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Lovas párnák egy szülinapos lánynak / Pillows with horses for a birthday girl

Csak három napom volt kitalálni és elkészíteni ezeket a lovas párnákat az ikrek barátnőjének a szülinapi partijára.

I had only three days to make two pillows with the theme of horses for a friend of the twins who invited them to her birthday party. 97 more words

Patchwork, Quilt

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Patchwork & Quilting

Quilt #5 :: Scrappy 16-Patch Snowball

My two sisters are similar, yet different. Naturally, the quilts I’ll make for each should be just so. My fifth quilt, a scrappy 16-patch snowball is for Laurel, the middle sista. 111 more words


You are a patchwork quilt, made up of squares that have patterns, colors, textures, tears, and stitches.

My parents often tell me about the conversations they have with other parents about how to handle their child who is a “free spirit.” My parents use me as the example of a successful “free spirit.” I wasn’t always okay with that but now I have gown to see that it is okay. 564 more words

Adventure In Everyday Life

Megint varrok / Sewing again

Mióta az Óriástakaróhoz horgolom a négyzeteket, szinte másra nem is jutott időm. Ezért sok félig- vagy majdnem kész varrnivaló tornyosult a varrós asztalon és a szék hátán. 628 more words

Patchwork, Quilt