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Day 102 | Ex-Basketball Player by John Updike

Ex-Basketball Player
John Updike

Pearl Avenue runs past the high-school lot,

Bends with the trolley tracks, and stops, cut off

Before it has a chance to go two blocks, 222 more words


An intermission of self-explanatory torment

The fight continues; not as some gross close-up of flailing limbs, but as the calm and steady distanced cloud in an almost clear sky. The vague sounds of battle and carnage filter out into the background as our eyes focus on the speed of occurrences. 1,259 more words

Flow and Embers

Memories come and go

Like ebbs and flows at sea

Some emerge from

The ocean of darkness

Regrets of past moments;

Stars that broke and… 32 more words


Refusing to sink.

I actually owe you guys an apology. A couple posts ago I said my biggest fear was rejection. Well, while I am sitting here finishing my midterms I realize that that isn’t 110% true. 437 more words


if I had only known at 15

Dear you,

At fifteen, I felt as if I ran the world. I was learning how to drive and maneuver the roads while still struggling to find my way around the high school. 562 more words


Whenever I look at the time,
I add three hours
just so I know
if you might be
waking up
or eating lunch
or attending… 138 more words