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Vegetarian Breakfast

Organic Potatoes

Pasture raised, hand picked fried eggs with avocado, spinach and feta.

Tempeh bacon.


Easy Almond Flour Pancakes 

We have been cooking with almond flour for about 10 years ever since I went gluten free. My reasons for removing gluten from my diet were that I just noticed that I felt tired, bloated & just overall sluggish after eating it…. 242 more words

Clean Living

Daughter of Dinosaurs

The frizzle cochins are HUGE. And I think the two white ones are roosters.

Although they are full-grown, they have yet to either crow or lay eggs, so I can’t be 100% sure yet. 485 more words


Winter at Humble Farm

Two days before this picture was taken, our layers were grazing that field. Two. Days. We were ‘almost’ ready for winter, but ready or not winter has arrived. 918 more words


Agnes's Big Announcement!

Agnes has officially announced that she’s going to be a mommy! In January 2017, Hoffman Organics along with Agnes and Arthur, will be welcoming some very rare USDA Certified Organic 100% Pure Mangalitsa Piglets!! 39 more words

Farm Blog

Pasture Raised vs. Barn Raised

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered since starting my blog, it’s that inspiration can sometimes be hard to find. I suppose I did kind of already know that, though, since inspiration was the hardest part for me when I used to paint. 1,142 more words


One Image Thrice

It is Sunday. So I am really not here at all but wanted to share this one very quickly with you.

Poppy and her piglets are ranging far and wide.   37 more words