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Spaghetti Demo

I found the perfect gift to give Cyndie for Christmas: a kitchen pasta making machine. Last night, our friend and neighbor, George Walker invited us over for dinner and demonstrated how to make spaghetti noodles from scratch. 244 more words


Fresh tagliatelle with salmon, crème fraîche and dill

It is tradition that every Christmas, Nonna (my Mum’s mum) and the girls in the family set aside a day for anolini making. Anolini are little filled pasta that are served in broth that we eat as a starter on Christmas day. 1,125 more words


Lucy, Ethel and the Omega Juicer

If that familiar scene from I Love Lucy, the one where Lucy and Ethel struggle to keep up with a speeding conveyor belt while wrapping chocolates in a candy factory, is your idea of a great date night – then you’ll love making pasta with an Omega Juicer. 383 more words


Fulfilling dreams

We dream big dreams, and we dream quiet whispers together as we sit after the kids have finally gone to bed. We talk about the rows and rows of fruit trees we’d plant, we discuss the virtues of having a sheep (I don’t eat lamb and I cant see either of us getting in to shearing at any point, so maybe a goat? 764 more words

Byford House

Pasta-making in Perugia

Eight whole months into my year in Italy and I finally learned how to make pasta!!

Having been taking cooking classes herself, Ellie promised me the next time I went to visit she would teach me all she knew in the art of making pasta from scratch. 129 more words


Dinner Party Style Starter: Pea Soup, Mushroom Ravioli, Crispy Bacon & Parmigiano-Reggiano!

This is quite a long recipe including the pasta making time. BUT it is so worth it! It’s a dish you can totally show off with! 491 more words


Making Pasta for the First Time

For Christmas I got a shiny new pasta maker. I’ve wanted to have a go at making my own pasta for a while. I’m a fairly competent cook, however what I hadn’t factored into my pasta adventure was just how bad I am with any kind of machinery above the level of a wooden spoon. 535 more words