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How Do You View Your Food

Posted by Colleen

Please, watch the short video below and let me know how you feel about our food system of factory farming.

A tale of two chickens…

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Thank You Neighbors!

Neighbor, Pete Poggi created this clarifying map below of the available parking at the market.  Isn’t it great!  Thanks Pete!  Neighbors, Bennett Rushkoff and Karen Whitesell help with market setup and signs, yeah! 79 more words


Meat & Fish from a better source

Recently, I have been motivated to try and eat meat and fish that comes from more “natural” sources, from animals that have been raised more humanely or allowed to develop in the wild, and those that haven’t been treated with antibiotics or fed unnatural foods such as grains. 137 more words


Pasture-raised, free-range eggs

After a month of watching what we put into our bodies and being considerate of how our eating habits impact our environment, we recently made our first visit to our local farmers’ market and purchased farm-raised eggs. 973 more words


Summer Turkey

We’re adding new products to our current line-up of certified organic meats! These include ground turkey, drumsticks, wings and backs.  This will lengthen our turkey season which had been limited to… 268 more words

Thank You - Opening Day Was a Hit!

Opening day was a hit – Even more coming next Sunday!  We are committed to making this the perfect place to spend part of your Sunday. 131 more words


Steak and Sweet Potato Baked Eggs

Leftovers are seriously the best. Why anyone would deny themselves the luxury of not having to make every single meal from scratch by throwing out leftovers is completely beyond me…. 235 more words