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Real Memory or Wishful Thinking?

A common question people have when exploring reincarnation is, ‘I remember something, but I am not sure if it’s a real memory or just my mind making something up. 1,028 more words


I Will Live On

I was not bereft of my beloved when he chose not to stand beside me in those final days.

Even as I wore both the armor of battle to stand against the hoardes of the North who threatened our peaceful existence, and the white robes of a Priestess; I believed it was an honor to stand with my sisters with our swords in hand even as the earth began to shake and move beneath our feet, and the smoke of the eastern mountains blocked out the light of the moon, and the very stars. 60 more words


My Mother

I do not often speak of my mother. My sisters had been close to her, but I was closest. We shared a bond like no other. 276 more words


The Golden Horn

I watched in horror as our beloved Temple of the Rising Sun came crumbling to the ground in a cloud of fire and smoke. People were screaming and running. 275 more words


My Father

My father had been a wise man. The earth had been shaking and moving beneath our sandaled feet for many moons when he suddenly fell ill with a fever we could not heal. 221 more words


My Broken Heart

“Do not leave me, why would you leave me now?”

I disrobed and casually laid my priestess garb aside, putting on the battle armor, and wrapping the ties of my scabbard around my waist. 165 more words


Into Oblivion

“I will not go silently into the dark abyss of oblivion. I shall instead summon my sisters, and raise the Power until the very end….” 57 more words