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Why Do We Reincarnate?

By Debra Moffitt

Do you ever have flashbacks to other time periods or feel drawn to certain times in world history? These are likely linked to places and times where you’ve lived before. 691 more words

Debra Moffitt

past Lives & Love Songs

I always found it odd how the songs I was always drawn to since I was a little kid were always these songs of tragic heartbreak or undeniable love. 321 more words


Hints to Finding Your Past Lives

Here’s a list of simple questions that can help you identify some of your past life locations and themes.

  1. Where have you always wanted to go?
  2. 50 more words
Past Lives

Past life reading for GT

Firstly I want to thank this client for their bravery in letting me post this, I have blanked out his name for no other reason than I always keep readings confidential. 288 more words

Past Lives

Cupcakes and Heroin

(drugs, sex work, homelessness)

I’ve done heroin.

We’re just going to get that out of the way up front. I’ve done heroin. There. Now you can’t say you don’t know anyone who does hard drugs. 2,219 more words

A Case for Reincarnation.



I’m 13. Maybe 14. Driving across country with the fam. Sprawled on the backseat of our Dodge Caravan with my yellow Sony Walkman, listening to… 873 more words


The Long Roots of Our Lives

I bet you believe that your life has its roots in the womb. Yes, life has biological roots in the womb and the family of origin but there is an energetic field that carries way more!! 580 more words

A Bird And The Dragon: Their Love Story: A Memoir