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Almost a Month

Well it’s been almost a month and not too much has happened.  I actually saw my ex driving with a girl in his car in February.  259 more words



Talking to herself–

Finishing conversations

From long deceased past.

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Tainted Like

This is being typed off my phone because sometimes you just have to blog it out.

It’s always surprising how even the shortest non-relationship can effect you in the future. 298 more words

Why It's Okay To Talk About Your Exes (Even If They Are Crazy)

Everyone always tells you to never bring up an ex (or your past dating experiences) when you are dating someone new. They tell you it starts your dating off on a bad note. 339 more words

7 Short Tales Of Lust And Love That Didn't Last Forever

1. We were on the couch of your old dorm room and sharing a tray of chow mein and egg rolls with the sweet & sour sauce. 731 more words

Anywhere but there

Deciding where to live involves a number of considerations, and when moving means migrating to another country those factors might be things like  which languages are spoken there, and proximity to our families. 386 more words

From the bottom of my heart...

You know it’s weird, I keep reading all these poems lately about people who have met, fallen in love and it hasn’t worked out and yet they miss them and wish that they could have worked it out. 241 more words

Single In A Small City