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A letter to myself.

To whom this may concern,

Do not beat yourself up for Rosa, things did not turn out the way you thought they would. He didn’t do anything you didn’t expect him to, you are just disappointed because you called it and believed him instead. 672 more words

Self Love

Meant to be.

It’s been a whole month since I last write. So much has been built up that I was unable to get it all out and on paper. 846 more words

Self Love

Dreams for sale... and fairy tales...

I have this problem; every time I get hit with an insane amount of anxiety or have an anxiety attack I don’t talk. I don’t reach out for help. 311 more words



Today was the first time I haven’t smoked in over a week, which was really difficult to do. My mind hasn’t stopped racing and the thoughts are just outpouring. 1,232 more words

Self Love

I .h.a.t.e. you

Day Four. Still no contact and I’m starting to believe that I am better off without him. The aching wasn’t too bad today. I am learning to not expect anything from him which won’t bring me much disappointment. 1,143 more words

Self Love

72 hours.

72 hours in. My hatred has grown stronger and my love for this man has began to slowly disappear. Any time I think of the happy times or the love I feel for him, something inside me just turns it off and sets it on fire. 873 more words

Self Love