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A Timely Thanksgiving

I wanted to take some time to compile a list of the things I can give thanks for in the past, present and even future. A recurring truth that regularly crosses my mind is that even in the difficult moments, days, weeks or months, God hasn’t changed one bit. 1,809 more words


Back to the future......Always have...Always will....

There’s some new old things coming back…..Don’t know how, don’t care…….As long as they are here to stay….everything is just perfect….

Sometimes…Karma can be a real bitch……but no….she”s not….she just give you back what you give to others. 278 more words


One Different Decision

One Different Decision
By Bernadette A. Moyer

When I think about all the decisions we make in a day in a year and in a lifetime my head just wants to spin right off my head! 515 more words

like you

It’s been awhile

and I embarrassed myself

and I wish I could take it all back

I don’t know what brought you

back to mind… 108 more words


Of Memories Old

Supine I lay here reminiscing the old

So many memories that have been in the cold

Brilliant flashes of light bring forth the untold

There were many shy memories that had to be cajoled… 39 more words


Palms and Parking Lots

We were perfect once,
in history,
in memory,
in photographic proof
of when love was
more than words and letters,
more than buttons and screens. … 65 more words