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Walk Like a Tourist

As I sit to write this on a Sunday evening, there’s only one week of classroom instruction left for pastry school. Where has the time gone? 1,560 more words


The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie: A Guest Post from Young Adultlescence!

Hey guys!

My name is Abby and I run a blog called YoungAdultlescence that I started back in August because let’s face it, I don’t know how to adult, most of my friends don’t know how to adult and it’s just a straight up struggle bus day in and day out. 678 more words

Desserts I Could Make But Not Eat

I knew coming into Plated Desserts week at school that I was going to be a little frustrated. It really didn’t matter which theme was going to take place during Passover (although some would have been harder than others to deal with), but it would not be as much fun to be at school and not be able to eat most of what we made. 1,536 more words


Passover in Vegas

Everyone gave me a funny look when I said that I’d be celebrating the start of Passover in Las Vegas. Who does that? It’s certainly not a family tradition. 1,612 more words


Healdsburg Heaven and Beyond

It’s been about ten days since I walked out of school on a Friday afternoon, with a bakery box full of croissants and other bread treats for my friend Matt and his family, although it feels like weeks ago now. 2,717 more words


Rides 23, 24, and 25

It’s been a hill of a week.  Between last minute preparations for Pastry school, which included getting my comically large XXS uniforms altered, taking my chef’s and paring knives to an obscure but impressive little shop called #Vulcan Knife LLC for professional sharpening, wearing my new slip-resistant shoes around the house to break them in, shopping online for elusive items on my tool requirements list such as a #804 decorating tube, and looking for part-time jobs, I somehow managed to go on three bike rides.  314 more words

Pizza Party and Magical Croissants

The last two days of laminated dough week presented an abundance of delicious, interesting and exciting treats – most of which were completely brand-new to me as a baker (but not as an eater). 1,268 more words