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I check on her on occasion.

I broke up with my ex a little over eight months ago and haven’t talked to her in seven months. I have blocked her on every social media platform except Twitter for a very specific reason. 212 more words

Doesn't it feel good...

…When your mind goes completely blank on an ex’s name?

Single In A Small City

Take A Look At Your Last Love Before You Try Your Next

Learning to love again is a process. Learning to forgive yourself takes time. That’s why sometimes that next love doesn’t always feel like you’re falling, like all the others did. 405 more words

Relating to Music...

So today I was driving down the road in this company van that had a popular radio station on from the previous occupant when this song came on: Kesha- Praying. 558 more words

A Series Of People I Had To Learn To Let Go

1. The best-friend who stopped talking to me after her cooler friends who taught her how to straighten her hair deemed me unworthy to sit in the back five seats of the bus with them. 395 more words

The Past Catches Up With You...

The past catches up with you no matter how far you run. That could be a bad thing but it could also be a good thing. 716 more words


Ghost Of You

I keep seeing ghost of you,
Everywhere I turn–
Part of me hates it,
Part wishes I would learn.

They’re just faces in the crowd… 41 more words