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barefoot days

Daisy chains around our necks and crowns of winterberries
You, the king, and I, the pauper, in this old love story

In grasses gold and meadows old, we laughed and danced and played… 181 more words


Talk About Yourself

This is an assignment I made for my english class.

Ana Guerreiro


Inglês Mestria

“Based off of the activity today, tell me about yourself, your upbringing, your history, your past, your present, your family, and your relationship with the English Language. 1,311 more words


Green Grass

Past days are dust

Grey smokey remnants of a

Time that was and

Is no more and fire

Fades from my view

As I focus on a sharp… 9 more words


Would Things Be Different?

Going to my friends’ show on Thursday really made me miss being creative. I used to do drama in GCSE and it was my best grade along with maths. 302 more words

Change it up!!!!!.........

Don’t allow the residue of the past to stain your future. Get over what you’ve been through.

It was to make you better, not bitter!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Essence of Water

There are a lot of days, especially since the start of the Spring 17 semester, that I get to the end of my day and wonder what the hell just happened. 716 more words


The snow was gray

Even as it fell

Ashen snowflakes settling

With the rusty peals of dusty bells

Gargoyles leering, the spires towered over me… 131 more words