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Scanning success, hardworking bees and a great Demeter inspection… A good week!

A good week on the farm. Milder, drier weather makes all the difference. There are even some signs of grass growth though the ground is still very wet. 666 more words


NDP urges federal government to preserve last federal pastures

NDP urges federal government to preserve last federal pastures: news article from CBC.

“Conservative and Liberal governments have handed off responsibility for Saskatchewan’s environmentally critical grasslands without any concern for their future protection,” Kootenay-Columbia MP and National Parks critic Wayne Stetski said during question period Wednesday.

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Free range milk in Australia

Jamie Oliver has a new cause – free range milk. Of course, his focus is on the UK but what about here?

There are housed dairy cows in Australia but I’ve never seen one because they’re very rare – so rare, I don’t even know how many hours I’d need to drive to show you one. 234 more words


Prickly pear cactus.

We have a running gag about prickly pear saying “That sh** grows everywhere!” And it doesn’t matter whether it’s on the fortress wall at Goliad, 40′ up a tree, or in the dividing wall between north and southbound 35E in downtown Dallas, you’ll find it growing somewhere. 374 more words