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Large Pigs At Large; Piglets Behind Bars

Sooner or later, piglets all get to this stage – the stage where they bust through electric netting and go marauding on devilish and troublesome mischief adventures. 375 more words


How I Became a Farmer's Wife... I Blame Joel Salatin

Many people have asked my husband and I how we started farming. Most assume one of us grew up on a farm. But the answer is no. 421 more words


Eggs- Cage free? Free Range? Organic?How To Choose

When trying to be a health conscious eater, it’s important to choose the most natural and least modified foods we can buy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of labels on our food that can make picking the right choice difficult. 252 more words

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Growing Out

In the agriculture community the idea of “scaling-up” – whether it means getting big or “right-sizing” your operation- is frequently discussed. What “scaling up” commonly refers to is a farm diversifying its market channels to include not only… 971 more words

Vegetarian Breakfast

Organic Potatoes

Pasture raised, hand picked fried eggs with avocado, spinach and feta.

Tempeh bacon.


Easy Almond Flour Pancakes 

We have been cooking with almond flour for about 10 years ever since I went gluten free. My reasons for removing gluten from my diet were that I just noticed that I felt tired, bloated & just overall sluggish after eating it…. 242 more words

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Daughter of Dinosaurs

The frizzle cochins are HUGE. And I think the two white ones are roosters.

Although they are full-grown, they have yet to either crow or lay eggs, so I can’t be 100% sure yet. 485 more words