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China and Other Foreign Patents

QUESTION: We have a patent in China but did not make the PTC within 12 months.
We got a utility patent in China in 2015 for our invention. 159 more words


What Does the Word "Comprises" Mean in a Patent

QUESTION: In a patent application, does “comprises a pulley” protect against multiple pulleys? In the claim section, e.g. a device comprises A, B, and a pulley which is mounted on… In the spec section: In an embodiment, the device has A, B, and 1 pulley, however, in another embodiment, the device has A, B, and more than 1 pulley. 76 more words


Should You Wait to Complete Research on Your Invention?

QUESTION: With a new proven biotech device, would you patent with the limited bio understanding now or wait until research reveals details?

ANSWER: There is always a trade-off. 83 more words


What is a Patent Office 103 Rejection of My Patent Application?

QUESTION: The examiner had issued a 103 rejection based on a single prior art reference. After my counter-arguments, he now issued another 103 rejection again based on a single reference, but different from the first one. 116 more words

Patent Application

Protect Your Idea When Working with Manufacturing Company

QUESTION: I have an idea for a new invention, in order to begin to prototype, I would have to hire a company to have it be made. 71 more words

Patent Application

Does a Provisional Patent Need Patent Claims?

QUESTION: Should an inexperienced person filing a provisional patent application just leave out the claims (as allowed), or is it better to add at least one claim that is very broad in scope? 167 more words


Zuck wants Facebook on your face: Patent attempts to make 'AR glasses' a reality

The world just got a sneak peek at a feature Facebook’s working on to make its highly anticipated AR glasses a reality. Mark Zuckerberg has cleared about his belief that some type of glasses will finally replace smartphones as our go-to computing device.  272 more words