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Museum Island, Berlin

Me going in and making some of the classical statues in the museum more postmodern…

All these bloomin’ stairs.

Leave me alone unless you have more refreshments for me… 22 more words

Own Research

We All Have Heroes, and Models

Who were the writers you imitated (or imitate!) in your pastiche phase?

Much as I loved and read Andre Norton, I never seemed to do anything her style. 204 more words


The Incredible iDell Pastichery

…what can I say?  Green Ham wandered into Dellasaurus territory last Summer.  :-D  I couldn’t let that sort of thing go unanswered…  :-)

…but hey, at least I didn’t almost torch my Dellasaurus in the name of special effects…  :-D… 13 more words


#86 - Notes from the Underground: Introvert's Invective

Those of you self-certain, hear this hear this…

People are this way only because they have forgotten how ridiculous they really are. They have forgotten how brittle is their house of fictions, how contrived, how sodden with folly… 108 more words

Lyric Wax

And then the murders began.

Hi all!
And congratulations to President Tanatswa!

So, this was a little game we played in the other class, so I thought you might enjoy it too as we wind down to the end of our blogging for the term! 213 more words

English Language

Neo-Victorian Decadences (CFP 31st May, Conference 8th-9th September)

A two-day academic conference running from 8th to 9th September aims to refocus Neo-Victorian studies by considering reinterpretations and representations of nineteenth-century decadence in works from the Interwar period to the present day. 319 more words

Literary Events

Daedyn Appleton: 'Tarantino: Wishful History'

In my video essay I’ve aimed to first establish what pastiche is and to affirm through textual evidence Tarantino’s regular use of it. My intention is, on top of this, to construct an argument around how he uses these techniques and how this use may be tied to his work thematically in recent years.  843 more words