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Google and IP3 offer to buy your patent

As it is already known, Google launched a program for purchasing patents from everyone who was willing to sell last year. This initiative will come back this time including some of the biggest companies in the world such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Adobe, SAP, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Verizon, Cisco and Arris, all of them united as “IP3 by Allied Security Trust”. 69 more words

Varoufakis on contemporary capitalism's preposterous reversal of the truth

This isn’t a new idea but I’ve rarely encountered it expressed so concisely:

The idea that individuals create wealth and that all governments do is come along and tax them is what Varoufakis calls “a preposterous reversal of the truth”.

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It's time for the Supreme Court to take another look at what can be patented

Twenty amicus briefs have been filed in support of Sequenom’s petition to the Supreme Court to review of the Federal Circuit’s decision in Arisioa Diagnostics v. 609 more words



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The Difference Between

Working For and Working With

An explaination by ~ Farid Shaikh…

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Should You Patent Your Invention? Maybe Not.

For inventors, patents can be a great thing-holding a patent means your invention is protected and you have exclusive rights over who gets to reproduce it, sell it, use it in their own inventions. 1,419 more words


Know the Law: Preserve Patent Rights in the United States and Foreign Countries

By Scott C. Rand

Q.  I have an invention and plan to disclose it at a trade show.  What do I have to know and what steps do I need to take to preserve patent rights in the United States and foreign countries?

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Tesla's patent strategy opens the road to sustainability for transport and for itself

What makes Tesla unique? How about everything. Mention patents to most people and their eyes glaze over. Worse, they think of patent “trolls” that some say are harming American businesses. 827 more words