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To All My Past Relationships

“No regrets in life. Just Lessons learned.”

I just wanted to start off by letting you know that I’m okay, that I have always been okay and that I will always be okay. 421 more words


Word Vomit | Too Hopped Up on Drugs

So, 3 years ago I went through a pretty massive mental breakdown and despite the years of therapy I was in for my anxiety I made the choice I told myself I would never give in to — I got prescription drugs to help me cope with my sudden spike in anxiety because my marriage at the time was pretty much imploding on itself. 943 more words


On My New Normal, or Moving On After My Divorce

It has now been one year and eight months since shit began to hit the fan with my marriage.

Next month, it will be one year since my divorce was finalized. 591 more words


Mr. Right Isn't Mr. Wrong 2.0

Being that it’s Valentine’s season *barfs* XD , I feel compelled to write a post about what a lot of girls (including me) sometimes do when dating: holding on to our heartbreaking pasts. 750 more words


Break-up with Joel

In my previous post, I had linked to a past blog which I can not edit anymore (so it remains private for those not logged in). 526 more words


Touch Me Now

Confession time…

In some of my past relationships I’ve been told I’m way too clingy!

When I think of ‘clingy’, I conjure up images of constantly wanting to be with someone. 1,067 more words


When the Bubble Bursts: The truth about reconnecting with your First Love.

“I could feel my insides sink.
My knees too.
So I sat on the ground, against the wall, letting it support me.
I thought I knew what heartbreak felt like. 3,907 more words