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not flying....

Image: As noted: O. Summers.

Doing?  Man I had to work this weekend-the day job-because of that dern raging testosterone driven hurricane.   I’m beat…. so I’m doin’ bed as soon as I press ‘post’. Sweet dreams….


Father Claims 10-Year-Old Daughter Experienced “Uncomfortable” Two-Minute TSA Pat-Down

While it’s normal for travelers to undergo additional screening procedures from the Transportation Security Administration when there could be something amiss, the father of a 10-year-old girl says she was made uncomfortable by a two-minute pat-down after she left a juice pouch in her carry-on. 263 more words

TSA 'Private Screening' As A Trans Man, Part II

In the bathroom, I prepare for my next trip through TSA security. I have not yet left for the airport, where I will again stop in the bathroom one last time before getting in the security line. 1,249 more words