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Just what we needed – the rain has arrived at last!

I am happy to share that last week was a very good week for not only is lambing all-but-over but, we have had rain! I think there was a magician who used a catch phrase, “you are going to like this, but not a lot.” Well we haven’t had a lot of rain, but enough to prompt the grass into active growth. 887 more words


Loaner Herd On Duty

Our loaner herd of Plum with her calf Snowcap, Sapphire with her calf Blue, and good old Topanga were shipped a few miles over to another farm to do clean up duty. 119 more words


Gone Country for a BBQ in Pattison, TX

Sometimes you need to get out of town. Had a great time in the country with much better views from a good friend’s front porch. Out west of Houston in the small Texas town of Pattison.



Through the fields

In the afternoon the light is more golden than the morning, the pasture of Bahia grass appears to be a bright golden color.

As the wind blows the stalks of grass they seem to move gracefully across the 30 acres. 16 more words



I’m currently standing in this field – vast, yet surprisingly empty,
Not a soul to be seen, neither dead nor alive,
None to perceive.

In this boundless pasture. 311 more words

Dubious Poet

Lambing is in full swing!

And still we wait for rain. Of course, we have had the odd shower but they have been of little value.

At this time of year, the grass should be growing nearly half an inch a day but the reality is that the growth rate is more like that per week! 1,146 more words



Darkness rides our pastures
and takes us to where
our fences need mending

-William Leed-