, they have professional’s in their trade).  133 more words


I Can Guess Your PIN

Using a simple trick I can guess your PIN for your debit card.
This normally works around 30% of the time. So here goes…

I’m seeing a 7, a 1, a 4 and finally a 5. 153 more words