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Second Batch of Broilers

Per our 2018 farm plan we were to do 25 birds per month, starting in Feb and processing on farm. 81 more words


Soil Fertility

These photos show the contrast between the pigs’ final paddock before going to freezer camp and now. 68 more words


Raising Cornish Cross Chickens

There are a lot of contentious issues in the food/agriculture world: GMO vs. Non-GMO, Organic vs. Conventional, Grass-fed/finished vs. Grain Finished, and on and on and on. 2,078 more words

Farm Life


In the night the three little pigs, who were shifted to their outside field and who are no longer little, grunted and talked to each other in that low “I am here, I am here” slightly anxious tone.   572 more words


FRIDAY FAVORITES: Week 2 (Jan. 26, 2018)

So comes the second week of my Friday favorites! Just to note, I will be slightly changing the criteria for the “internet thing” (stated below), and I will also have a few announcements at the end of this post! 692 more words

Digging for Vitamin D

What are the best food sources of the “sunshine” vitamin (if you don’t get any sunshine)?

It’s January in Seattle, and most people I know are planning (or dreaming of) a vacation to a sunnier spot like Arizona, Mexico, southern California, or Hawaii. 2,626 more words

Getting the Piggies Ready for Freezer Camp

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Break’s over, back to work. 200 more words