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Butterfly: My Daughter's "Diffwent Mom"

I’ve written previously in “Like Space Mom, Like Space Daughter” about how my little girl surprised me with her claim she had a “diffwent mom” before me. 555 more words

Linked Across Time


cá estou eu, mas na língua materna dessa vez, pra condizer com a fic. essa é mais uma das minhas preferidas de todos os tempos. 776 more words

Not Canon

My Experience With a Past Life.

There are a ton of opinions on past lives and whether or not they are even a thing…. Personally I believe in past lives, not necessarily that every one has had them but I don’t count them out as a possibility of some people having had them. 947 more words


Songs of Reincarnation

Drifting in shadows I see

Someone who knows me

I was his wife in a previous life

How did you die?

I break down and cry… 25 more words



Denise Linn was one of the first to popularise the whole modern (and I suppose by that I mean Western) approach to reincarnation: learning how to recall one’s past lives and perhaps also undergoing past-life therapy either by oneself or with the help of a professional past-life therapist. 584 more words

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A visit from Mom

I just had a dream about Mom.

She was showing me what her future would have been if she had stayed. She would have lost use of her arms and legs as the MS progressed. 216 more words

Question on Karma

This is a little off the subject, but in regards to karma we having coming into each incarnation, I have always wondered what happens when a child is adopted? 318 more words

Human Nature