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I am speaking to Miss Kemi, also known as Kay Riley, you are the founder of That Woman Is You.All I know is that this movement, organisation, I don’t know what you would call it (laughs), is about women, so what is That Woman Is You? 1,202 more words


Live For Tomorrow, Not For Yesterday

Regret is something we all experience. Every action we take in life, every decision we make, is like a tree with endless branches. Each word we say and choice we make travels our life down one branch, and then down another, and another. 560 more words


Back to School

Last year, I met up with my friend Misty at the school we attended when we were kids. Sadly, it’s not a school anymore. It’s just a few empty buildings on the side of the road. 688 more words


Be the Song

Him: the only thing that’s difficult about you, is when you shut down. You cocoon yourself and you don’t let anyone in. that’s hard. not because I feel like I’m losing you, but because I know there is nothing I can do to help you.

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Self Love


                                              THE NEW AND THE FAMILIAR

                                                                                   -Yugika Mital

The taste of independence is addicting. You take responsibility, sometimes you stumble but sometimes you also make yourself proud. 762 more words


2. Back Story

5 years ago…

Saarthak was pursuing psychology, then. It was his last year and last semester. He knew where he was going to go after that. 2,981 more words