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On Our Way to a Good Batch ID

Buwis-buhay. Pabida. Ma-drama.

That’s it. These are the factors to be considered the best batch ID ever made as part of our department’s celebration of science week.

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Random Thoughts

Who I Ought to Be

There’s a new poem at the website today. Please join me there to read it. Just click HERE.


Who I am not

His anger flares up
(passion is better
than apathy)
And you convince yourself
Your love can heal him
(purpose is better
than boredom) 103 more words


Past Life

If the theory of souls being reborn were true, have you ever wondered who you would’ve been?

If souls were reborn, I don’t know who exactly I would have been but I have an idea of what type of person I could have been. 270 more words


Past Poetry - One Hour

Sometimes feelings are so intense within us that our energy becomes almost tangible. People regularly say things like ‘the air was thick with tension’ or ‘you could… 183 more words


The Black Poem

by David Pine

If you saw this face
would you recognize me?

With your eyes closed
would you know it was me?


So much time has passed…

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the past.. the memories..

Aku mengenalnya sejak lima tahun silam…

Sesosok lelaki sederhana, yang selalu menebar tawa dibalik dukanya. Mulai dari sana cerita itu berawal, aku mengaguminya..

Mengenalnya ibarat sebuah anugrah yang tak pernah tergantikan. 135 more words