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South Texas Summer Colors 2017

July.2017 – Houston, Texas

Some colors of summertime in South Texas.







Where's the Beef?

We have a bit of a farm mystery on our hands.  Daisy Daisy (Give Me Your Answer, Do), our cow, gave birth to a fine little bull we named T-Bone on July 3rd.   287 more words

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Why Your Story Matters

Some friends and I were having lunch the other day, discussing various challenges to find the time to write—caring for children, caring for our homes, talking with spouses, all manner of delights and duties. 609 more words

On Writing

Riding Home

On Wednesday, Jacob and I brought Destiny and Molly home. Usually, we walk them over, but he was convinced he could ride Destiny, so we decided to try that. 112 more words


What beautiful weather, but we need rain!

I am exhorted every week to be upbeat rather than pessimistic, but with the weather we have been having, while it might be fine for those on the beach and farmers making silage, for us it could be wetter – we need rain! 957 more words


Tips for managing cool-season pastures during the warm summer months

Mow only as needed.

Many farms mow pastures on a regular schedule, maybe every two weeks. Rigid schedules might simplify planning and labor needs, but can cost money in wasted labor and resources and lost forage production. 372 more words


Just what we needed – the rain has arrived at last!

I am happy to share that last week was a very good week for not only is lambing all-but-over but, we have had rain! I think there was a magician who used a catch phrase, “you are going to like this, but not a lot.” Well we haven’t had a lot of rain, but enough to prompt the grass into active growth. 887 more words