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"Great Again"?

Two evenings past I saw the first bit of the 2016 movie, La La Land free on TV, echoing themes and attitudes of movie-made imaginings of plotless dancing and singing in 1953, got tired and went to bed.



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

Traditionally, a university’s archway serves as a threshold, both literally and metaphorically.  Step through those gates, and you are welcomed on to the physical campus…and you begin whatever journey is meant for you. 93 more words

Archival Photographs

to sieze or not the day

Horace has a lot to answer for.  Often regarded as the first autobiographer as well as a superb poet he also was either right hand man or court puppet, depending on your point of view, to Octavius during the transition from Republic of Rome to Roman Empire.   991 more words

Personal Life

Suffusion - #DailyHaikuChallenge

Sublime suffusion

Past mingling with the Present

A Gift to Treasure!

To take part in the Daily Haiku Challenge see  The Original Post from Day One… 18 more words


Finding Balance Between the Past and the Present

I love seeing young people who are living a life that balances the past and the present. This beautiful Japanese woman is wearing a Yukata, a cotton kimono traditionally worn in warm weather. 368 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

They Didn't Hear vs. The Travesty

A very brief dried flower, was scribbled in the margins of one of my papers…Think it was written for the boys who didn’t try to date me because I was so focused on my work. 255 more words

The Wilted Flower

Star-crossed Lovers

This is a small series of image-inspired poetry, well almost poetry, that I penned down one stormy night while I was going through a few photographs I had shot at Qutub Minar, New Delhi, India, sometime in 2010. 182 more words

Image Inspired