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Puzzles, part 2

Marley and Makyah,

my M & M grandies,

love wearing summer clothes,

despite outside freezing temperatures!

We chose one of ten puzzles left in

collection of brightly colored choices. 122 more words


Missing My Cue

I had a good time. It was awful, but I had a good time. The it in question was my performance at pool. I knew roughly how the game was supposed to be played. 19 more words


A Right Knit-Wit

Do grandmas still knit sweaters and such for their grandchildren ?

Well, this one does ………………….

(This will be a sweater for my new grandson, Samuel…… though its taking a while because of my damned carpal tunnel syndrome.) 

Killing Time Shouldn't Be Killing You.

Yes this is quite a dramatic title, but it is fitting for how I’m feeling today.

If I am bored, if I have spare time to fill – that I’m not using to nap! 767 more words


Cowboy Confidential - Old West Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

About Cowboys

They’re the guys with the thousand yard stare. The one with six-shooters in their holsters, a broad-brim hat on their heads and enough jagged iron in their guts to break down even the toughest steak. 2,069 more words

Top Ten List

My 50th Birthday

My big day! Fifty! Woot woot!







Back in August, I met someone! At a coffee shop! We struck up a scintillating conversation. 821 more words


My Fiftieth Birthday!

I made it! I am fifty! Woo hoo!

Yesterday afternoon darling daughter and I went back to Motifs on Commercial Street in Portland. To say I love this shop is an understatement. 140 more words