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Dinner Party Style Starter: Pea Soup, Mushroom Ravioli, Crispy Bacon & Parmigiano-Reggiano!

This is quite a long recipe including the pasta making time. BUT it is so worth it! It’s a dish you can totally show off with! 491 more words


Making Pasta for the First Time

For Christmas I got a shiny new pasta maker. I’ve wanted to have a go at making my own pasta for a while. I’m a fairly competent cook, however what I hadn’t factored into my pasta adventure was just how bad I am with any kind of machinery above the level of a wooden spoon. 535 more words


Homemade Pasta (and a DIY pasta drying rack)

While we were in Italy (photos later this week, if you want to see!), I was looking for something souvenir-like to take home with me. I’m a big proponent of souvenirs being beautiful, useful and/or locally handcrafted. 487 more words


It was inevitable.....

she just had to make her own pasta from scratch….a while back she found the machine at the back of the corner cabinet….the very same machine dh and I bought together all those years ago….we were gifted Liberty’s vouchers as a wedding present and we spent it on the pasta maker and a couscoussier….the pot is used very regularly but the pasta gadget has been hiding for a very loooooooooooooong time….anyways , dd14 just has to have a go at almost everything …and why not? 155 more words

Cooking Pasta

Making Your Own Pasta: Seafood Ravioli with Browned Butter-Caper Sauce

by Steve Dunn

How many of you have ever made your own pasta?

I know it can seem a bit daunting, and with high-quality dried and fresh pastas available everywhere these days, many of us can’t be bothered with making it from scratch. 1,677 more words