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Threats vs. Vulnerabilities

Although you may have heard the words “threats” and “vulnerabilities” used interchangeably with regards to your technology, they are not the same. A threat is an event or situation, intentional or unintentional, that has the potential to adversely impact your data or technology infrastructure. 333 more words


Oracle 12C Problem with datapatch. Part 2, the "fix"

so after much too-ing and fro-ing with Oracle Support, we finally have a solution to my datapatch problem. Prevent the timeout from happening when running datapatch! 325 more words


Wednesday Tidbit: Using Cluster-Aware Updating to patch a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster

Recently I built a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster to run my SQL, file services and Certificate Authority workloads. For a number of reasons (mentioned in the article) I decided to build it on the Server Core edition of Windows. 276 more words

Wednesday Tidbit

Python :: Unit testing, mock opens and iteration

Python 3, unit testing, mock_opens, and when you get caught out by a peculiar omission.

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Python, and have come across a strange omission that’s rather easily solved. 467 more words


Service Pack

“Back off the toggle reader,” Myrian Vitremarvis bellowed through his bullhorn. “Unclutch the address drive from the operatin’ counter.”

A series of metallic bangs punctuated by less-metallic blasphemies from the floor above accompanied the execution of this order. 267 more words


Top Ten Things I Learned at Black Hat

I was out at Black Hat last week and I thought I’d sum up some of the things I learned for those of you who couldn’t make it – 271 more words

Be ready for Patch Tuesday, but also be ready to patch on other days

If you work in an IT team, you may have highlighted the Patch Tuesday days on your calendar when Microsoft release updates. Being ready to test and roll them out will give your CTO a good feeling that actions are being taken to address security concerns. 213 more words

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