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When it came down to it, he didn’t really have a choice. Both of his parents were tall–6 feet–his mother a volleyball player and his father handball. 419 more words

Viewing One’s Death

When looking at a past life it is very important to review the person’s death.

The idea of going through your death in a previous life is often scary. 471 more words

Past Lives

More about Tesla

​Me and hubby were blown away by this ,we worship Tesla and this shows how he was shut down and not in the history books,he was clearly a “light worker”(that is not a pun by the way,a light worker is an adult indigo who is here to help mankind) psychic and only out to do good,and good people get nowhere especially if they are offering free electricity but someone else steals their ideas to make money gggrrrr Edison ! 254 more words


Past life healing card of the week - Authority Figures

I’m very in tune with my past lives and quite often can pick up on the past lives of others. For me remembering the past can really help clear not just karma but issues that arise in this life. 257 more words


EARTHABLES - 6 Compelling Signs You’ve Lived Many Past Lives — Dreaming With Dolphins — Blue Dragon Journal

Many people around the world, including Buddhists among others, believe in reincarnation or rebirth, the belief that every human has a soul that is continually born again into new life forms as it travels on its karmic path in order to reach a state of “perfect enlightenment.” If perfect enlightenment is reached, the soul will […] […]

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December 2016 Specials

People have already been asking about these, so here they are:


Extra Support For You:

$77 Past Life Readings

All that decking the halls and gathering of friends and family can sometimes feel a little less than jolly. 360 more words


Things that carry over from one life to the next

I don’t think karma is what most people believe it is. I feel that Karma is patterns and belief systems we hold on to. Meaning, we recieve the consequences of our actions which we make based upon our thought patterns and beliefs. 251 more words

Past Lives