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Between you and me

Somewhere in my mind

Between you and me

Are my trust issues

Courtesy of his betrayal



I have a really bad habit of saying I’m going to do something, or hell I even start it, and I fall through with it. Here’s hoping if I make a list and post it public I’ll hold myself to these things. 771 more words

Best Of Lauren

stand up eight

I guess you could say that I’d been working the past five years on my education to lead up to this past afternoon. I thought things were actually looking up for me for the first time in the past nine months. 498 more words

Best Of Lauren

My Stroke of Insight - Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D.

This Ted Talk is near and dear to me as Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s book (of the same name) played a large role during my own recovery.  161 more words


Anzac 1

The loose metal road climbs
up from the bay.
A walk in the park was a
walk through the past today.

Memory, as a whole, is a… 161 more words

Take a long hard look 😊😊💙By Diana M JORDAN 💙

Today’s blog is short. I am blessed . I look in the past and praise God . Look around and thank God . Look forward and worship God for giving me grace when I didn’t earn it and mercy when I don’t deserve it. 61 more words

Quicksand Memories

She tiptoes on broken memories, but laughs when she almosts falls through them. A game of the most precarious balance but the reaching swamp of ink doesn’t quite scare her anymore. 140 more words