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Pork: the other red meat

In the 1970s, a short-term study was conducted, whereby a small group of people was fed a limited high-fat diet, and an increase in blood cholesterol was observed. 808 more words

American Guinea Hogs

Do pigs feel the cold in winter?

This is the first winter in quite some time that we’ve had no pigs here on our small homestead. It’s only been about 6 weeks since the last one ‘left’ us and I’m already missing not being able to look out of the window to see them rooting in the field. 379 more words

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Getting the Piggies Ready for Freezer Camp

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Break’s over, back to work. 200 more words



Darlings, it’s Natasha again!  Remember, the last time you and I talked, I’d been upset about my profile picture?  And I was so nervous about my arranged marriage, too.  100 more words



I’m not a newbie, when it comes to raising animals.  After all, I’m almost fifty-three years-old.  And ever since I can remember, my family raised chickens and beef to fill our freezers.  493 more words


Making bacon

People who raise pigs out on pasture all have anecdotes with a similar theme: the day you look at a pig’s paddock and think “they’re almost out of forage, I should move them tomorrow” is the day the pigs will move themselves. 908 more words

Feeding Pastured Pigs

In addition to all the grass, roots, and legumes they till from the pesticide free pasture, we feed our pigs a GMO and soy free pellet feed, apples and pears from the orchard; and vegetables from the garden (in fact, between the chickens and the pigs, I only got about 5 cucumber all summer long!). 55 more words