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Semester 3 - Term 1

Hi Everyone,

It’s been so long since my last post so forgive me :)

I’m already in my last semester now and actually I’m a bit worried. 609 more words



Just a quick update to let everyone (which equals to no one as no one reads this blog) that I am still alive! Living my life to the fullest. 364 more words


Entremets and Wedding Cakes

In the past few weeks I have watched my fair share of Hallmark Christmas Movies (I love them despite their cheesy predictability – don’t judge), listened to numerous amounts of Christmas music on Pandora and Spotify, and I have finally gotten to enjoy my first snowfall. 455 more words

Petit Fours/ My Soapbox

Life has been such a blur these past few weeks. I’m supposed to be writing a post on Petit Fours class but I can hardly write down the details of something that happened two weeks ago. 390 more words

The Countdown Until Graduation

On Tuesday Chef Luc Debove M.O.F returned. For those of you that have been following the blog, you will know he taught us for chocolate week (remember we made around six hundred chocolates in four days!). 540 more words

The Journey

Breads and Breakfast Pastries ✓

Another course is in the books ladies and gents. I only have Petit Fours, Cakes, and Wedding Cakes left before my time at The French Pastry School comes to an end – how crazy is that! 478 more words

Tarts ✓

Hey everybody! I’m sorry I keep going MIA on the blog. Life gets in the way but I truly enjoy writing up posts for all y’all, I just wish I could do it more consistently. 527 more words