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Is it the person or is it the organization?

Any church can have a pastor or pastoral staff member who fails morally. This is simply a sad reality. But when a church or religious organization has person after person in leadership positions with moral failures (some of them repeated moral failures), you eventually have to ask, “What is it about this church or this organization that breeds this type of behavior?” At some point the problem is not personal but systemic and institutional and the church has to address it as such.

Pastoral Ministry

Review:The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life

In The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life Jeremy Pierre addresses the role of the heart and affections in human experience. I know as a pastor it all to easy to think of dealing with people and their problems as something needing information with no consideration of what is going on in a persons heart. 292 more words

Book Reviews

The Gospel of Jesus in Jonah

What does Jonah have to do with Jesus? Here is one thought…

“The good news of the gospel is that Jesus has provided a way of salvation.

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How to Say “Thank You” to Your Pastor: Part 1

Do you know your pastor’s “appreciation language”? If you don’t, then you may not know how to best express your appreciation in a way which communicates your thanks to him/her. 1,037 more words

My Journey

Review: When Trouble Comes

Suffering is not optional in life and because of that we should be prepared to walk through suffering and to minister to those who are suffering. 401 more words

A Pastor for People Like Me

Contemporary Christianity in the U.S., especially of the megachurch variety, is a typically American phenomenon. As soon as it achieved some popular “success,” its leaders began to treat it as a product and to develop programs to enable the product to scale in the marketplace. 706 more words


Ten Book Recommendations for Pastor Appreciation 2016

Last year I posted a list of recommended books for Pastor Appreciation Month. Every pastor worth anything reads books, has books, and will be blessed by books. 166 more words