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Week Five ~ Bonnie Gordon College

This week has been more information than hands on creating. We had a series of seminars this week to better prepare us for starting a business. 592 more words


Building the Bakery Boxes

It’s a tradition at school that partway through the 16-week classroom instruction period, the pastry students decide on some of the “greatest hits” from the first portion of the term and send out filled boxes of treats throughout the San Francisco area to important movers and shakers in the food industry. 1,900 more words


Stretching Strudel

Before I get to Tuesday’s very cool lesson on how to make and stretch strudel dough, I did spend the three-day weekend enjoying more of San Francisco’s delights – including exploring the Oakland and Berkeley areas, and the Bernal Heights neighborhood in SF. 1,009 more words


Pancake Overload and Biscuit Bonanza

If Chef thought moving us off of sweet items during Pastry Dough Week and into savory was going to kill our appetites or gluttony, she was wrong. 1,553 more words



I wander into pastry school each morning trusting that whatever Chef has in store for us will be fun, educational and delicious. I don’t get consumed with the schedule, or wonder what’s down the road too much; I just let things unfold as they are designed to do. 1,790 more words


Week 5 at École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil: Petit Gâteaux Individuels

Everything about about this week was really too pretty to look at and too pretty to break in to eat. And I truly mean it. Outside of Paris, nothing comes close to the… 499 more words


Entremets Are Delicious

What is an entremet, you ask, other than the item we focused on for the last two days of Cake Week Part Deux? According to one nicely concise definition I found, an entremet is “a multi-layered mousse-based cake comprising of different complementary flavors with varying textural contrasts.” So, basically, a bunch of deliciousness covered in mousse. 1,008 more words