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Song At The Kill

After Rudyard Kipling (specifically the Songs of the Chalk)

Cold breathes the packed-earth, crushed under-paw
Cold breathe the needles of the pine
Cold breathes the mountain-wind, scouring and raw… 73 more words



After Rudyard Kipling, surprisingly enough.

Oh I’ve hid with Picts in warpaint in the heather by the Wall
And I’ve marched with Roman legions down the muddy tracks of Gaul… 116 more words


Canto III: Virgil

After Dante’s Inferno, Canto III

At length I find thee, cowering in the dark
Thy vaunted skill subsumed by shudd’ring fear
A mortal soul, possessed of life’s own spark… 65 more words


Severed Heads ‘Aversion 2’

Had a listen to Severed Heads ‘Aversion 2’. It is a small release and had a pastiche feel where they turn what they call music of ‘rock gods’ into unrecognisable machine noise. 136 more words

The Royal Cold

Sing a song of sneezing

The Queen has got a cold

Four and twenty tissues

For a royal cold!

Could be even worse news

Phillip has it too. 95 more words


The Roadside Stand (Revisited)

My earnest dedication to my favorite poet, Robert Frost from whom I have borrowed the title of this poem.

Of all the amazing places I see… 207 more words