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An old tree

I have been thinking a lot about trees lately. In our backyard we have a massive old oak, probably 60 to 70 years old. It dominates our yard with a wide canopy casting shade, towering over all of the other trees in the vicinity. 765 more words



She doesn’t care to understand

That I am no longer the same man

That committed the atrocities of the past

What a sad world we would live in… 46 more words

The Governor Journals

On her first day on the job, she noticed that the two grandfather clocks she could not try to locate yet could hear chime throughout each corner of the house were both too slow. 926 more words



With a sickening squelch I pulled myself free

Letting the remains of that which had engulfed me

Fall heavily    and shatter

Into delicate fragments

Plinking and pattering… 66 more words


Word Sprint #5

(Parameters: 6 paragraphs 3/3, Random scenario generator: “Two families having a picnic, one 50 years in the past and one 50 years in the future”) 662 more words


Past, Present, and Future...

Far too many believe they cannot overcome their past. The mistakes and, at times, successes experienced tend to consume the whole of one’s focus.

When this happens, we are blinded to a better way of moving forward, because we cannot think about anything but the past. 46 more words

Back when we were younger.....

I can’t help rolling my eyes when someone older than me begins a sentence with, “Back when we were younger…..” I roll my eyes because I know that sentence is going to end with a comparison of today and yesterday as if the contexts are the same and as if then was far far better than now. 1,013 more words