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Searching patents in Japan, China, Chinese Taipei and Korea

Despite web browsers’ handy translate functions, it can still sometimes be hard to search for patents in other languages, particularly non-European languages which many of us won’t have a vast amount of experience with. 287 more words


Rockin' Patent - Riley Investments LLC's "Insert For Cajon Drum"

  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 7,928,303
  • Filed: 28 February 2008
  • In the name of: Riley Investments LLC
  • Title: Insert For Cajon Drum
  • What’s claimed: “Apparatus for lowering the fundamental frequency of a cajon drum, wherein said drum comprises four wooden side walls and a wooden top, wherein a first wooded side wall is the drumhead, wherein an opening is formed in a second side wall of said drum, comprising: a cylindrical insert, said cylindrical insert having a cylindrical body, said body being adapted to be slid into said opening, said insert having a flared flange at the outer end of said body and mounting means for connecting said insert to said second wooden side wall, wherein said mounting means includes a resilient band extending around said body adjacent said flange, and said mounting means also includes a resilient ring between said flange and said second wooden side wall, whereby said insert and said flange are resiliently suspended relative to second side wall to reduce vibrations otherwise caused by contact between said insert and said second side wall and to allow said insert to move relative to said side wall, wherein the weight of said insert and the length and width of said body of said insert are sized to lower the fundamental frequency of said drum.”
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Rockin' Patent - Julian Oteyza's "Guitar With Removable Fretboard And Pickup Section Powered By A Headphone Amplifier"

  • Rockin’ Patent: US Patent No. 5,929,362
  • Filed: 6 April 1998
  • In the name of: Julian Oteyza
  • Title: Guitar With Removable Fretboard And Pickup Section Powered By A Headphone Amplifier…
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Patents, pensions, and printing

By Gordon Rugg

The Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution are often portrayed as a flowering of bright new ways of thinking about the world, shaking off the dull orthodoxy of previous centuries. 973 more words

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Lazy…not so lazy Saturday Reads

  1. It has taken Mr Makate 15 years to get justice against Vodacom for an idea he pitched to the company that would later earn them billions of Rand.
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Saturday Reads

How Should I Respond to a Claim of Patent Infringement

By Scott C. Rand

Q: My company recently received a letter alleging patent infringement and demanding payment for use of commercially available technology. We are not a technology company, but rather an end user of the technology.

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Fitbit scores win against Jawbone in trade dispute — TechCrunch

Chalk one up in Fitbit’s column. An International Trade Commission judge ruled in Fitbit’s favor on a series of patent disputes brought forth by Jawbone. This ruling seems to make it less likely that Fitbit would face an import ban of its wearable fitness trackers.

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