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Your role in the local church, part 4

I really want to be the kind of local church that God wants us to be.

But is it really, actually possible? 

I guess if we just looked at ourselves and thought it were up to us, we would have every right to wonder. 1,016 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Preaching...How Do I Preach and Prepare?

How do I personally prepare to preach a sermon? 

Yes, this is a my old Scofield Bible I used in 1960

I have addressed this topic a number of times over the last 52 years. 1,458 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Your role in the local church, part 3

We sometimes use the busyness of life as an excuse for not serving Jesus in the local church.

And, over the previous posts we have been looking at why that is such a serious mistake. 1,305 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Gospel Integrity in Leadership (Titus 1:5-9)

Dati, kami lang ni Jodi ang naghuhugas ng pinagkainan. Pero ngayon, si Daniel nasasanay na rin. Minsan siya pa ang magvolunteer. Minsan naman, parang ayaw namin kasi masyadong magastos sa pagsabon, minsan may naiiwan pang sabon. 3,280 more words


The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones (A Review)

There are several biographies available on the Doctor, The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Steven J. Lawson stands apart in its laser focus on his preaching ministry. 311 more words

May 19, 2016

Psalm 80:8 You brought a vine out of Egypt;
you drove out the nations and planted it.

Up to now I have largely overlooked this Psalm, and I dare say I have a lot of company in that. 507 more words


It Was Fear That I Saw

I’ve seen the look in too many people’s eyes. And I don’t say that as a pin of honor or badge on my lapel. It was a dreadful thing when I first started seeing fear so regularly. 769 more words