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Ravioli for Lunch

Mama (mother-in-law) and I decided to eat our lunch for today outside since the housemaid was out for almost a week now and pretty much we wanted to treat ourselves for working around the house and helping each other to survive each day of household chores. 206 more words


homemade cold noodle salad

shot by: Joyce Wong (ms_jwong)
this recipe came about quite unexpectedly. i had leftover egg noodles and didn’t know what to do with them! 448 more words

Lamb, Mushroom and Silver-beet Lasagna

When I first thought of this meal a couple of days ago, I imagined myself lovingly making the lasagna sheets from scratch. This was a rather ambitious dream, especially on a work day, so instead I stopped into the supermarket on the way home and bought some ready-made fresh lasagna. 381 more words


Fettuccine cu sparanghel și roșii cherry

Fettuccine delicioase și ușor de făcut, light, cu arome de vară. În 10 minute le aveți pe masă! Eu le-am pregătit pentru cină și ne-au plăcut mult.

135 more words

Soup Weather <3

Yup! Rainy season is already here and what better comfort food could satisfy my craving stomach than a warm and homey soup. 16 more words


Maggie and Stephanies cooking Tutorial- Pasta making

I have just uploaded the first of a few cooking tutorials for pasta making to go alongside my cookbook, The Real Food for kids cookbook. I know I learn things heaps easier by watching rather than reading instructions! 113 more words


Orzo Summer Salad

I was in France this time two weeks ago. Well, given the time difference, that would require more math than I’m up for, but I was in France recently, which is part of what inspired this dish. 528 more words