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How to create webmail account in cpanel?

You can use webmail account for your email communication. Webmail allows you to send and receive email easily. Webmail is completely free and has various user-friendly features. 377 more words


Want a strong password? Follow these

Every now and then whenever you want to create a new account on a website, you are asked to create a strong password for your account to keep it safe from hackers. 469 more words


I had been through a series of bad relationships for the past year, and there was the only one which I can call as good; actually the best. 259 more words

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Kepada kalian yang dirindukan authornya, atau kalian yang merindukan authornya, atau mungkin tidak diantara kedua-duanya….

Terima kasih sudah bersedia mengunjungi WP ini lagi. AKhir-akhir ini gue menyadari keegoisan gue sebagai author karena seenaknya tetap berharap bahwa kalian (reader) akan tetap kembali meskipun harus menunggu dalam waktu yang tidak bisa ditentukan. 280 more words


​How To Find Passwords of All Connected Wi-Fi Networks Using CMD

This post won’t only guide you on how to find out the passwords of all connected devices with CMD but also how to “Turn On” MAC randomization to avoid location tracking based on device’s MAC address……. 501 more words


vROPS: resetting admin password and quirks

Recently we found out that we had to reset the admin password due to it being locked and, I think, expired. VMware does have a KB on how to this can be done: 82 more words


Using PGP Encryption: Quickstart Guide

I explained in an earlier post what encryption is, how it works & how it can benefit you. PGP stands for “pretty good privacy” and has been around for quite a while. 960 more words