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The Past Catches Up With You...

The past catches up with you no matter how far you run. That could be a bad thing but it could also be a good thing. 716 more words


Ghost Of You

I keep seeing ghost of you,
Everywhere I turn–
Part of me hates it,
Part wishes I would learn.

They’re just faces in the crowd… 41 more words


I married my First Love.

On June 23 we were surrounded by family and friends who love and support our relationship.  People who have witnessed our past relationships and understand how incredible it is for both of us to be here together today.   99 more words

582. From Resentment to Learning and Appreciating

Or walking through a revision of past relationships and learning to let go of ‘what once was’, keeping what was good while also opening up current opportunities to communicate and learn from myself and others. 2,489 more words


Rewind The Film

Naked hands of nostalgia,
Coil around my bare neck.
Rewind the film.
Turning back the pages of our book,
Your gentle touches aroused me
Like soft kisses to my brain. 36 more words


Stronger Than Ever

I’ve made so many mistakes, yet here I am, stronger than I ever dreamed I’d be. Even though I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for over 6 years, I am here now with an amazing capability to love beyond what I thought possible. 428 more words

Single, and Obsessed With Love

I am my past, and it has guided me. That’s what I’ve learned in my 22 years of life, and thus far has not failed me. 619 more words