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Continuation Applications and Immersion Corp. v. HTC Corp.

It seems that every year or so, patent practitioners face a new wrinkle that causes us to lose sleep at night.  Take your pick: KSR… 665 more words


What Goes Into A Patent Application?

You may be surprised to learn that the basic requirements of a patent application are fairly simple. A patent application must describe what an invention is, how it is made and how to use it. 786 more words


RedHill waves a red Flag

Sometimes, companies publish the oddest press releases. Here is one that is doing the rounds on the Internet, and, with a dearth of decisions due to court recesses (and yes, I have been scratching around for things to write about this past month) this press release has been noticed: 745 more words

Need Patent Advice? Cost-Free Appointments At The USPTO For Pro Se/Solo Inventors

     A couple of years ago, the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) launched a pilot program called the “Pro Se Assistance Program” to help Pro Se… 350 more words


Long Abandoned Patent Reinstated As Applicant was Ill and Application had not Published.

In general, an Israel patent that has gone abandoned can be reinstated within 12 months of going abandoned under Section 21a of the law, if the abandonment was unintentional. 442 more words

Fast-track your patent application with a quick(er) trip through the Green Channel

With a UK patent application typically taking 4 – 5 years to reach grant, the patent process can seem like a very slow beast indeed. 171 more words