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The answers will find you when you are ready

Recent events have me, once again,  searching for answers. Answers to a question I’m sure we have all asked at some point. Why did this happen to me and why now? 993 more words

Carnation Flower Symbolic Meaning

Inner Wisdom: Intuition, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance: Carnations are to do with past life, the past before this moment. + Our yesterdays. Now is the time to release some memories that no longer serve you. 443 more words


1000 Lives

I feel like I’ve lived too many lives and I’m tired.

Maybe that’s why I feel so depressed and worn out, because I feel like I’ve lived so many lives. 80 more words


Joseph Mery - A 19th century French writer who believe he lived during the reign of Augustus, the Emperor of Rome.

According to Wikipedia, Joseph Mery was writer of stories, satires, and plays. He lived in France, and was born in 1797 and died in 1866.He was an acquaintance of Alexandre Dumas, who wrote the Count of Monte Cristo, and many other famous works. 21 more words


Back to our Roots

This morning I am thinking about masks and how sometimes we each seek to leave behind pieces of our past in search of what we think we should be, only to find ourselves walking along the paths that lead us back to our roots. 201 more words

Personal Reflection

How to cope with grief - take two

A few months ago I wrote about how to cope with grief, and I simply went on with my life. Then I lost a good friend of mine, and I suddenly (almost) forgot what I had written before on grief. 336 more words


Keeping the Same Gender Over Multiple Lives

In The Spirits Book, we are told that spirit can be reincarnated as either sex. But we aren’t told if spirits alternate or stay the same sex in life after life.  375 more words