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To: The One That Wasn't Meant To Be

It has been five months since we last saw each other. Two months since we broke up.

Yesterday, you told me you’re dating someone new. 530 more words


The Shift

I’ve read portions of the Motorcycle Diaries.

I remember the part where Ernesto Guevara was with his sweetheart and contemplating whether to stay with her or continue on with his journey. 514 more words

A young soul’s thoughts on love

“Sometimes love just crumbles, and sends you hurdling into a life of despair, which is what you try to run from. So love can be a good or a bad thing.

653 more words


What comes to mind when you hear the word “babies”? Their infectious giggle? The way it feels when a baby holds your finger? Their cute chubbiness?   753 more words


Past to New

Lurking shadows

Never cease to put tiny eggs of fear upon my spine

And the unlit sky screams

And reach for any glimpse of light… 101 more words

Anonymous Hope

What you hear here, when you leave here, let it stay here. Here here.

The words ring in my head after every meeting. I know that I can leave confidently knowing that the struggles that I’ve shared with these people will never pass through their lips into another’s ear, shooting around town like a pig-headed cop. 286 more words



So spiteful a lord is Past
Who keeps our fondest memories buried
Yet our most dreadful mistakes ever blossoming.