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A Beautiful Lesson and Nothing More

For the one who made me stronger.

Lost my self when finding a way to forever and ever,
trying to mend everything else when theĀ heart body and soul falter. 72 more words

02. Love

Thinking about you now just bringsĀ pain
It’s as if whenever a memory you comes across my mind,
A tiny string tugs at my heart, begging it to break… 67 more words


Why You Felt Like Home (And Why I Moved Out)

Building a love from the ground up:

I first fell in love with the land. The way you were at first sight (your awkward presence, the sensitivity that made you so different). 310 more words

A Series Of Men I Was Unable To Fix

1. The horribly self-indulgent narcissist I dated before I was old enough to buy a lottery ticket who admitted to me once that he thought manipulating people was fun. 413 more words

It's Called "Rear-view Living"

I’ve seen it in my own life. I’ve seen it in others’ lives. Why do I keep getting in bad relationships? Why do I keep choosing druggies, abusers, violent men, etc? 481 more words

Past Relationships

To The Guy Who Came Back After Breaking My Heart

I did not see it coming yet I always felt like waiting – waiting for someone I didn’t exactly know.

It has been more than a year and thousands of words have already been written after you; or maybe after us, if there has really been an “us”. 391 more words


“Shams”, the arabic word for sun. (Pronounced Sham-ss)

The sun smiles down at me and I frown back. The air is fresh but it feels like my lungs have collapsed as nostalgia firmly wraps around my respiratory tract. 80 more words