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Setting up and Remembering "Complex" Passwords

How to create a perfect password that you will not forget?

We are required to create and remember passwords on multiple sites, devices, computers, applications, etc. 665 more words


The Best Password Security is . . . .

The Best Password Security is . . . .


            Changing a home location requires organization and a functioning memory of what is packed and where, if things are to be retrieved easily. 452 more words

How do I change my username?

If you want to change your username or change any information in your user profile, you can follow these steps to do it.

In the top right corner of any page, click on your name to open your User Profile. 24 more words

LMS Users

my new password girl

my passowrd girl used to be
a girl after whom
during high school
I pursued with amor
much to my failure

her neck piercing
her long figure and… 44 more words


Securing passwords using oracle wallet

Hardcoding passwords is not a good idea; I have hardcoding my passwords in a lot of my scripts these days and i was asked to share a few scripts with another guy in my team. 399 more words

Oracle General

Scammed! Don't Let it Happen to You.

We’ve gotten to the point where we roll our eyes and shake our heads when an unknown number comes up on our phones because we’ve become accustomed to the assault of telemarketing and phone scams. 530 more words

Fraud Prevention

Why your password isn't as safe or secure as you think

Because people are generally unable to come up with rock-solid passwords on their own, many websites that require user-generated passwords employ “password strength meters” which inform users how secure their chosen password is. 236 more words