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Why I Chose CIA

Unlike my lack of decision process needed to choose the University of British Columbia over other schools (I didn’t apply to any other schools), I got two offers for pastry school and had a big decision to make. 380 more words


Mix, drop, CHILL... then bake

Class 2: Cookies

Consider me cookie-schooled. After all these years of trying to make the perfect, chewy cookie, I finally know the secret.

I always thought it was just a matter of taking the batch out of the oven right before the cookies were fully baked and letting them continue to cook a teensy bit more on the sheet. 387 more words


Just call me Master of the Shaggy Mass

Class 1: Introduction to the New School of Cooking & how to make quickbreads

Welp. I did it. I survived my first day of pastry school. 477 more words


I need to get baked. Bad.

I’m coming up on my five-year anniversary as a full-time newspaper woman at The Acorn Newspapers (reporter for 3.5 years, editor for 1.5) this coming October. 838 more words


What a Year!

A year ago today, I published the first real post on this blog. (You can read it here.) This was not my first attempt at a blog, as I’d tried several before and none really stuck. 452 more words


Cutting and Piping and Arithmetic

It was a pleasant surprise going into day 3 of pastry school to find out not only were we going to practice piping chocolate, but we were also going to start baking. 371 more words


They Pay Me to Be There

Yesterday, I received my first paycheck from Tartine Bakery. It still seems unreal that after being a fan of this bakery from afar for the last few years, I get paid to show up there five days a week. 1,807 more words