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Pork: the other red meat

In the 1970s, a short-term study was conducted, whereby a small group of people was fed a limited high-fat diet, and an increase in blood cholesterol was observed. 808 more words

American Guinea Hogs

Bacon Seeds

Last week The Pastor and I decided it’s time to start thinking about pigs.  This may seem kind of early for a product that won’t be ready until next autumn, but raising pigs is a little bit of a process.  904 more words


Meet Fred and Ethel our first pigs.  The decision to raise pigs took us many years to make.

It never seemed like the right time but this year we decided to take the plunge. 1,381 more words


Chorizo Frittata

So I’ve started out the new year with my first round of a Whole 30. I am also doing Emily Schromm’s 21 day Emfit Challenge. So in short, I am cutting added sugars, grains, junk food, fast food, crappy oils, soy, and dairy for 30 days. 278 more words

Getting the Piggies Ready for Freezer Camp

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Break’s over, back to work. 200 more words


Holiday Madness

Everyone always tries to do too much for the holidays. Our version of that this year was an apparent fit of madness in which we decided to take advantage of the cool weather and slaughter a giganormous pig just before Christmas. 516 more words


Progress Review

Per the experts, we limited our first year farm plan to our top 5 priorities: 367 more words