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Last weekend, one of my exboyfriends visited me. Let’s call him… Ponyboy. But I can’t really call him an ex anymore – we’re more than that. 1,206 more words

Past Relationships

#motivation | Look for the lesson in your tears and Move on!

Don’t let past relationships and old mistakes ruin your future. Don’t let someone or something that didn’t make it in your life continue to hurt you. 97 more words


Reconnecting with the past.

The last time I saw him was 25 years ago when I was embarking on what would be my almost final destination. -I didn’t know at the time that my trip would turn into my new home in San Francisco.- Over dinner 25 years ago, we talked about our time together. 206 more words


The false king

You and I – we were chemistry. You were my everything. And what have I been for you? I guess nothing more than a game, some plan B if anything else fails, a toy, I don’t know and maybe I never will. 851 more words

Past Relationships

Damn It

Sometimes I still miss her.When we separated I stopped listening to music.  After about 18 months I’d recovered enough to stand melodies and lyrics, a lot of stuff like American Steel.   7 more words

My Life

Make Things Right

Things never happen the way you think they will. But always the way they are supposed to.

I am glad we got to make things right, for all the love there was and will always be. 332 more words


Topical Tuesday - Is it just me or is Michelle Rodriguez the best?

In this article she seems to come across as the kind of person that deals with issues in a way that really appeals to me. Obviously this is just a personal opinion but I really think that a big part of growing up or reaching emotional maturity is to focus on your own stuff and let other people focus on theirs. 70 more words

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