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The Pastel Process

Let’s talk pastel today! I remember the first drawing class I had where we had to pull out these messy little pieces of chalk. “Pastel is pretty much just mark making.” My teacher told us. 960 more words


Nearly there with the new designs...

You might remember this from a few weeks back:

Well, I’ve all but finished a new set of 14 knobs with cup cake and macaron designs. 91 more words

River Meets Sea

River meets Sea.  8×8 Pastel on sanded paper.  Jenner, CA.

Order an 8×10 archival print for $35.00 plus tax and postage.  Popsart70@gmail.com.

Pastel Painting

Swinging at Seaside

12×16 Pastel on textured pastel paper.  Girls swinging at Seaside, Oregon.

Pastel Art

Warbird in Shadow

8×10 Pastel on sanded paper.  Warbird drawn freestyle, not by grid….not exact to scale.

Pastel Painting

Authenticity of Australian paintings

Art is something which everyone is fond of, types and choices may vary to different individuals but the love and affection found for art, paintings or art pieces are mostly common to maximum crowd. 296 more words

Art Drawings