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Earlier Memories

I have memories of another planet. Ones that are so fresh in my mind that they are hard to forget and move on from. My lifemate was a winged fomorian and we lived on a parralel human planet that had had the time to develop into a better planet than the one I was living on today. 279 more words


"A compilation of book reports with anecdotes"

Children’s Past Lives by Carol Bowman

Summary: Has your child lived before?

In this book, Carol Bowman reveals overwhelming evidence of past life memories in children. 626 more words

Tricia Sullivan

February 3rd

I have to “get up” in like an hour.  So guess I’m not going back to sleep this morning! Lol  Actually, instead of laughing, I feel like groaning. 1,703 more words


O Fortunate Fall

Eve says in the Wastes, after the Exile.

I tasted fire, and learned not to drink

promises from the Devil’s tendrils of

bloody burning secrets, immolation… 27 more words

Felix Culpa

Says Eve in the Garden, after the Fall.

I can’t remember.

I don’t remember.

I remember too much.

So many lives, so little peace.

Someone killed me long ago and… 7 more words

Ticklish Spots

Ticklish spots cover past life wounds that we still carry as deep memories. We cover them over with humor to hide the intensity of what they really are. 39 more words

Blog Post

Does the soul really rest in peace?

What happens after death is a question people have grappled with since the beginning of time. At the time of death, do we enter a state of eternal oblivion, do we meet God in a space of heavenly bliss, or do we come back to this life? 611 more words

Hypnotic Regression