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Why Organic Milk in the U.S. Last Longer than Regular Milk?

Milk, for most adults, is more of a condiment than a main attraction: half-and-half in coffee, whole milk over cereal, and so on. Since you’re not guzzling glasses of milk like you did when you were 6, keeping it fresher for longer is in your best interest. 569 more words


Comparison of composting, storage and urea treatment for sanitising of faecal matter and manure by Björn Vinnerås


    • Vinnerås compares thermophilic composting of feces with bulking matter, treatment with a urea solution, and plain storage.  Also does some trials with composting in small (1 L) vacuum flasks that aren’t particularly conclusive.
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Urine Diversion

No Typhoid in O'Keefe's Beer, Montreal, 1906

La Presse 6 May 1906, page 27


Pas de Typhoide dans la bière O’Keefe

Toutes les bières O’Keefe sont absolument pures et hygiéniques.  On ne sert que du meilleur orge, du meilleur malt, meilleur houblon et de pure eau filtrée. 117 more words


Are you the Half that Should Avoid Dairy?

Fifty percent of the population has a food sensitivity to dairy. The other half have adapted and can enjoy it freely, though some forms of dairy can still be problematic for this population. 192 more words

Wendy Myers

Pasteurization: Flavour vs. storage

What is pasteurization? Pasteurizing beer is basically filtering the beer from the sediments that float in the beer and make it cloudier. There are people that are very against drinking a cloudy beer, but pasteurization also means removing some of the flavour that beer is meant to have. 425 more words

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Dairy Days!

Since some of the little goats are weaned, it’s time to start milking!

Here’s where it all starts!  These little goats are short, so I milk into a little stainless steel bowl, then transfer it to a mason jar for safe/clean keeping in the fridge, until it goes into a steel pan for pasteurization. 123 more words