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What I learned from love

1: Never start a relationship because you think you might not find someone else. If you don’t genuinely like someone, don’t be with them.

2: Some people make great friends, but not great lovers. 387 more words

Past Relationships

Journey Through Love

At first I looked for a dream.



But the dreams soon became ‘marish,

A deathly reflection.

Then I looked for laughter,

A clown, 180 more words


My New Relationships

As of lately I have some new relationships but not the kind I usually write about. The new ones are friends I have met in the last few months some with new trans friends as well some new gay friends and even some straight ones. 150 more words


Journal Entry #1

Ode to the Romantic Comedy

Word Count: 662

He was tall with big hands, and he was musician – a jazz bassist. I’ll be honest: he had me enchanted. 650 more words

Cute Romance

Regardless of What Matthew Says, I Will Never Forgive You

There was a time that I longed for you, I loved you. Or maybe I longed for the idea of you, the idea of us. The idea that we would spend our lives together. 831 more words

Mental Health

knowing who the people in your life are

With the great news about Lora, I decided to shoot an email to my nearest and dearest, letting them know that the end is finally here. 179 more words

Personal Polyamory

i know that i am...

I tried writing a blog post yesterday but I couldn’t gather my thoughts like I wanted to. Today isn’t proving any easier. I’m not sure why, but all of my thoughts are jumbling together and making it hard to focus on just one thing. 1,093 more words