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I MISS NY: Springtime in the City

I like living in Moscow. I really do. I love being close to my family, the beauty of the Kremlin at night, dill and sour cream with everything, Tretyakov Gallery on weekdays, the insane job that drives me absolutely insane, first and last shashlyk barbecue of the season at Kolomenskoye, horses, countryside, two weeks of crazy New Year’s festivities and so much more. 221 more words

Nature & Weather

My little reading list

As an avid reader, I’m never in short supply of books I want to read. Listed on my phone, and slotted away in the back of my mind, are pages upon pages of novels I one day want to read when I finally get the time. 784 more words


Pedantic Puzzling

I love doing jigsaw puzzles, especially 1000 piece plus jigsaws and I am especially partial to Gibsons puzzles. Having built many different makes of puzzle over the years, I have to say that in terms of quality, composition and customer service, Gibsons are second to none. 938 more words

.... On Family Life

Unstoppable Hobbies

Whenever my mom’s bored she likes to make playlists on Spotify. Sometimes she makes two or three at the same time. Before I saw it as a pastime that benefitted both of us but recently I’ve learned that she’s been doing this ever since she was a teenager. 559 more words


Blue skies in Beijing - again

Strange how “Blue Skies in Beijing” is not a headline. If you believe international reports, Beijing is constantly shrouded in impenetrable smog, like being inside a cigarette. 35 more words


The importance of reading

I was talking to a girl I work with recently about reading as a pastime. We had been discussing our plans for the weekend, and they couldn’t have been more different. 754 more words


My Prime 5 - favourite pastimes

As a busy parent, it’s sometimes hard to find 5 minutes to yourself, but when you do it’s nice to just sit back and relax, doing things YOU want to do for a change. 294 more words