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Random Thoughts on Preaching

Here are some of my random thoughts on preaching from my 34 years as a senior pastor.

1. Boring preaching is criminal. The most important and amazing message in history and you are going to make it sound boring? 359 more words

Lights, Camera, Action

The countdown begins. The band begins to play. A worship team skillfully sings the latest and greatest worship songs while those in the back flash lights and cue the smoke at just the right time. 530 more words

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350be9002659af6b088c78ca213f8b88My Featured Blogger this week is Matthew Winters of Honest Thoughts from a Pastor. Matthew is a warts-and-all guy. He's still young but, true to his blog's title, he honestly addresses his own failings and spiritual restoration. Here and elsewhere he bluntly but compassionately talks about life-changing faith vs. playing church in the midst of personal disintegration. But Matthew isn't a one-theme guy. He speaks with humor and enthusiasm on a wide range of other topics, as well, music holding a particularly special place in his heart.  Bottom Line: It's always good to hear Honest Thoughts from a Pastor.

Cannes 2019: return trips to the Reformed Church

This year, I was pleased to have been able to attend two Sunday services at the Reformed Church in Cannes, 7 rue Notre-Dame.

The name in French is no longer ‘Reformed’ because, those churches unified some time ago with the Lutheran churches in France to create L’Eglise Protestante Unie. 1,781 more words


Donetsk...9 Years Ago

Here’s an article from our friend Joe in Ukraine. It is reprinted here with permission. You can read Joe’s other article here.

As a missionary I am used to living in different cities, countries.  632 more words


Preaching Tips for Pastors, part 2

What is your sermon about?

Years ago, while serving as a youth pastor, I got the opportunity to preach at my church on a Sunday morning. 410 more words


“Did you know, Sasha cancelled the wedding. Her church pastor felt that the proposal isn’t god’s wish. She works as an engineer. Why doesn’t she her flaw?”

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Preserving Andrew Jones of Christ Community Church Blog Post called, "Dear Skeptic."

Andrew Jones is a pastor from the EFCA’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The actual campus he is on is the Leawood, Kansas location. 927 more words

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