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Disagreement is Not Disloyalty

In reflecting on 7 lessons learned from 30+ years of pastoral ministry, Mark Altrogge hits a point that isn’t only relevant for pastors, but everyone. His point: … 184 more words

12 burdens pastors most frequently carry

Chuck Lawless, Professor of Evangelism and Missions, and Dean of the Graduate School at Southeastern Seminary, says pastors are most often weighed down by the following twelve things: 180 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Leadership Begins

Leadership … right … a blog on leadership … ok … well, it’s time to write something … where to begin? … leadership … how do we start on the road to leadership? 321 more words

What pastors face today

The work of leading God’s people has always been, and by definition always will be, challenging. But today’s pastors face unique pressures. If you’re a church leader sinking under the weight of these pressures, … 183 more words

Pastoral Ministry

I Went to Church Last Night

I talked to people. A teacher led us through a study and discussion of Mark 12. I prayed with three other men. I went home. 381 more words

Pastoral Ministry

The Crowds, the Disciples, and the Disciple-Makers

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the people to whom Jesus ministered. I think that, generally, they fall into one of three categories: crowds, disciples, and disciple-makers. 693 more words

Faith And Theology


I met with a fellow ministry leader today who reminded me of a beautiful word: patience.

Pastors are typically not very patient people. We want to see God moving in our congregations. 125 more words

Pastoral Ministry