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Day 4 & 5

Thursday and Friday – and now we’re into the complex stuff.

My “action oriented” impatience is starting to wear on my co-students. When chef says “make your pastry cream,” I’m not waiting around for someone else to lead the charge – or crack an egg. 32 more words


Pâte à choux - Day 3

Hump day and pâte à choux. My camera lens must have been smeared with pastry cream – hence a dozen blurry and unusable photos. This one was the best I could muster. 52 more words

Culinary School

Day 2 - Meringue

Day 2 and it’s all about meringue – Swiss, Italian and two kinds of French. Such girly confections – pale pink dollops just hinting of raspberry. 143 more words

Culinary School

Marzipan Roses

I’m reminded of that saying, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” What does that say about me, the perpetual student? Those who are too gutless to do either learn? 86 more words

Culinary School

Why I Chose CIA

Unlike my lack of decision process needed to choose the University of British Columbia over other schools (I didn’t apply to any other schools), I got two offers for pastry school and had a big decision to make. 380 more words


Mix, drop, CHILL... then bake

Class 2: Cookies

Consider me cookie-schooled. After all these years of trying to make the perfect, chewy cookie, I finally know the secret.

I always thought it was just a matter of taking the batch out of the oven right before the cookies were fully baked and letting them continue to cook a teensy bit more on the sheet. 387 more words


Just call me Master of the Shaggy Mass

Class 1: Introduction to the New School of Cooking & how to make quickbreads

Welp. I did it. I survived my first day of pastry school. 477 more words