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Meat & Greet: Farm Fresh Foods

Blackberries from the woods in homemade yogurt, fresh mozzarella and farm fresh eggs..

Red Wattle hogs on pasture..

 A few Saturdays ago, I was reminded again of why I love this area we live in so much! 922 more words


Sows on the Move

I thought it was about time to write a post where I show you some of what we do day-to-day on the farm. Each day is different, which is part of the joy of farming. 952 more words

Moving In

I have moved the majority of my life over to the new farm, with a few important things remaining at the old farm. It feels good to get a fresh start, although it certainly is stressful and tiring. 613 more words

Pork Is Back March 15!

It’s been a long 10 days, but the wait is almost over! We will be picking up several hundred pounds of pasture-raised pork from our processor on Monday and will have it available for sale beginning Tuesday, March 15. 184 more words

Farm Fresh Eggs

What All Do You Sell?

As more and more folks learn about our farm, “what all do you sell” and “how can we buy something” are two of the questions we frequently hear. 245 more words


Daphne gets ready to farrow

Nice…Genevieve sends me an email today–“uh…today marks 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days since Henry (our boar) got in with the sows…”–so we discuss snow, paths, gates, piglets, farrowing hut, etc. 151 more words

07 - The end of our urban farm?; The Year in Review at 7HH-G

The last couple of years here at our urban farm have been eye opening for our family. Raising our own fruits, vegetables and herbs that were nourished from compost we produced from site generated materials and tending to chickens and honey bees have all made us appreciate where our food comes from.  589 more words

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