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Kaala Karikaalan

As Rajinikanth fans anticipate the April 27th 2018 release of Kaala Karikaalan, the Koboi Project is glancing off the SUPERSTAR’s look for the movie. While as a fan, I relish the simple pleasure of ‘being’ the Thalaiva, as an artist,  I am cognizant of the aesthetic and critical connotations of my play.  187 more words

Enactments 2

when I don’t know what to do..I copy someone else…

Generally, where the lines bounce around inaccurately, searching for form, is when I enjoy the process, though in contrast to this the pastiche of Luti’s work, with its crosshatching and thickness of swirling lines, also gave me a sense of satisfaction. 333 more words

Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz

I’m not the biggest Sherlock Holmes fangirl, but when Anthony Horowitz came to the bookstore I work at, I figured I should pick out one of his books to read, and to break out of my reading comfort zone! 420 more words


The Mystery of Briony Lodge by David Bagchi

Say nothing of the dog…

:D :D :D :D :D

When a client turns up at Baker Street, she is accidentally shown to 221d by mistake – the room upstairs from the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. 813 more words

Book Review

The Pastiche Nature of Modern Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ latest single “Finesse” features a music video tribute to the 90s sketch comedy show In Living Color. Considering the song’s distinct early 90s Bobby Brown flavour, it’s a perfect match. 464 more words

Bruno Mars