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Understanding Food Safety

After the trilogy of posts about understanding what happens to meat when you cook it in terms of juiciness, tenderness, succulence, flavor, and appearance… 1,809 more words


Evaluation of cotton waste, paper waste and jatropha cake for culture of Pleurotus sajor-caju under different pasteurization methods

James Chitamba, Marphios Shamuyarira, Farayi Dube, Nhamo Mudada, Stenly Mapurazi

Department of Agronomy, Midlands State University, P. Bag 9055, Gweru, Zimbabwe… 316 more words


Pasteurized Zombies: A Rabies Story

by chelsea schuyler

The Zombie Apocalypse Was SO 131 Years Ago

While an excess of movies and books have been preparing us to meet an inevitable zombie apocalypse, fear not. 1,205 more words

Nature Factoids

American Pharmacists Month Historical Pioneers: Louis Pasteur

Contributed by Kendra Hall, Class of 2019

Louis Pasteur was born in France in December of 1822 (“Louis Pasteur: The man who led the fight against germs,” 2016). 706 more words

University Of Charleston School Of Pharmacy

28th September - On This Day In History


551 BC Confucius (Chinese philosopher)


1895 Louis Pasteur (discoverer of pasteurization for dairy products)

On This Day:

1066 William The Conqueror lands in England to begin his invasion… 37 more words

Thank You--Gratitude-5--Great Inventors and Scientists

Do you ever wonder where we’d be if it weren’t for the great inventors and scientists that were present in our society at different times in history? 253 more words

Being Grateful

The gist of bottled juices

What’s all the hype about?

There’s been an enormous hype about consuming juices for its endless health benefits. Whether it’s for weight loss, detox program, pre/ post-workout drink, or simply for general well-being. 925 more words