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Empty chairs at empty tables

In one of the more somber scenes in Les Miserables, the character, Marius, sings of “empty chairs at empty tables.” He’s grieving because most of his revolutionary friends have just lost their lives in a failed attempt to overthrow the government. 809 more words

I Am Me

Who else would I be? I can’t help being me. Every morning I look in the mirror and see the same guy. Throughout the day that same person stares back at me in the mirror. 908 more words

Christian Life

Advice On Ministry For My Younger Self

One of my favorite podcasts is The Calling produced by Christianity Today. Every episode the host, Richard Clark, ends the interview with one question, “if you could go back in a time machine and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?” 788 more words

Bible Verses for Pastoral Visitation

An important aspect of pastoral ministry is that of visitation. Pastoral visitation will be done in a number of different contexts, but whatever the venue and whatever the situation, pastors need to be ready to minister the Word to those in need, especially when it comes to visiting and ministering to the sick. 267 more words

Pastoral Ministry

We Have it all Wrong

Our political views and our moral stand, our line not to cross and our freedom to partake; we all have assumed at one time or another that how far we are willing to go, the ideologies we follow and the rules we live by are in line with the perfection of the God we serve. 40 more words

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Anecdotally Speaking

It has been refreshing to attend the weekly assembly of believers without having to face a plethora of complaints (some legit). After 34 years of ministry, I now have the opportunity to encourage those who lead the local congregation I attend. 124 more words

Book of the Week: Kingdom Keys Deluxe Edition (4 Mini-Books in 1): Principles for Successful Christian Living

Four informative publications concerning successful Christian life and service. From the library of Abundant Truth Publishing:

Keys to Becoming a Worthy Christian: In this publication, we will discuss how to be a successful Christian. 68 more words