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I hate all the pastor’s challenges and difficulties - Part 2

In my last post I talked about how all these articles and posts and books about how hard it is to be a pastor and how unique pastoral challenges are compared to “regular” people are both unhelpful and unbiblical. 765 more words

Ministry Observations

Robert Roberts on the common effectiveness of different psychotherapies despite the approach or expertise of the therapist

So therapies are therapeutically effective; this result of the studies spurs us on to integrate their therapeutic power into the work of Christian ministry. But two other cumulative results of the scientific literature on psychotherapy outcomes raise serious questions about such a project of integration.

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Pastoral Ministry

How does a pastor keep learning theology throughout their ministry?

I’m taking a sabbatical from ordained ministry at present, which is providing space for study and writing of the kind most of us find tricky in the usual press of weekly pastoral and preaching work. 499 more words


How Having to Wait for a Blessing Can Be A Blessing

Waiting for an answer from God doesn’t always seem so long if it is not your prayer request.

But when you are really looking for God’s blessing and you believe you have sincere reasons for doing so, the time in between your prayers and seeing God’s answer can feel a little like forever. 282 more words

Pastoral Ministry

The Reality Of Pastoral Ministry (Reading Notes)

The Christian pastor holds the greatest office of human responsibility in all creation. He is called to preach the Word, to teach the truth to God’s people, to lead God’s people in worship, to tend the flock as a caring shepherd, and to mobilize the church for Christian witness and service.

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Pastoral Ministry

Investing in Learning the Bible Well

If I know the basics, why should I work hard at understanding the rest of what the Bible teaches?

Ken Berding writes,

“Knowing the gospel and communicating it to others is great. 162 more words

Pastoral Ministry

When God Seems Distant Pt. 1

Why does God seem distant in my life? I’ve heard this question many times. In fact its probably one of the most frequently asked questions in pastoral ministry outside the question of evil and suffering. 889 more words