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Up to speed with The Barry Farm. ( I'm writing this in a rainstorm)



As we continue the weather pattern that has become the norm around here, I has provided me a forced break.   I have neglected keeping those that only interact with the farm via this blog so let me catch you up with what has happened this month around The Barry Farm and the near term happenings. 892 more words

Small Farms

Wildharvesting Thistle

Thanks to a sequence of Serendipitous Events, we now wildharvest and eat yellow thistle from the fields around our home. We learned the how-tos from a local woman who came to our home last weekend to buy our honey extractor and in the process shared some of her wildharvesting know-how with us. 122 more words

Pig palace

This weekend, we’ve tackled more chores. The boys worked hard today on a new pig palace. Soon, Wilbur (our “don’t call me late for dinner, but don’t you call me dinner” pig) will be moved from his current pen on our neighbor’s property over to a new pen on our property. 101 more words


What All Do You Sell?

When new folks learn about our farm, “what all do you sell” and “how can we buy something” are two of the questions we frequently hear. 244 more words


High Land Hills Heritage Pastured Pork: Ham

Oh boy. This is the real deal folks. I’ve never been a huge ham person but this ham is not just ham. The best part is I can talk it up all I want because once you have it you will understand. 142 more words

When life hands you clementines...

…make pulled pork.

Also, if you have a very busy week ahead, a crock pot, and a few minutes in the morning…

…make pulled pork. 1,097 more words


Cochon 555 in #HTX : kind of a big deal for Houston and it's farmers


It’s possible that despite all my communication that you have not heard that your farmers (Renee and I ) are participating in Cochon 555 here in Houston.   406 more words

Small Farms