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On Comparing and Contrasting Dating Men and Women, or Men are Assholes and Women Are Crazy

I’ll couch this post in several warnings/qualifiers:
In this post, I’m going to discuss my experiences and observations regarding dating men and women. I’m going to limit it to cisgender (a person whose self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex) partners. 1,834 more words

Gender Identity

Exs and Dogs

Mocha was my ex-husband and I very first fur baby. She really was our baby, a beautiful grey and white husky with the most gorgeous sympathetic brown eyes. 286 more words


Blessings and Lessons, Old and New mistakes

Being spared a new mistake
Two posts ago I talked about saving the details about one guy I met for later. Now is later. The truth is I thought that by now I would have some very interesting juicy story to tell you, but I don’t. 930 more words

Daily Life

Repost: Unsent

Do you remember the Alanis Morissette song “Unsent”? I love the song – but I love the video even more…if you don’t remember it, please take a look at it and really watch it: 793 more words

Awesome Stuff

On Transitions and Transformation, or How A Song In The Dentist's Office Made Me Contemplate My Life and Mortality

Dude. This has been A Year.

Exactly one year ago, I was packing up for my summer job, preparing to leave my new wife for my fourth summer away from her, once again sad that I hadn’t ever celebrated my birthday with her. 914 more words


#7 re-reading your poetry

here i am with your literature re-reading your poetry and no i don’t know the taste of alcohol

you’re the first – yes i’m stupidly young… 96 more words


#5 stings

There was always that feeling next to me, or at least hiding behind doors and walls as if it wasn’t there, following me places in the public, waiting for me to go to sleep late at night so that the warmth of your body that once touched my skin could once again for every night, ghost around me even when the waves of grief no longer come to me. 107 more words