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Feeding Pastured Pigs

In addition to all the grass, roots, and legumes they till from the pesticide free pasture, we feed our pigs a GMO and soy free pellet feed, apples and pears from the orchard; and vegetables from the garden (in fact, between the chickens and the pigs, I only got about 5 cucumber all summer long!). 55 more words


Nature's Bounty

August 31, 2017

Where did summer go? This last day of August, I am pleased to have plenty of grass left in our pastures. The cattle and all of the farm’s livestock are looking great. 221 more words


Farm Update - Pigs, Chicks, and a Mule

It’s been a slow week at the Happy Pig. The pig-S have settled in and are becoming more tolerant of us. They even posed for pictures. 450 more words


That escalated quickly...

Yep, you guessed it, pig-S, hard emphasis on the S. Just last month we were like, “no more animals until the house is finished”.┬áNow we’re pig farmers. 164 more words


The Pigginess of a Pig

Joel Salatin says you should love the pigginess of the pig. I say, it isn’t hard when they are this cute:

She is intelligent and persistent. 281 more words


The Chronicles of Pig Farming: PT 1

I thought raising pigs would be easy when I thought it just entailed making sure they are fed, secure, and happy…

Some days that is all it takes… maybe on the hot days spray them down with a hose… But, in light of recent events, we learn that it’s not always pig pies and flies (that’s how the saying goes, right?). 662 more words