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Strawberry sundae, Asterisque, Tokyo

Super Strict Score [understand wattwurmnashi’s S3]: 7.5

Pâtisserie Asterisque in central Tokyo offers 4 different sundaes in summer: mango, chestnut + blackcurrant, something else wattwurmnashi forgot & strawberry: 257 more words

IPorn Aka Food Candy

I'm not Asking You About Your Balls

My children and I rode the city bus downtown, just for the fun of it, a couple of days ago.  I was very excited because I hadn’t caught the bus in a little over 20 years. 75 more words

Random Silliness

Fröhlich Pastry Shop

Delicious confectionery and cakes in the heart of Budapest. Kosher style! (Y)


How to make a Dessert Unique

In Monza there is an unique Pastry Shop called “Duls St.Bioeus” by Pastry Chef Cristian Marabelli. At the beginning of this year I needed a special cake design for my Birthday. 692 more words



“Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?”

It’s not much of me ‘seeing’. But dreaming.. I dream to be successful soon, to have my own house/apartment, to have my license as an Interior Designer, maybe even have a Master’s Degree, and to travel the world as a freelance interior designer/artist.

80 more words

The Aroma of Fresh Baked Bread

The Continuing Story of Poema and Vincéa

inside the shop
the aroma of fresh baked
plum and blueberry
made my mouth water

“Ah,” Poema… 85 more words

Poema And Vincéa

The Whipping Siphon: Redefining Modern Cooking

Mousse, meringue, whipped cream. Wondering what the three have in common? They are all culinary foams. In the evolving world of cuisine, foams play a major role in molecular gastronomy, redefining new-age cooking and modernist kitchens. 345 more words