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Too Many Memories


Feeling really very lost which seems to be just the general state of affairs these days. I don’t suppose I really think about it but I’m scared of everything all the time. 965 more words


What I Learned About My Past Lives - vlog

What I Learned About My Past Lives. More information was revealed to me about what I have done in the past. Knowledge of your past wrongs may explain what you are going through in your life today.   54 more words


Powerful Full Moon in Aries, Plus Dreams and Art

I hadn’t planned to post on this Full Moon, but my dreams have been nagging me all day. Now, as I sit down to type, I find it’s 5:08 p.m. 923 more words

Reality Creation

Moldavite: Stone of Universal Compassion

Moldavite (Bouteille Stone) – (Heart Chakra) – (ALL Zodiac Signs)

I absolutely fell in love with this gemstone as soon as I saw it and heard its origin story. 942 more words


I'm a Queen!

During presentations that I give for my books, “Escorting the Dead” and “Mastering Meditation,” I always seem to get questions regarding past lives.

Everyone is curious about who they might have been before in some other life, and that’s perfectly normal. 536 more words