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The Parker J Cole Show -- Double Agents in the Pews

We see it in spy movies all the time — the gut-wrenching twist when the best friend, close relative or family member turns out to be the double agent the hero was looking for. 271 more words

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Top 20 Megachurches

“Is this the movie theaters?” “No, sir, it’s a church. A very large one.”

Since I happen to go to a megachurch (Crossroads Church in Cincinnati), I recently became curious about all the other megachurches out there. 1,379 more words


Just [Yet Another] Editor's Note

As most of you who would have any reason at all to read this know, my youngest daughter, Baylee, asked me to write my life story for her 18th birthday present. 338 more words


Dear Pastors

I can not think of pastors without these 2 faces coming to mind.

I think you will agree!

(Picture Your Pastor in the Question mark above) 540 more words


6 Ways Churches Kill Youth Ministry (and Youth Ministers)

My friend and fellow blogger Kent Sanders recently posted a great article entitled “The Perfect Worship Leader (Doesn’t Exist).” It was a great read and you totally should check it out.  865 more words


The cup makes the coffee

If I drink my home-percolated Costco coffee in a Starbucks cup, that makes it Starbucks coffee, I’ve decided.

It’s a good decision. I’ll enjoy it much more now, and it’ll certainly be a lot cheaper than going to Starbucks. 31 more words


Behold Our God

Be transported to the Throne of God as pastors attending a Bible conference meld their voices together to lift up praise and adoration to the Great God and King. 26 more words

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