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​”Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” -Robert Frost


Emenating words of caliginity, expending,

Assauging, a face of splendour unmasked.

84 more words

Can I just be broken for now? 

When emotions feel like obstacles… All I ever do is ignore how I feel and keep going. Always putting others ahead of my feelings because I’m so terrified that no one will like me if I do. 346 more words


Time Machine

You must be a time machine !
How else can you do it ?
The way you turn
my hard fiery days
into soothing nights… 131 more words


Teeth Clack Prayer (Poem)

My little soft bullet is tucked between my lip and gum
Sucking the brass off it, sucking the powder out. Unburned

Saltpeter. Young, when first was I reversed, “old soul” 116 more words


Dreams remind me...Like I really need to be reminded!

My life, almost 45 years of it, like anyone else, has been difficult. I know we are not supposed to look back. Learn from it and move on. 306 more words

Portraying : An Ideal Land

The land of peace, the Land of love

Valley of hope, house of valour

Luxuriant happiness, unbounded care


Alighted from heaven, cascades of Love

Cool breeze, calm trees, sweet water… 35 more words

Random Thoughts

Only names

I heard they would go there

the people in love, i mean

there was an abandoned amphitheater

just outside the town

a big wall at the back… 176 more words