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The Miracle of Reading

Nothing is so purely the trace of the mind as writing, but also nothing is so dependent on the understanding mind. In deciphering and interpreting a miracle takes place: the transformation of something strange and dead into a total simultaneity and familiarity.

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A representation of a 3D solid on a 2D surface is called a projection.

Isometric projection uses vertical lines and lines drawn at 30° to horizontal. 49 more words

Past And Present

Past and Present air power

Representing more than 60 years of military flight, an F16 fighter jet and a P47 Thunderbolt.


Why Bury the Dead?

Today’s a special day for the dead. It begins a time when monks shield their faces with their cowls on processions to cemeteries. A time when we surround ourselves with the memento mori of skulls and ghouls and graves. 879 more words


Red Solo Cup

Have you realized that you’re not the same person back then anymore?

In the past, you were just a typical girl who spends most of her time watching movies in their home and studying all by herself. 127 more words


Artist research.

Sergey Larenkov is a Russian-based artist/photographer who was deeply impacted by World War II. On his blog, he has put together a tremendous set of collages of historic World War II photographs blended into the same locations as they currently look today. 187 more words

Past And Present