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January 17,2017/Let's Talk About Churches

Another one bites the dust!

No, I’m not talking about the line from the famous song, I’m talking about my experience with churches lately. My husband and I have been searching for a church…and we’ve been informed that we are looking for, doesn’t exist any more. 710 more words


Condemned is a status. When someone is tried for a capital crime, found guilty and sentenced to death, their status is “condemned”. For humanity, the status of condemned comes naturally, but there is a reversal of that conviction for all who trust Christ as savior based on the life-giving words of John 3:16. 168 more words


Welcome Your Neighbors - by Rev. Dustin Bartlett

Welcome Your Neighbors
by Rev. Dustin Bartlett
January 14, 2017

CUSTER, SD – It’s a simple sign, and it’s popping up in yards all across the country.  322 more words


Overwhelming Goodness

(Originally posted January 14, 2014 on the Author’s Facebook Notes
It struck the author, in that he needed to know this again, so he thought he’d repost it) 1,004 more words

Godly Perspective

Discerning a Calling 10: Who do you go to for advise?

Actually, like most of the articles in this “discerning a calling” series, the question is relevant to decision making generally.  I want to suggest that who we go to for advice (and when we go) will shape the advice we get and may tell us a lot about how far we have already gone down the road of making a decision. 511 more words

The Christian Life

Never Again do I Want to Hear a Pastor Talk About Marriage

I listen to several sermons a week from various “big name” pastors or influential churches in order to keep in touch with the current state of Christianity — especially to hear what kinds of rhetoric our pastors are using and what issues we consider important enough to address from the pulpit. 661 more words


Leading People Who Work For Free

Leading People Who Work For Free

Let’s try something.

Ask your friend or family member why they go to work. I can assure you that most will have a variation of this answer: “It pays the bills.” 1,058 more words