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Eternal Frankenstein read-a-thon #7 | Edward Morris

In the coming weeks, I will be reviewing the new Word Horde anthology Eternal Frankenstein, edited by Ross E. Lockhart. As was the case with my read-a-thon of… 555 more words

Book Review

Write an atmospheric study of somewhere you know well: Sandmount, Beara Peninsula, West Cork

The Ballad of Sandmount

There’s a boreen in old Beara, and my mammy lives nearby, it’s a little strip of heaven by the ocean, ‘neath the sky. 440 more words


Gonks Go Beat (1965)

The Sixties were so wild and funky that someone thought a psychedelic pop interpretation of Romeo and Juliet set in space would be just the thing. 60 more words


My Friend Holmes

For several years now, I’ve been writing regularly about Sherlock Holmes, more than I’ve ever written about anyone else. That means that he (and Irene Adler, the co-protagonist of my novels) lives in my brain in a way that few characters, if any, ever have. 443 more words

My Home is Heaven

I have to admit that I’m a home body…..completely! There’s only one place that truly makes me comfortable and that’s home! My home is my safe place…not that the world out there is anything to hide from……I’m just happiest at home! 397 more words

Second Life

"Nutshell" by Ian McEwan (2016)

+++ Originally published in Varsity on 29 September 2016 +++

Nutshell is a novel of filial love, murderous conspiracy, and comedic tragedy. But first and foremost it is a story told from a wonderfully weird perspective. 585 more words

Book Reviews

C.W Vrtacek - Just Like You

Could not resist posting another track from Charles O’Meara’s excellent Residents pastiche ‘Now Available’ (1983). Ribbing done from a place of love and respect and, apparently, the Fab Four loved it!