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Past Life Insight – Why do I keep attracting certain kinds of people into my life?

An individual’s journey is not just for them.

While in the In-Between (the place between lives), souls create scripts with other souls. They choose whom they want to… 166 more words

Past Lives

Been there, done that.

Someone stares blankly as a stream of cars race down San Francisco’s 101 south in the middle of the night.

Weary from a long day at work, an apartment dweller watches from the small sun porch as the train pulls into the Granville station on Chicago’s Red Line. 114 more words

Opposite Day

Why Children and Childhood? – The answer from a Spirit

An anonymous spirit communicated the reason for children and childhood, which appeared in The Spiritist Review magazine of 1859. The magazine was published and edited by Allan Kardec. 13 more words


On the road again...

Sometimes you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul.” Wild Woman Sisterhood

I packed up the car with our lives and traveled to Washington this summer so I could heal myself. 589 more words

Art Of Living

Energy Forecast

Look what I have found when I sat down on the shore of the beach! 🙂 I saw only 1 cm of something orange in the sand right by my side and than I took out this butterfly 😄 This week’s energy forecast contain words as – forgiveness – you & others, clearing past & relationships, diving deep and seeing through illusion, then reemerge & enlight things, shift perspectives, new friendships or renewing old relationships – but only the resonant ones, unconditional love and FAITH. 82 more words