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Get this Handy Guide for Writers by my friend Jan Morrill

If you are a writer, you’ll find this little workbook helpful. Win a copy of  Jan Morrill’s  workbook, Creative Characterization.  

 Read the comments on Jan’s… 232 more words

Two More False Beliefs

Session was very productive yesterday. I continued to delve into my false beliefs and found a couple more.

False Belief: Threats will get you what you want. 772 more words

Past Lives

The Spiritist Case for Reincarnation

Many religions believe in reincarnation, but why does Spiritism believe in it? Spiritism considers the early Christians also professed knowledge about our souls reincarnating, but this belief dissipated over the centuries after Christ. 17 more words


Enlighenment... Do you really want to wake up?

Do you ever feel as if your mind dozes off for a minute and suddenly the world takes on a dreamlike, surreal quality? It no longer feels real? 479 more words


How Old Is My Soul? Past Lives: How They Affect Your Current Life

We have all experienced past lives and the highlights of those experiences are carried forward into our present lifetime. For those of you who haven’t yet explored your past lives, here are some of the signs that confirm the likelihood of a past life: 681 more words


Following the Chain of False Belief

In session yesterday I ran into one of my false beliefs and I began the process of seeking out the source of this belief. The false belief was: Men are wrong. 483 more words

Past Lives