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❥ deux

She, who was used to warm smiles on sunny days, never knew of winter snow.

It was a chilly night, so cold it made her curl into a ball in the corner of her room, haunted by a strange feeling of emptiness. 123 more words


Dates with a Sociopath

AS I lay here in my bed, I slowly acknowledge the chain of events which have led me into being person I am today. To say that one event had led me into being a distasteful person would be a lie, in fact for most people it’ll never be  291 more words

Sexuality Part Trois

So after my previous two posts on sexuality, I thought I’d better finish the story here with tales of my failed sexual exploits with transgender people. 803 more words


Sexuality Part Deux

Brett Anderson, the frontman with indie-rockers Suede, once famously said that he was a “bisexual who’s never had a homosexual experience”.

This was about 20 years ago, if not more, and I have no idea if he’s popped his boy-cherry yet. 509 more words


"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

“An astronaut!” eight-year-old me (pictured) would have told you…

… Or that I’d be a fire fighter, an inventor, a scientist, or a writer…

And I was at least partially right – I… 447 more words

Daily Blog

Masochistic Heart

My heart likes to tear itself into pieces
though I’m not sure where it learned that habit
it seems to search for anything that has… 133 more words


…the cherry season comes.

The autumn soul is fleeting-
a lonely ghost who sings
of past and future meeting-
duet made of ten strings.

The wind blows even swifter, 113 more words