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Farm Update - Pigs, Chicks, and a Mule

It’s been a slow week at the Happy Pig. The pig-S have settled in and are becoming more tolerant of us. They even posed for pictures. 450 more words


That escalated quickly...

Yep, you guessed it, pig-S, hard emphasis on the S. Just last month we were like, “no more animals until the house is finished”. Now we’re pig farmers. 170 more words


The Pigginess of a Pig

Joel Salatin says you should love the pigginess of the pig. I say, it isn’t hard when they are this cute:

She is intelligent and persistent. 281 more words


The Chronicles of Pig Farming: PT 1

I thought raising pigs would be easy when I thought it just entailed making sure they are fed, secure, and happy…

Some days that is all it takes… maybe on the hot days spray them down with a hose… But, in light of recent events, we learn that it’s not always pig pies and flies (that’s how the saying goes, right?). 662 more words


The Happy Pig's first pig

If you read recent post, you know that we gotten a young female pig from a woman who could no longer care for her collection of… 582 more words


Pig/Chicken Symbiosis

For years we couldn’t have our egg chickens be truly free-ranging because of predator problems, and (the biggest problem) our “livestock guardian dog” loved eating chickens.  427 more words