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Raise Ally

Hey there folks. I have been noticing a large amount of search requests linking to my site for Raise Ally. A spell a death Knight can now perform after patch 3.0.8. 417 more words

Death Knight

This Isn't Where I Parked My Game

So, the casuals are ruining WoW for everyone.

(No wait. That’s a miserable opening. Let me try again.)

So, the hardcore players are ruining WoW for everyone. 1,362 more words


Testing a Marksman Hunter Spec in 3.0.8

In the past I have been a Beastmaster hunter, Survival hunter, and Surv/MM hybrid for pvp, but I have never tried a deep MM build.  I was a BC baby, and between BC and Wrath, MM was weaker than Beastmaster in most circumstances.   2,498 more words

Hunter Talents

Blizzard Makes Me Wanna Punch Babies

Happy Lunar New Year, dudes! Have you had some cheap WoW Gold today?

I originally wanted to greet you peeps in Chinese, but the thought of mistakenly informing your dog to brutally molest me in my sleep convinced me otherwise. 275 more words

World Of Warcraft

There Is A God

I can well imagine that there are people in Mythic who are currently looking at the heavens and saying “Thanks big guy, we knew you would come through for us” 129 more words


The hands down best thing about 3.0.8?

It broke Wintergrasp. 

No, really.  I hate Wintergrasp.  With a fiery passion the likes of which the destruction tree has never seen!  *shakes fist*  177 more words


Circle of Healing - 6 second cooldown

Our guild finally began 25-man Naxx last night which just so happened to coincide with the release of patch 3.08.  


The new patch brought with it, what I originally thought of as an innocent change being the 6 second cooldown to Circle of Healing.   357 more words