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How is Jesus still serving you today?

Forty days after the resurrection comes the ascension of Jesus. He was “declared Son of God” through his resurrection (Acts 13:33; Romans 1:4) and now he returned to God’s throne, having completed his work in atoning for our sins and giving his life to serve us (Mark 10:45). 233 more words


Pastors Turning Tail

To turn tail describes behavior of a coward, someone who runs from danger. Mr. Crane described the dynamics of cowardice in The Red Badge of Courage… 1,073 more words

The Church

Pop, Power, and the Protestantism Process

There seem to be two gravitational pulls from the society upon local churches. These two gravitational pulls are to become popular or to be in… 1,355 more words

Biblical Studies

In Praise of Church Being Church

About that tricky, risky relationship between pastors and congregations? I often hear a tale of dysfunction, hurt, suspicion, betrayal. . . you get the idea. 1,177 more words

Life In The Church

What it means to be a church member, part two

What are you committing yourself to when you commit yourself to a church?

We are looking at Acts 2 in order to see how the first believers would have answered that question and we have seen first, they committed themselves to the teaching of God’s Word. 1,653 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Don't Fire Your Church Members

In writing Don’t Fire Your Church Members Jonathan Leeman has provided a needed exploration and defense of biblical congregationalism. From my experience in seminary and in pastoring a local church I have seen a wide range of mistaken concepts of congregationalism, and seen congregationalism rejected in favor of an elder or pastor ruled church structure. 371 more words

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Help! I’m On Fire!

I read an interesting quote from that out-dated comedian Garry Shandling. Remember him? He passed away in March of this year. It made me sad. 368 more words