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“Many people will put up with anything in religion, if they may only have a quiet life. They have a morbid dread of what they call ‘controversy.’ They are filled with a morbid fear of what they style, in a vague way, ‘party spirit,’ though they never define clearly what party spirit is.

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Enjoying the Sweet Influences of the Spirit

Sometimes people speak as if the church is missing something when it doesn’t practice the extraordinary miraculous gifts we find in the New Testament. In saying that, they sometimes make it sound as if the Spirit’s work of sanctifying and transforming people is somewhat ordinary. 102 more words

Pastoral Ministry

“Many things combine to make the present inroad of false doctrine peculiarly dangerous.

  1. There is an undeniable zeal in some of the teachers of error: their ‘earnestness’ makes many think they must be right.
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Book Review: Lose, Love, Live

Lose, Love, Live: The Spiritual Gifts of Loss and Change by Dan Moseley, Upper Room Books, 2010, 140 pp.

I am using this book to start a Grief & Loss Support Group at my church, and this resource came highly recommended by a friend for that purpose. 630 more words

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Pastors Who Fight & Weep

There are lots of pastors who complain about the church, exploit the church, mislead the church, or betray the church, but few who do what… 151 more words

To the Preacher

“To the person that is to be set apart to the sacred work of the gospel ministry this day: Sir, I would now humbly and earnestly recommend to you that Holy Book which God is about to commit into your hands, as containing that message which you are to deliver to this people in his name. 293 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Brent's Story

It seemed like such a great idea.

Brent and Mario (not their real names), both in their late twenties, had been friends for the past fifteen years. 697 more words

Pastoral Ministry