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Reading, Learning, Advances, and Hope

Ever since I changed medications back in March I gradually started reading more.  For several months before I changed my psych medications I had little interest in reading.   810 more words


Looking Back I See

Thinking back again,
to images in my past.
Desperate situations,
only You could grasp.

I made a mess of things,
peering at the edge.
You always found a way, 29 more words



Here is your chance to – throw away everything that you’ve ever known. There will come a time in life where everything that you’ve ever known will no longer make sense. 40 more words


He had your eyes.
Didn’t help he was about the same height.

Everything came rushing back to me.

Except you.

I’ve lied and told myself I’m ok without answers. 8 more words

never look back

Never look back

or you will turn into a pillar of salt

and your beloved will perish

Never look back

or you will see a face… 48 more words

It was Different.. Unexpected yet not surprising.. We knew it would happen one day.. Where all of the strength we’ve earned would be tested. We thought we’d be prepared for it and to a certain degree we were. 178 more words

Hot Cocoa Hump Day

I’ve just stirred half a packet of hot cocoa mix into the mug of hot water that is now too hot to drink and I stare, waiting, as it emanates warmth onto my arms- reaching around the mug to type in data and reconfigure spreadsheets. 56 more words