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This is me stereotyping us

I remember this one field trip in elementary school when my mom was the chaperoning my classmates and I to the Seodaemun Prison. I got to hear about all different types of tortures that the Japanese inflicted on Korean activists when they occupied Korea. 867 more words

Beginnings (Pt 2)

13 January 2017


Darling Elinor,

I am sorry this letter is a few days later than I would have liked. As you know, I have been traveling from one place to another these past few weeks. 416 more words

Don't Think You Can Come Crawling Back To Me When You're Lonely

That’s all it took.

A couple minutes together with you due to a random bump to bring back a flood of memories that I wondered if were reeling through your mind as rapidly as they were reeling through mine. 686 more words

Weights and Measures

                                    By E.R. Smith

I saw the weights and measures in her eyes as she gave a gift to a child,

Slightly holding up a smile, eyes bright… 171 more words

Life Long Learning

Why I'm Obsessed with Truth

Looking back at my first marriage, there is one thing that makes me want to beat the snot out of my ex every time I think about it (besides the obvious things like being a pedophile or what he might have done to my son)… and that is that he’s told people that I cheated on him. 794 more words

Like | Love | In Love

The difference between “like”, “love” and “in love” is the same as the difference between “for now”, “for a while” and “forever”.

My “like” and… 773 more words

When You See Them Again

We all those who have loved at least once have faced this. I am not talking about the rush or the heart break or the void we face, because that is what is talked about most of the time. 405 more words