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This 11-year-old founded a cybersecurity business

Mira Modi may be only 11, but she already has a cybersecurity business. The service, called DiceWare, helps provide people with secure passwords for just $2. 189 more words


CyberSmarts Webinar

Protecting you from one of the greatest threats of our time:

We are under attack. Billions of records are being breached. Anonymity doesn’t exist. Tax fraud is on the rise. 86 more words

Identity Threats

It's Time to Get CyberSmart

Protect your company and yourself from one of the greatest threats of our time.

If you are an individual, please attend our CyberSmarts webinar for consumers… 20 more words

Identity Threats

Introducing PasswordArmor

The latest line of defense against identity thieves from privacy protection company InfoArmor.

LPv=6kuM<NWQ_1: The best passwords look like this, but who can remember them? It’s no wonder why most of us opt for “password,” our pet’s name or another common word. 231 more words

Password Protection

From Hackable to Uncrackable

Passwords are digital currency, yet most of us put little thought into creating them. A case in point: the most common passwords of 2015 are “123456” and “password.” 328 more words

Password Protection

How Secure Are You Online?

Test Your Password Prowess.

Whether you manage your company’s IT system or spend hours of day online, you are at grave risk. That’s because data breaches are reaching epidemic proportions, and savvy cybercriminals are finding more ways to hack into both company computer systems and individual accounts. 179 more words

Password Protection

Keeping your personal email safe

It’s common these days for emails and social media platforms to be hacked. You are either a victim or a witness. Currently, most of our social media profiles are linked to our personal emails. 639 more words

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