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Should All Drugs Be Patentable? A Comparative Perspective

Source: Infojustice

Abstract: Although there has been substantial discussion of the proper scope of patentable subject matter in recent years, drugs have been overlooked. This Article begins to address that gap with a comparative perspective. 170 more words


Patent - Producing Your Individual Patent Drawings

If you are an inventor, or are known to the inventing world, then you must understand what the importance of an invention prototype is. A tangibly constructed prototype helps you make the potential buyers, investors or interested parties understand what exactly your invention idea is, and what you want to convey through it. 465 more words

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3 Helpful Tips for Invention Patents

Innovations or inventions are helpful for all of us. They prove helpful to millions of people, allowing them to work easier and live better. Whether the invention is related to any medical device or some other type of personal, business, or lifestyle invention, you must first of all have it patented to keep it protected from the infringers or unscrupulous people. 401 more words


A new start for spring at the USPTO

The US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has a new director with a fresh, modern vision. A few days ago at the the 22nd annual SXSW Interactive Festival, an annual summit that showcases cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity, Michelle K. 194 more words


Gilead looks overseas to guard Sovaldi profits from taxes

Source: Fierce Pharma

4 Mar 2015

Tax inversion deals are not the only trick Big Pharma has up its sleeve to avoid steep U.S. tax rates. 412 more words


Who Should I Talk to if I Have an Invention?

In today’s sensitive cyber space, privacy has lost somewhere, may be due to a certain amount of stupid people who remain restless enough to bring others’ privacy in the public domain. 272 more words

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How to Become a Young Inventor?

Hey, here is your guide to become a young inventor! You may be in high school or elementary school, or your head has a lot of invention ideas, follow the below given guidelines or steps to burst out new inventions. 139 more words

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