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Stopping for a whiz on a snowy evening - January 15

1.15.2017 Stopping for a whiz on a snowy evening

Whose woods are these I think

I know,

the owner’s not looking

so I can go… 80 more words


The Undiscovered Goddess - Michelle Colston

“Stylish but Shallow: The upside is you have great taste. The downside is you’re completely shallow.”

When Holly gets the above result from a Cosmo personality test, it somehow hits her harder than the hundreds she’s taken before.

341 more words


“What’s in a name?  that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
                                  ― William Shakespeare

The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony.

160 more words

Quarter's past



for limitless time

a kind of exchange

ideas about something unknown

a tube that carries blood

the act of passing something

continuing forever… 2,575 more words

Death by Peanut Butter - a short story (finally!!!)

I wrote this short story for school, based on the writings of Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock.  Leacock wrote a hilarious piece outlining the essential cliches of 19th-20th century serialized detective fiction.  825 more words

January's Record Club: NOTHING IS REAL

We kick off our 2017 sessions on Thursday 12th January with NOTHING IS REAL, a trip into the world of homage, parody, pastiche and pseudonyms. 208 more words


Anti-Fascism vs. Nostalgia in “Rogue One”

Thanks to my old high school friend, John F., for pointing this out to me. Great summary of why Rogue One may be the best Star Wars film yet. 211 more words