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Turkeys 2016

Our gorgeous organic turkeys are out on pasture surrounded by the colors of autumn. We are rotating these birds through a section of field we reserved just for them! 59 more words

Apple Creek Farm

How To Choose Your Eggs - The Truth Behind the Labels

You may have found yourself stuck in front of the egg isle, wondering why there is such a wide range of choices and prices and what could be so different between all these seemingly identical eggs. 701 more words


Passed Your Eyes

I prefer pasture raised
To pasteurized


Hello World!

Hi there! I’m Katie and I am a farmer with big dreams. Those dreams are called Deep Roots Farm. Here’s a bit about us.

I grew up on a beautiful farm in Chepachet, Rhode Island, that has been in my family, the Steere family, since the late 1700’s. 484 more words

Deep Roots Farm

How Do You View Your Food

Posted by Colleen

Please, watch the short video below and let me know how you feel about our food system of factory farming.

A tale of two chickens…

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Thank You Neighbors!

Neighbor, Pete Poggi created this clarifying map below of the available parking at the market.  Isn’t it great!  Thanks Pete!  Neighbors, Bennett Rushkoff and Karen Whitesell help with market setup and signs, yeah! 79 more words


Meat & Fish from a better source

Recently, I have been motivated to try and eat meat and fish that comes from more “natural” sources, from animals that have been raised more humanely or allowed to develop in the wild, and those that haven’t been treated with antibiotics or fed unnatural foods such as grains. 137 more words