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The Egg Debate: Farm vs. Pasture

At the store I saw these eggs that were labeled for me, the non-GMO, pasture raised chicken. The chicken were never fed corn and they gave you the date that they were laid which meant that I had to have them! 814 more words


Vacationing: The Food Struggle

We’ve been on a lovely family vacation, but I’m not going to lie…the whole food thing has been a bit of a struggle.  I was cringing while having breakfast at the hotel we stayed at the first night.  1,251 more words

Healthy Living

Illustrations of the Farm

Pictures and Captions by Sarah Brady : June 2015 Practicum Student

Grazing Cattle: Cattle grazing in the field between our sleeping and studying quarters and the grange crop/grazing field.  177 more words

Grange Farm School

Da Turkeys

Well, if we already are pasture raising ducks, we might as well pasture raise us some thanksgiving turkey right?! So anyways, we picked up three Bourbon Red heritage breed turkeys that are now four weeks of age. 38 more words


Why Would You Get Your Food From Us?

There are a variety of reasons to get your meat from a small family farm such as ours. Here’s a list of of our standards and values. 501 more words


Local and fun "farm fresh food" seminar! Who's in?!

Are you interested in driving by fast food places, rather than hitting the “drive thru?” Do you want to learn about  foods that give you the most bang for your buck? 107 more words

Breaking The Fast

Right here, this is the way to Break The Fast.

Bacon, Avocado, and then an Egg baked right in the center.

This is what I call “Just chillin’ with my Baes.” 268 more words