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Google Launches New Tool To Protect Consumers' Password Security

Sometimes cyber criminals do such a good job camouflaging their ploys to steal consumers’ personal information that you might not recognize that the site you just entered your password on isn’t a legitimate login page. 266 more words

Is your password good enough ?

Many website and other sorts of accounts get hacked because of a to easy password, but yet again also because of virus, but lets talk about virus later in this post.   626 more words

Cyber Security Lesson 3: Passwords

AKA: How to Create Unique Passwords and Protect Them!

Back in October, we briefly hit on ways to keep your passwords safe. We believe that unique passwords are the most important tool you can use when it comes to Cyber Security, so we’d like to go a little bit more in-depth on the subject. 608 more words

Tips And Tricks

Top Ten Tips To Protect Your Online Privacy

Online privacy concerns have been in the news cycle ever since Edward Snowden brought government surveillance to the forefront of national attention. Since then, the… 1,171 more words

Spencer Coursen

Take Caution of Free WiFi

A lot has been written about mobile penetration rates in South Africa. From feature phones and smartphones, to those unwieldy-looking hybrid devices that make people look like they have a tablet glued to their ears (AKA phablets), everybody is online wherever they go. 595 more words


HOT TECH NEWS - Yahoo's New On Demand Password Protection Process

Hmmm…  I currently use 2-step password verification with my Google and Microsoft Live accounts. I like the idea it is a more secure process of locking down my accounts from intruders; however, the downside of this is you need to have this set up with your smartphone in order for the verification process to work. 154 more words


Over-protective Passwords

I pride myself on remembering people’s faces and their names, friends’ birthdays and anniversaries, most of the time.  Thanks to smartphones, this skill is now slowly failing me.   297 more words

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