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#7 re-reading your poetry

here i am with your literature re-reading your poetry and no i don’t know the taste of alcohol

you’re the first – yes i’m stupidly young… 96 more words


#5 stings

There was always that feeling next to me, or at least hiding behind doors and walls as if it wasn’t there, following me places in the public, waiting for me to go to sleep late at night so that the warmth of your body that once touched my skin could once again for every night, ghost around me even when the waves of grief no longer come to me. 107 more words


On Depression, Anxiety and Mental Instability, or "What Are You Going To Do About Your Freak-Out Factor?"

This week at work, the entire company has been attending workshops in which we discuss our fears, insecurities, the way we handle issues, and how to improve upon them. 3,257 more words



Why do we have hope for useless things?

Past relationships,

Past occurrences,

As if to rethink the obvious

Would recreate that event – that feeling? 28 more words


On Body Image, Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Disordered Eating

TW: Talk about anorexic tendencies

My parents are amazing. They’re full of unconditional love, supportive, and well meaning in every way.

But, for pretty much as long as I can remember, I’ve heard them say the words “Be careful with what you eat, you don’t want to end up like us.” 2,965 more words


because rant. (mature language)

I’m going to stop bothering your ass

Because you probably don’t want anything to do

With me

And that’s cool because

I figure that

I’ve always the overly… 153 more words


On Melancholy and Healing, or How Some Superhero Socks Sent Me Spiraling Today


Feelings are weird.

I’m just beginning to get used to having them again.

For years while I was on the antidepressant/anti-anxiety drug Lexapro, I felt my feelings began to gradually deaden until I had none. 1,064 more words