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Steed's Shifting Worlds: Emma Peel vs Tara King in "Hour That Never Was" and "Get-Away"

Two episodes—”The Hour That Never Was” from Season 4 and “Get-Away” from Season 6—feature Steed reminiscing about his past in the presence of his partner, and introducing her (or attempting to do so) to very old and dear friends of his. 1,553 more words

John Steed


The time has come to remove the dust off the books after the renovation of the apartment. At some point in the future, our grandchildren will probably laugh at this sort of pastime. 298 more words

Past & Present: Chapter Twenty-Two - Blossoming of the Rose (Final Chapter)

The eager light seeping through the narrow gap in the curtains, like a glowing finger of energy reaching out to her across the room, woke her early. 14,724 more words


Past & Present: Chapter Twenty-One - From Love Comes Strength

Two o’clock in the morning and silence threw its impenetrable blanket across the village of Helstone. Margaret lay within the loving ambit of John’s arms, sleep elusive as it continued to dance on the outer fringes of her consciousness long after John had succumbed to its all-consuming embrace. 13,878 more words


Past & Present: Chapter Twenty - Romance and Revelation

It seemed to John that his heart physically moved in his chest as he woke to find her lying there beside him. Just to be able to look upon her, to know that she was so very close, was the realisation of all his dreams, a moment that was as poignantly perfect as it was deeply affecting. 9,995 more words


Past & Present: Chapter Nineteen - Where I Belong

The children standing by the edge of the pond with their mother began to cry as they realised that there was no more bread left with which to feed the ducks. 11,605 more words


Past & Present: Chapter Eighteen - Revisiting the Past

John was aware of every muscle in his body stiffening in immediate recognition as he took in the person who had seen fit to thrust himself so unexpectedly before him just at a moment when he’d been lost in thoughts about Margaret and the fact that she would be meeting him for lunch shortly. 7,487 more words