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DirecTV Files Patent Application for Viewing "Set Top Box Content" on a Virtual Reality Device

Last week, the USPTO published DirecTV’s patent application for delivering “set top box content” to a virtual reality display device.  This appears to be one of the first published patent applications by a major MVPD (“multichannel video programming distributor”), and could signal that the industry is ready to push their VR chips onto the table. 171 more words

Sony Files Shocking Patent Application for Monitoring and Counteracting Motion Sickness

Nausea.  Retching.  Headaches.  All-too-familiar symptoms for those unfortunate individuals who have experienced “virtual reality sickness” (and also, for those who have been to a Kenny G concert).   319 more words

Finding an intelligent Intellectual Property Lawyer for your Business!

As per the statutes, the temporary application ought to take after the same organization as a Provisional Patent Application Form, with the exception of that the cases might be overlooked. 500 more words


A checklist of formalities for a US patent application:

For Domestic US Applications

  1. The given names of the inventors, typically including their surname, first name and middle name or initial.
  2. The citizenship of the inventors (regardless of residence; i.e., a citizen of a different country may be a resident here in the United States).
  3. 308 more words
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Apple Might Put An End to Your Auto-Correct Fails

If you’ve been the victim of auto-correction fails (and who hasn’t?), Apple might have a fix ready and waiting. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday published an Apple patent application that would tell a message’s recipient when the iOS auto-correct feature has been in use. 11 more words


Making and Rescinding Transition Statements

Author: Rachael P. Dippold, Ph.D.
Editor: Amanda K. Murphy, Ph.D.

The USPTO defines a transition application as an application that claims priority to an application filed before March 16, 2013, but also contains, or contained at any time, at least one claim that has an effective filing data after March 15, 2013. 457 more words

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What Goes Into A Patent Application?

You may be surprised to learn that the basic requirements of a patent application are fairly simple. A patent application must describe what an invention is, how it is made and how to use it. 786 more words