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Robes, Part 2

It’s been crazy and busy, but I haven’t forgotten the rest of the robes. Here you will find more robes sewn for the ordination. The pictures below capture a black cassock just like the one in my… 64 more words



For a fact, I am not religious one bit but I do believe in God just like everybody. We have religious fanatics all over the world and one can’t trust them easily. 425 more words

Editors Take

Thanksgiving 2015

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, here are a couple of thoughts:

Remember the ones who got the whole thing started…

  • In 1620, there were 102 people who spent 65 difficult days at sea coming to the New World.
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3 Ways to Give Thanks

Psalm 50:14, “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and perform your vows to the Most High,”

Giving thanks is a game-changer for those that really “get it” in life. 882 more words

Spirit led prayer

My prayer has only been spiritual after I have discerned the will of God, otherwise, I end up telling God what to do in place of Him telling me… 277 more words


11-24-15 "Opinions"

Each day, there’s an endless amount of opinion being printed, posted, tweeted, spoken, shouted and displayed on protest signs and bumper stickers, but at the end of day these words will still be true: 209 more words


Choose you this day, Michael

Because of the word of God preached to me, I know I have decisions. I am constantly making decisions in my life, but many of them are made passively: ungodly decisions that were not set before me by God, responded to by negativity, bitterness, or hopelessness. 229 more words