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Grass fed and pasture raised- the fat facts

You are what you eat- a cliché never more true than when discussing the fats in our diet. You’ll have heard a lot about essential fatty acids- specifically omega 6 and 3. 835 more words


NestFresh Cage Free Eggs with a Coupon

NestFresh strive to be the leader in sustainable, local, humane and natural eggs. They are committed to producing eggs that are cage free and they have increased their commitment to sustainability and humane treatment by introducing even more products such as organic, free range, pasture raised, and the first Non-GMO Project Verified Eggs. 54 more words

Raising pigs naturally and humanely

These Berkshires are a gang of smiling, snorting, curly tail spinning, lip smacking pudgy roll growing food bliss, porkers.  Have you ever heard what hungry excited pigs sound like?  1,092 more words


Season's End

The 2015 growing season is slowly coming to an end. But before the last leaf falls and the grass goes dormant for the winter we are running a large batch of broiler chickens–hopefully enough to hold us over until the first signs of spring arrive. 211 more words

Handsome Brook Farm: Setting the Standard

You may remember the Happy Go Lucky Chickens post I wrote a few months back, showing the different living environments of small flocks versus mainstream commercial production, and asking which one you would want to eat eggs or chicken from.  1,210 more words


The Egg Debate: Farm vs. Pasture

At the store I saw these eggs that were labeled for me, the non-GMO, pasture raised chicken. The chicken were never fed corn and they gave you the date that they were laid which meant that I had to have them! 814 more words


Vacationing: The Food Struggle

We’ve been on a lovely family vacation, but I’m not going to lie…the whole food thing has been a bit of a struggle.  I was cringing while having breakfast at the hotel we stayed at the first night.  1,251 more words

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