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Dirty Little Secret...

Hey reader!

Yes you…

I know you were intrigued, and maybe you were thinking, what do I mean by “Dirty Little Secrets”… Or maybe, you thought, finally someone opened this topic and you were glad that you’re not alone. 496 more words

Life Lessons

Picture From The Past

Picture From The Past

“I am come home,” said the knight,
as he rode slow down the lane,
more to himself
than the farmer with his cart, 89 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd

Guardians of the food chain

As said before, we were not this bad always. When exactly we graduated from ‘animal lovers’ to… is difficult to pinpoint. When I got married I was a dog lover (PLEASE note just dogs) and my husband a nature lover – all into plants and birds, the sky, etc. 479 more words

Past And Present


No, it was not always like this! I think we began as a fairly ‘normal’ family.  For a good number of years we were a family with just two dogs. 676 more words

Past And Present

Bagong simula

Sa ating pagkikita muli
Ika’y naka ngiti, masaya
Binati mo ako na para bang walang nangyari
Masaya ako na nakikita kitang masaya
Masaya ako na nakita ko ang minahal ko ang minamamahal ko… 155 more words


Here I stand


By the Sensual Delight 41 more words


Welcome to the Guard

Who were The Varangian Guard.

The Varangian Guard (Greek: Τάγμα των Βαράγγων, Tágma tōn Varángōn) was an elite unit of the Byzantine Army… 504 more words

The Division