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Slow Saturdays-accomplishments

So last Sunday I did my first market with my shop Cthulhu Cat Cult. It was quiet but kids loved the shop logo and the little pieces of jewellery so this is something I can take on board. 192 more words


The Trump and the Wall

Deep in the Whitehouse,

A Trump in a hall

Is planning on building

A terrible wall!

Dividing a land,

Spreading fear and mistrust

Well there’s one word for you Trump… 30 more words


Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche 1560 Refined Storyboards

After testing the stop motion method of animation and deciding against it I was swayed into digitally animating it instead after watching Hide and Seek Malika Favre at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V0z89C2Dpg&t=37s 210 more words


Last Action Hero

Derided in its day, Last Action Hero is a surprisingly entertaining, if only moderately successful, pastiche parody of the action film genre. The film has so many hits, with relentless gags and jabs at the overdone, explosion-filled movies of that day, all directed expertly by John McTiernan whether it be a joke or a genuinely cool bit of action. 47 more words


In caffeinated praise of Dylan Thomas. Words from an exhausted English teacher, surviving on coffee, during morning break.


The thudding, bouncy-soled footfalls of the rabbly- boys are retreating.

Out of the hazy fug of Summer blooms and honeysweet funks of atomised scent go the bonny girls of the Year of Eleven- all  imbibed and annointed to ensnare the football-shod boyo’s! 166 more words


Reader Expectations.

I am aware that all readers have their own tastes and expectations when they choose a book. Many are die hard fans of their chosen genre and will consume every variation of their vampire sagas, romantic encounters or else stories about the flawed detective in police procedurals and crime novels. 292 more words