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Death Through My Eyes

I get a call in the middle of the night, he finally let go. Hallelujah there is light. This means the suffering is over. I rush over there to support my family and everyone is practically in the bed with him and I think to myself, why now after the fact and whatever helps them through this for that is what matters most. 407 more words


Spiritual Bass - Twin Flame Oddity

What Exactly Is a Twin Flame (Quickly)?
From my understanding, a Twin Flame is an Eternal Soulmate.  Someone known on the Other Side, from past lives, someone you have made a contract with to be with forever.   1,290 more words


Death, what I remember from the other side

At first, death was messy, a dark process, because I was a messy, dark soul. There was a time when my soul didn’t know the light, my feelings were detached from Creation. 1,417 more words


How Spirits are Created - We Start from a Primitive Beginning

 How Spirits are Created – We Start from a Primitive Beginning

The question of the origin of the human spirit, our soul, the beginning of our immortality has been in the forefront of introspective questioning by humankind since the beginning of time. 58 more words


Past Lives

I feel like I am presently co-existing in a past life, or like a past life is calling to me so strongly I hardly know what to do. 123 more words


Elementals are etheric beings that support Nature, also referred as nature spirits. They are composed of a different density, incarnating in “bodies” made of a more energetic type of matter, a semi-matter compared to ours. 1,023 more words