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Past Life Memories - Red Lights in Japan

I asked in my other blog – which is dedicated for everything else in my life, except these spiritual matters – would people be interested in if I wrote down all the past live memories I currently have. 2,440 more words

Past Lives

Memory Lane #4

Memory Lane #4

Energy Vamps

Long before Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight there were vampires. The ones I encountered didn’t suck blood. They consumed the energy of those around them. 317 more words


Stories of Spiritual Regression

Imagine sitting in a beach chair watching the sunset. Your mind is empty. You can hear, speak, and control your actions, but it is most comfortable to do nothing… In this state of mind, with a little coaching, you receive visions, memories from, or imagination of another life from places you have never visited and never knew existed… And with continued coaching it is quite likely that you will experience events of such magnitude that they will change you life…

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Leading Group Regression

Leading a group regression is like driving a bus to a sightseeing destination, except that once the doors open each tourist dissolves into their own world… I let the group container dissolve, and then I rebuild it. 7 more words


The NDE of Hannah Robinson- Her Karma and Subsequent Trials Explored

Hannah Robinson experienced just the first few stages of a Near Death Experience (NDE), one of detachment from her body and a feeling of complete peace and love. 20 more words


yummy gummy vitamins

yummy gummy vitamins

My heart feels gummy like vitamins, flexible like you could push on it with the heel of your hand and it would bounce back so you knew i was still young to the faint drip of baseball through the radio in October, the Royals were unbelievably good again and I had been having a lot of contact. 279 more words

Creative Writing


I would like many goes
and memories of many goes.
Not for the living and breathing of it
but to know differently how things might be. 124 more words