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Pugin - in an Orphrey Trim?

Pugin – just the mention of the name can be exciting. But many of you may not know who or what Pugin is.  We have talked about… 387 more words

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Ecclesiastical Braids and Galloons: Finding the Right Trim

Details” is one of those words that can be embraced to take an Ecclesiastical Sewing project from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Taking the time to add an extra touch or to ensure a curve hits are just the right spot, or that a seam is sewn straight can make all of the difference in the world to a finished church vestment project. 894 more words

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Silver Stars for Advent Stole: Part 2

There are a few pastoral stole projects that need to be created in a relatively short period of time. The first stole is a Blue Advent stole. 528 more words

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Stole Set

It has been far too long since any new projects have been underway in the Ecclesiastical Sewing workroom.  For tonight, we shall have a quite peek at a pastoral stole project. 341 more words

Ecclesiastical Sewing

Can Altar Linens and Church Vestments be Made by Laity?

This little book (founded on a series of articles on Church Embroidery written for the ‘Treasury’) is intended for the use of those who are desirous of learning by practical experiment how to make the best use of such time and skill as they have at their command; and who, while they are unable to go through the long courses of instruction which are generally indispensable to the attainment of perfection are yet anxious to devote their ‘labour of love’ to the service of the Church.

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