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i’ve realized that i’ve produced myself a space-bubble. i didn’t think i did such… but apparently i have one. i’m analyzing myself and seeing myself outside of the box and noticing i don’t want to be in any closed, well, box. 458 more words

12 Ways To Get Over Your Ex

Life doesn’t end just because your relationship does

By: Jennifer Weeks

The ending to a relationship is always the worst. It can be quite painful and hard to do if you were in a long relationship. 652 more words

Sex And Relationships

Thank You For Loving Me The Way You Did

It’s been years since we both separated ways. So many things have changed. I’ve met so many new people, went to so many new places and gone through so many happy and sad days. 550 more words

analyzing won't get you anywhere

you know, it’s a little disconcerting to get told on my blog that someone was looking for my old blogspot one. so who found my blog and tried to look for it on there? 208 more words

For 12 years, I waited...

I took a Disney solo trip yesterday, the first time in two years! It’s crazy to notice how much my life has changed in the last two years, in the last 3 years, in the last 4 years. 1,018 more words


The feeling of finally belonging.

I spent many years of my life not knowing where I belonged. I never really had a great social life with any circle of friends. Yeah, I had friends but we never really went anywhere. 709 more words

I Miss Who I Was With You, But I've Reached The Point Where I Wouldn't Go Back Even If I Could

I saw an old picture of us today and I couldn’t help but wonder if we could have seen any of this coming. If we could have watched it all go up in flames, would we have fetched some more wood for the fire? 748 more words