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So, what do your favorite $ale stars do when they have spare time?

Here’s Jim Perry playing air guitar.

Here’s David Gibbs working out.

Summer Bartholomew and Gregorio Gaviati have lunch without a table present.

And of course Friday is always tea time with Tina and Dara, where they debate the merits of Professional Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts as competitive sports.

Sale Of The Century

Team Trivia Winners!

Well, tonight darling daughter, Jordan, and I went to our local watering hole to play trivia, eat desserts, and reminisce about a wonderful week spent visiting together. 409 more words


Auction Action

Yesterday was a lovely spring day in Maryland. After a quick trip to downtown Annapolis for lunch and to see the sights with darling daughter and our honored guest, Jordan, I headed to the auction. 404 more words


Today’s Gem of Insight #142

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that chocolate is not so bad after all. Okay, so, in reality I have never had anything against chocolate – it has always done its own thing and so have I. 91 more words


M Street in Georgetown

Darling daughter has brought her friend, Jordan, back home to Maryland for a visit. It has been non stop laughs! A complete giggle fest. We drove from Massachusetts on Monday. 442 more words


The pleasures of age: an afternoon nap with snoring

For many a year I have been looking forward to this time of life: when an afternoon nap becomes irresistible. (One of the many pleasures of age, which I have been… 133 more words


Good Readings: The Hornblower Books

Due to my busy schedule at school, I do not find much time for free reading, much less fiction or novels. Now that I am at home, I decided to take some time to reread a book that I have not touched since my junior year oh high school. 171 more words