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The film remakes: a view on the past

Andrea Balart ( @andreaabc18)

Recycling the past is the ultimate new trend. People wear clothes from old times such as wide leg pants or choker necklaces and collect all kind of antiquities as polaroid cameras, typewriters and vinyl disks. 753 more words

let's black out the bad

A difficult part of recovery that has been a pain point for me has been how to handle drinking – particularly in social situations. I – much like others who suffer with bipolar or other mental illness – spent many years turning to self-medication via alcohol. 484 more words


Found Something...

I was going through some of the stuff on my desk today and found a poem I wrote at 13 years of age that was published, with some other classmates, in one of those national anthologies for young poets books.  325 more words

Growing Up in Compton

Let me start off by saying that living in Compton is not as bad as it sounds. I’m sure many people hear all these stories of how ghetto it is, dangerous or what not but the way I see it, any place you go to has that possibility of it being unsafe. 1,150 more words


Pray & Prey

All the #churchtoo hash tags on my Twitter feed reminded me of a fellow youth group member in college who could classify as a preditor. 1,326 more words

How I Found Self-Love: My Adoption Story and Past Trauma

This is my first video that’s an introduction on the impact of adoption, specifically how it affects the adoptee. I talk about how my early, initial experiences as an abandoned orphan have affected how I interact with the people in my life and how I perceive the world. 184 more words

Nobody’s Perfect.... Especially Me

I have been agonizing over the last week and a half on how to start this journey and what keeps being laid on my heart is I have to start with my story. 2,577 more words