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Fungi in the pool

I see your lips shaping to call out my name.

I’m already looking down. The pool

beneath my feet turns acid, acrid memories rising

to curl, choking, around my throat. 60 more words


Are our exes a blessing or a lesson?

I’ve been feeling sick lately sneezing and running nose… And there are in moments of physical weakness that my emotional strength starts to crumble.
And there I was on a Wednesday night around midnight congested nose and body ache. 1,952 more words

Loved & Lost: This Week on The Dream Network

I usually really enjoy my dreams, Modern Philosophers.

Often times, they are the best part of my day, and waking up from them makes me wish I could live in my subconscious, rather than in reality. 790 more words


Five lessons I've learned from past relationships

1. People are not possessions.

Yes, both of you made a promise to be committed to each other, or to date exclusively, but it doesn’t mean that you own your partner. 432 more words


A rebellion in the Nursery

The fast sky shakes itself against the horizon
Clouds standing still outside the rainy motel
The spill of centuries I here hold, my separate place… 73 more words


Open-Wounded Relationships

Every heartbreak leaves an internal wound on our bodies and many of us don’t take the proper time to heal because we either jump into another relationship hoping to be rescued from the pain or we just numb our pain until someone new comes along. 389 more words

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