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Why the Church Needs More Weak Leaders

I have been in ministry for nearly seventeen years. To some that will seem like an eternity, to others, barely a drop in the bucket of time.  867 more words


The unbusy pastor

The title of this post is taken from the book, The Contemplative Pastor, by Eugene Peterson (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1993). This is one book I find I must reread at least once a year. 639 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Why Did You Pay Me? - Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was struggling tremendously with the notion of salaried pastors. I was struggling because I am essentially in training to become a pastor and yet I couldn’t imagine how at the end of my schooling I’d somehow be willing to not need a job anymore because some congregation paid me to be their pastor while they worked their crummy jobs everyday. 575 more words


2-4-16 "Hallowed"

How do we pray “In this manner…”?

In Matthew 6, Jesus described the way we should approach God in prayer. It wasn’t a set of words to be repeated daily, but a model prayer containing powerful principles. 137 more words


Ravaged Faith

This is a powerful letter written by Christa Brown, the author of This Little Light and survivor of spiritual abuse. Her words encouraged my heart greatly. 20 more words


That letter I have been meaning to write...

Have one hard cry, if the tears will come. Then stanch the grief, by whatever legal means. Next find your way to be somebody else, the next viable you—a stripped-down whole other clear-eyed person, realistic as a sawed-off shotgun and thankful for air, not to speak of the human kindness you’ll meet if you get normal luck. 1,403 more words

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