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Could Reincarnation Explain Transgenderism and the "Transabled"?

This is just a hypothesis and might be absolute bullshit, but bear with me (unless you dismiss reincarnation altogether).

The thing is, due to personal experience I had gone back and forth on due to religion (Christianity denies the possibility as far as I know), I fully believe in reincarnation now. 442 more words


Are you feeling limited by traditional therapy? Do you feel pulled to explore other methods and REALLY enjoy major progress and breakthroughs with your clients? 34 more words


Husband : another past life ?

I am yet to write a blog about my husbands past lives but this new one came up yesterday, I was sleeping with a picture jasper under my pillow ,they are good crystals for past life recall,in my dream I saw my husband in a grey uniform and heard the word “Serbia” he looked to be from around the 1800s,in my dream I was with him but he was not allowed to be with a “foreigner” and that was all I got, 159 more words

Past Lives

Those Past Life Feels and Falls

Could it be, time can be one, like yesterday never passed and tomorrow never came? Two mouths never separated and love stayed spellbound for so long. 121 more words

Past Lives

The Life Before.

I was meditating and just before I got up… I was imagining I was driving down my road, but I can’t say that was where it was occurring. 139 more words

Past Lives

Have you felt 'it' your whole life?

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard a client say this … “It’s like I’ve carried it my whole life?” the question mark being because they feel like they have carried their problem for as long as they can remember, and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. 257 more words

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My mid-1990s BBC mug shot

IN the early months of 1995, along with all my fellow independent (freelance) BBC radio producers, I received a formal BBC document from the then Controller of Radio. 820 more words