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Returning Home

As some of you may know I am a graduate student currently living on my university’s campus while I study clinical psychology in Chicago. I am originally from New York. 578 more words


past and present

is there a trail back
to repair what i lost?

if irreparable, is there
a way to feel emotions

i buried neatly under
the illusion of calm, 8 more words


Unhealthy vs Healthy Coping Mechanisms

At the end of a previous post Mentally Preparing for the New Year, I emphasized using healthy coping mechanisms as way to be mentally prepared. 658 more words


Fire and Ice

Juxtaposition in life is another one of those ironies I embrace.  Sometimes I find myself in moments of mirth and madness, which then evoke a sense of awareness of what happened in a day and what could have happened.   746 more words

We need to talk about Social Media

*makes vague statement about how social media has dramatically influenced the political climate within the last ten, or even just five, years*

Yes, that really isn’t news to anyone. 976 more words



This time last year, I spent the evening trying to reflect on my 2016 year. Influenced by the large amount of social media post, I was determined to come up with something insightful, humbling, and grounded. 354 more words


Croce, History as the Story of Liberty

Truth in history books (p19-20): The practical requirements which underlie every historical judgment give to all history the character of “contemporary history” because,

however remote in time events there recounted may seem to be, the history in reality refers to present needs and present situations wherein those events vibrate.

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Micheaelmas 2017