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REOL - YoiYoi Kokon 【れをる - 宵々古今】[Evenings in the Past and Present] [LYRICS]

Rasshai na taira wa nari
Toki ga kita tadashii yume utsutsu yomo sugara
Kawari yuku koto ni osore nashi
Noppiki nara nai no wa gomen… 881 more words


What is a Library?

It’s easy to think of a library as the stereotypical building with shelves of books and nothing else, but in all honesty a library is what we make of it. 417 more words


Zizek, Carlyle and Happiness

One of the concepts that Slavoj Zizek has frequently debunked is “happiness”. In a webchat from the Guardian from 2014, for example, he is asked if happiness is still an important idea, and replies: 958 more words

Naive little girl

That day is as clear as light
Forever embedded in my mind.
I tried so hard to forget.
To push it far away.
But it haunts my every thought… 450 more words


To the boys in my life, past and present.

To my first,
You demonstrated complicated love, when you should of loved me despite everything. You spoke words of encouragement, despite gender roles, yet you taught me that my place was inside never out. 972 more words


Anyone from Toronto?

Today when you tell someone you’ve lived in Toronto since you were born they keep wanting to know where you’re from. I can’t recall when asking where you’re really from started; when I was growing up everyone seemed to be Torontonian except my grandparents, one of whom told me she’d emigrated from Italy when her family got tired of rebuilding their house. 378 more words