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Talking with Your Children about Sexual Purity, part seven

If you are going to send your children into battle you need to prepare them to fight.

It’s not just enough to have a one time talk with them where you say, ‘This is really bad. 1,037 more words

Pastoral Ministry


Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Jonathan Edwards notes five reasons:

1.) It was an engaging way of instruction.

He is condescending to our weakness and using easy and familiar ways of speaking to teach us. 149 more words

Pastoral Ministry

This Week in Ministry

Sometimes I feel like I ought to wear my collar during the week, just to better illustrate the things I do as a pastor. This week I just did  a lot of seeing other people in various capacities. 126 more words

How do I know if I'm called to ministry?

This is a common question posed by men and women who are feeling a tug to full time vocational ministry. Now, I get it. In one sense we’re… 455 more words

Review of Baptist Foundations

It’s been a good year for Baptists. In Baptist Foundations: Church Government for an Anti-Institutional Age edited Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman pastor’s a church leaders have been provided material that will help them think through issues of church structure and practice in a biblical manner. 326 more words

From Hitler's Wolves to Christ's Lambs: The Chaplain to Nazi War Criminals

They walked to the gallows together, pastor and penitent. Each step up took them closer to the abbreviated, fatal fall to come. The criminal stood above the trapdoor. 1,401 more words