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Poem of the Day for May 28, 2016

The Past

The debt is paid,
The verdict said,
The Furies laid,
The plague is stayed.
All fortunes made;
Turn the key and bolt the door, 86 more words

My First Set of Horns

Does the past come first or does the future?

Are we all backwards of what we were?

Does the past come first, or does the future? 117 more words

Reflecting: It's Avoided For A Reason 

Today, I’ve been in a reflective mood. As necessary as they are, days like this are always very difficult for me. Reflecting requires you to not only look back on your life, but also to where you’re headed – both of which are very complicated and not even in the first few hundred of my favorite subjects to think about. 679 more words


Roaming under the infinity of stars

I noticed we are all stardust and gas,

Composing and decomposing

that came together to decompose so fast.

Past, Present, Future?

Perhaps we shan’t be reminded of our not so distant past? 40 more words



In my perpetually single days, I used to believe I’d make an amazing girlfriend.¬† I had the logistics down. I was funny, caring, non possessive, could cook, secure, clever and could talk to anymore. 1,448 more words


The memory biopsy

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The Professor is scheduled for a brain biopsy the next day. The nurse exits his room and wishes him good evening, leaving the slight man standing against the full glass windows, staring out at the surrounding office towers and low-rise houses. 1,014 more words

Current Affairs

Head Of Discipline

On 24th May, my school held the Annual Student Council Investiture. The investiture is a ceremony where the old batch officially hands over their responsibilities to the new batch. 556 more words