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Here's My "Key Life Pastor Chat" with Steve Brown

Recently I visited the Orlando studios of the Key Life Radio Network to be interviewed by author and seminary professor Steve Brown. He wanted to feature me on his October 2016 “Pastor Chat” regarding my book, Surviving Ministry: How to Weather the Storms of Church Leadership. 89 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Discipleship - A Must

Discipleship is a tricky subject. Too many churches struggle with making disciples because they will either claim that this is the job of the pastor, or have no direction and purpose for this lifestyle. 375 more words


Debunking "The Five-Second Rule"

I’m sure you know the “five-second rule.” You know the idea that if you drop a delicious bite of food on the floor, dirt and germs don’t have enough time to contaminate it. 533 more words


How to Say "Thank You" to Your Pastor: Part 2

So, you finally decided what to give your pastor as a gift for pastor appreciation month. Maybe you decided to share verbal or written approval, or a kind deed to express your thanks.   834 more words



Jesus In History
Dying- and- Rising Gods
Romulus – Roman state god, his death and resurrection celebrated in annual plays.
Osiris – Egyptian god, those baptised into his death and resurrection are saved in the after-life. 1,578 more words

Bible Study

How to Say “Thank You” to Your Pastor: Part 1

Do you know your pastor’s “appreciation language”? If you don’t, then you may not know how to best express your appreciation in a way which communicates your thanks to him/her. 1,037 more words

My Journey

How to build your own kingdom

Jeroboam had a problem.

As I am sure you know, Jeroboam was the man who split Israel into two separate nations, and while his initial rebellion was a success, he anticipated troubles ahead. 343 more words

Pastoral Ministry