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Baba & Douceur Féminine

It’s sunny days like this that I feel like I may be able to fall in love with Paris. That, and it’s morning class today, which means I get perfect lighting for my pastry projects since I get to go home mid-afternoon. 227 more words


Life in Paris as a Pastry Student

I’m back! And hopefully, to stay for a while. It’s been one year since I’ve updated this blog, and so much has changed since, with the biggest update being that I’ve finally started pursuing my dream of becoming a pastry chef. 178 more words


celebration cake

Hello friends!

Big life news (!) that has nothing to do with making this cake but everything to do with cake in general.

When I first created this blog my main goal was to be featured on Bon Appetit’s website as one of the people who cooked the cover. 530 more words


Day 4 & 5

Thursday and Friday – and now we’re into the complex stuff.

My “action oriented” impatience is starting to wear on my co-students. When chef says “make your pastry cream,” I’m not waiting around for someone else to lead the charge – or crack an egg. 32 more words


Pâte à choux - Day 3

Hump day and pâte à choux. My camera lens must have been smeared with pastry cream – hence a dozen blurry and unusable photos. This one was the best I could muster. 52 more words

Culinary School

Day 2 - Meringue

Day 2 and it’s all about meringue – Swiss, Italian and two kinds of French. Such girly confections – pale pink dollops just hinting of raspberry. 143 more words

Culinary School

Marzipan Roses

I’m reminded of that saying, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” What does that say about me, the perpetual student? Those who are too gutless to do either learn? 86 more words

Culinary School