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Inner Peace

Inner peace for me is so beautiful and relaxing. But at the same time, it is still unfamiliar to me sometimes. Whenever a situation happens, and I do not get overly upset like I used to, I begin to question if I am suppressing any of my emotions. 333 more words


Past and Present, the Orpheus Myth Makes Us Rethink Music

Two productions in Italy made our critic wonder about the fate of the story of a perfect instrumentalist in a world where music is omnipresent.. via NYT Arts https://ift.tt/2HNcTcc

Ranking the Horrible Histories Songs: Part Four, 20-11

We’ve made it to the top twenty! And I fear this is where it starts to get controversial, because I’m pretty certain you’re not all going to agree with my rankings. 939 more words

Past And Present

Ranking the Horrible Histories Songs: Part Three, 30-21

So here we are: part three. Today we’re ranking the Horrible Histories songs from 30 to 21, which means we’re getting to the good stuff. When I was putting together the list, this is where it started to get really hard: I love them all and they’re all fantastic and I’m aware that my reasoning might not be excellent in justifying where I put them. 1,205 more words

Past And Present

The original wish

The memory that refused to vaporize. The memory of the first aspiration I wished for myself – that of being a theoretical physicist, a mathematician, a professor – which was born out of hatred. 343 more words


Flashback- when traveling what you would do now vs. then?

Do you ever compare how you used to travel to how you travel now?  For some people it might be what you do/see when you go.  526 more words


As I Am

I am not my past.

I am my here and now.

I am not my past.

I am my future beyond.

Take me as I am. 40 more words