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How to conduct a social media audit

Social media has the power to wreck our reputations in a single update. Why are we so careless when it comes to managing these properties? 372 more words


Wow Password

I always forget my password and then there is a list of hundred possible words which keep on trying to fit in. Too many passwords freeze your account just like too many cooks spoil the broth. 6 more words

My Thoughts

How to Get the Password for Time Capsule


Maaf ya pagi-pagi bikin (mungkin) beberapa orang kesel karena pengumuman ini. Tapi sebelum aku jelasin tata cara minta passwordnya, aku kasih tahu alasannya dulu kenapa aku memutuskan untuk me- 379 more words


Coolest, but Least Secure, Security Device

apparently forgets to lock the screen on his computer when he gets up to grab a coffee. And he apparently works with a bunch of sharks: “If you don’t , one of your colleagues will send email to the whole company that you invite them to get some beer (on your bill, of course).” Not saying we haven’t done similar, mind you. 255 more words

Security Hacks

How to encrypt zip file

Some workplaces have tight restrictions on email attachments containing binaries. So, people in such environments request me to send the attachment by zipping up the suspicious files and… 71 more words

SSH.NET & echo | sudo -S

This is an extension on yesterdays post about getting the test harness to connect to vSphere.  I am going to show how to use SSH.NET… 675 more words

Email regarding credentials for Student Portal and Canvas Account Creation

To clear up misconceptions, attached below is a copy of the email that will be auto generated when an AC uses the CEHE Application Tool to promote a potential student to CVue. 122 more words