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Pub Quiz

Sadly I don’t think this team is going to win!  Ironically the third answer is arguably the closest to the correct response of “Brasilia”.  None of them were anywhere near the economists alternative answer of “$360Bn”, but then I doubt that would have scored points in the pub quiz anyway.

When we were kids, my cousins and I occasionally would speak song lyrics to one another, as though they were lines in our conversation.  There wasn’t much of a goal, besides turning songs into a conversation, but it was way fun.  

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Following in my father's footsteps

One of my father’s social pastimes when I was growing up in Barry, Wales was to play skittles. This single-alley sport is played in various social clubs and pubs in Britain. 419 more words


Some Math behind Shooting in Football

Ever wondered what it is exactly that football (soccer) coaches do? It has to be a bit more than telling a player like Lionel Messi to give 100% into every game. 1,219 more words


What do you do for fun?

Ah, the dreaded question. Let’s face it, unless you’ve got a decent amount of funds and not much in the way of responsibiliy, most people’s lives are as dull as fuck. 628 more words

My gallery of shame

This will be where I submit WIP’s (“work in progress” for those that are wondering) that haven’t actually progressed in a long while.

I’m hoping that the act of publicly shaming and outing myself as a slacker will spur me on to finishing the published items. 194 more words


5 past-times for an introvert

I have always been a very, very, shy, quiet, and awkward person. As a kid I was so shy that my mother used to worry about me when it came to high school, post-secondary, and “facing the real world”. 686 more words