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Akashic what?

Happy Sunday!  Margaret here!  I love giving Akashic record readings.  They are so much fun!  If you’ve never had one, you really need to try it! 299 more words


The Cave

The cave is in a small cliff on the hillside. A dark hole in the grey basalt cliff, it is intriguing and curious, otherworldly even, inviting us to investigate. 759 more words

Past Landscape

My Surreal Life and other stories – August 2015

Shall we begin with this photograph?

My cousin posted me this photo and I have looked at it for what seems days. That’s my daddy there on the right with his brother on the left. 1,371 more words

Human Observation

Past lives

When I got the reading on the past life about how the Saboteur was created, by Sebastian (Nornoriel) Lokason, I also got information about two other past lives: 270 more words

Pet Magic

My cat has been sick this past summer. He has what is called hypercalcemia where he is producing an overabundance of calcium in his system. Now, there was noticeable enough high levels as a kitten when I had him fixed but not enough to stop us from doing the surgery. 635 more words

General Practice

My Dream

“It is hard to move on. It is even worse to go back- what if I just stayed still?”

Past Life

Blending of two kinds of crystals - Atlantis

I was walking on a long hall that stretched before me. There were many round chambers connected to the hall. They were enormous chambers that were used to study crystals, and all kinda stuff. 669 more words