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Using pigs and chickens to convert pasture to garden beds

Needing additional space for cabbage, beans, corn, and winter squash, we decided to expand the vegetable garden this year. The ideal location for this row cropping is our level pasture, of which we have WAY more than we can use at the moment. 595 more words




The animals around here know about our electric fence.  Not all of them respect it, but they know about it.  Our “hot” wire is set at appropriate heights for each group of critters.  481 more words

Barley Darts

Underestimating the determination of a bored pig

We came home from work last Thursday to find our two gilts (girl pigs) missing from their paddock.

This was not completely unexpected. The wire fence surrounding their paddock is old and loose in places, and they had pushed under it twice the week before. 1,017 more words


Large Pigs At Large; Piglets Behind Bars

Sooner or later, piglets all get to this stage – the stage where they bust through electric netting and go marauding on devilish and troublesome mischief adventures. 375 more words


Shoulder Season Hog Keeping

Back in the day, pigs used to be let loose in the nearby woods to forage and fend for themselves all year, then harvested in the fall/winter. 503 more words


Super Busy Farm Life, Finally a Post!

Today I am going to write a little farm update post to let you know  how My Mom and I are doing

My Mom and I have been very busy lately.  217 more words

4-H Heritage Breeds/Small Sustainable Farming Project

Deep Roots Radio Interview

My friend Sylvia interviewed me awhile ago for Deep Roots Radio, click here to check it out on her site, or download below for your podcast player. 31 more words