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IDFWU: When You Know You Are Over Your Ex

Have you ever been through a break-up that made you question if you will EVER be able to get over it? With your childish mind, you sat in your bedroom crying and isolating yourself from the world because you thought it was the end of the world? 206 more words


past relationships: Alex (and Amanda) (part 3)

I ended part 2 with my new lover Alex letting me know that he and his other (previously long-distance, but shortly moving to his town) lover Amanda decided to have a primary relationship with each other. 2,061 more words

Personal Polyamory

Why I don't want answers

A lot of my friends here at school keep telling me I need to ask for answers from my ex- fiancé who recently cheated on me.. 426 more words

Breaking Up

past relationships: Alex (and Amanda) (part 2)

Part One ended with Alex, my new-ish lover, heading out of town for a business conference where he’d be spending time with a previous lover, Amanda. 2,274 more words

Personal Polyamory

past relationships: Alex (and Amanda) (part 1)

In my recap of Chapter Two of More Than Two, I mention having the experience of someone(s) trying to fit me into a box. That turned out to be a really important poly relationship experience for me, as it showed me so many things that I never wanted to happen again in a polyamorous relationship (or really, any relationship). 2,323 more words

Personal Polyamory

14 Years and Gone

Let’s talk childhood friendships and fear.

I’m all for friendships, relationships, and the whole nine yards, but, God, when things fall apart, they fall hard. 269 more words


The first time we could be together {A condo story}

Synopsis: A coming of age story of a young woman getting her first place. Why did she get it? To be with her lover? To strike out on her own? 1,192 more words