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Cambodia joins the PCT

WIPO reports about the accession of Cambodia to  the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). In this way Cambodia has become the 151st member of the PCT which facilitates significantly international registration of inventions.The Treaty will come into force for the country on 08.12.2016.

More information here.

Unpicking the Gordian knot around blockchain patents

Earliest mentions of the term “bitcoin” in patent titles and abstracts date back to around 2009, while the term “blockchain” begins to appear in patent titles from around 2011. 1,040 more words


Accenture upsets blockchain believers with patent filing

Consulting giant Accenture has rattled the cage of the fintech community by filing a patent for an “editable” blockchain that would allow a central administrator to edit or delete information stored in a permissioned blockchain system. 276 more words


You Ain't Nothing but a Hamdog: IP Hit or Miss?

Joining the ranks of hybrid food combos such as the Cronut, Duffin and Cruffin this week was the Hamdog (click for image), an… 710 more words


Take a Shot at a Better Mousetrap

James A. Williams of Fredonia, Texas applied for a patent for a better mousetrap. Not content with something as mild as poison or a spring trap, Williams devised a means by which a Colt 1860 revolver could be linked to a pressure trigger, thus bringing a certain — and noisy — and to the unfortunate mouse at the other end. 88 more words


America Invents Act Receives Criticism at 5th Birthday Party

The America Invents Act just celebrated its 5th birthday last week! (For a summary of the AIA, the AIPLA’s got you covered.) Many people praise the AIA for… 265 more words

The Panopticon Penitentiary

The Panopticon is the brainchild of the Father of utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham. The word derives from παν (all), and οπτικος (watch), and the idea is to create a structure where a single watchman in the centre, who is hidden behind a system of blinds, can observe every single inmate in every single cell in the building and thereby stripping all privacy and autonomy away from them. 1,807 more words