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Ministry Starts Where You Are

Over the years I have had the great joy to talk to young folks as they tell me of their call to ministry.  Often a young man, or woman, will come to my office and ask for a few minutes.  346 more words


The Me I Don't Want to Be

It seems like it’s often just assumed we should want to be who we were when we came out of our mother’s womb.

In other words, the idea that so often goes unquestioned, is that there’s this true, authentic self that is just who we are at the core that then somehow gets covered up by our cultures and other people’s opinions and desires for us that we must courageously seek to uncover and live out if we are going to be truly free and enjoy life as we are meant to enjoy it. 298 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Pulpit, Podium, Music Stand or Bistro Table

When you enter a church for worship, what piece of furniture do you expect to find on the elevated platform?  What you expect to find often speaks to what you believe about the importance and role of the preaching and teaching ministries in the local church. 970 more words


The Necessary Starting Point

“Hence, it appears that those schemes of religion or moral philosophy, that – however well in some respects they may treat of benevolence to mankind and other virtues depending on it, yet – have not a supreme regard to God, and love to him laid as the foundation, and all other virtues handled in a connection with this, and in subordination to it, are not true schemes of philosophy, but are fundamentally and essentially defective.”

J. Edwards

Pastoral Ministry

Everything Has Not Changed, Especially the Most Important Things

For the past several months, someone from our pastoral staff opened the Sunday services with what we call “the service introduction.” We’ve used this opening to set the stage for the service. 628 more words



One important reason to listen to a great mentor is because every good mentor must have passed through the path those who are coming behind are about to take. 414 more words