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Intent to Patent

Intent to Patent is what every inventor should have to succeed in the invention arena. Invention without intention determines how far you will go with your invention process. 265 more words


Legal Life of Most Patents

The inventors are granted with patent for their inventions by a federal government like the United States of America temporarily for a certain period of time. 176 more words


Elements of Patent

A patent document remains inundated with a lot of complexities; including detailed account of an invention idea or concept. All patents have to follow the similar format. 432 more words


How do I get my invention idea patented?

Patenting an invention may seem a herculean task to those who are anew in the invention world. However, with the help of your patent attorney who is highly professional and extensively experienced in having an invention idea patented, you can get patent for your invention. 972 more words


Canada Slams Lilly for ‘Scattershot’ Patent Filings in a Long-Running Dispute

Source: The Wall Street Journal

17 Feb 2015

In blunt language, the Canadian government has harshly criticized Eli Lilly in a closely watched patent dispute that is being heard by an international tribunal. 762 more words


On Presidents, Leaders and Patents

Today, February 15, 2015, is the Presidents Day holiday in the United States. This holiday celebrates the birthdays of two of America’s greatest presidents, George Washington (February 22), and Abraham Lincoln (February 12).   370 more words


Opinion: Prof Brook K Baker on the impact of US pressure to change India’s IP laws

Source: Express Pharma

12 Feb 2015

Will a new US-led IP empire in India put access to medicines at risk?

Prof Brook K Baker, Professor of Law, Northeastern University, cautions that the Modi government’s accelerating flirtation with the US and its investors is dangerous to hundreds of millions of people worldwide whose lives depend on Indian generics… 1,584 more words