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A Hint of Spring

It is a lovely early spring sunny day and the bees are probably preparing to swarm/ split. The circular shape of yellowish tan cells is capped brood.   127 more words


A lone cow grazes. The caretaker will be nearby. In a few minutes it will be led home where it will chew its cud. At once busy and relaxed. 15 more words


July - haiku by Dennis Lange

Cloudless sky,
Temperature high;
Grass is dry.

Hot, and pale blue skies,
Brown pastures.


* The haiku I write are lines of 3-5-3 syllables instead of 5-7-5. 19 more words


"The Good, The Bad & The Ugly ;)" -Clint EASTWOOD aka Dirty Hairy (Little Jimmie's his Tobitha lol;)

Today is a new day in my life, as is everyday these days. In my world my family exists but at times from afar. My visions and views are spars yet sparatic with emotionally driven random idealistic thoughts. 776 more words

"The Ink Between The Sheets!"

Protect horses by getting rid of tansy ragwort

Tansy ragwort is an invasive, toxic biennial weed from Europe often found in pastures and along roadsides.  It makes horses sick and can kill them if they eat enough of it. 717 more words

King County

From Mirage to Oasis

It’s just normal to run after the mirage,

On slightest provocation spit disparage;

Believing green pastures are on the other side,

And realizing wishes always wafts thy pride. 76 more words


A Sound Investment: Seeking out Greener Pastures with Ranches for Sale

Ranch owning may seem like such a far-out idea, a drastic change, especially for someone who has spent most of his or her life in the city. 125 more words