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SCOTUS Teva Ruling: Big Splash with Little Impact

By Miriam Swedlow

Despite overruling the Federal Circuit’s prior practice of reviewing all aspects of patent claim construction de novo, the Supreme Court’s ruling in… 584 more words

Intellectual Property

Google's new patent plan: how it will and won't help startups

Google is giving away patents to startups. Some in the tech press said the plan, which will see 50 young companies receive two patents apiece, will help them fight patent trolls. 987 more words


Compulsory Licensing Application against the Patented Drug SAXAGLIPTIN by Lee Pharma

Lee Pharma, a Hyderabad based Indian pharma company, has filed a Compulsory Licensing (CL) Application (in accordance with Section 84(1) of the Indian Patents Act) against one of the patented drug Saxagliptin for treating Diabetes Mellitus. 913 more words

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Section 3(D) of Indian Patent Act Strikes Again

India revoked yet another drug patent granted to a German MNC, Boehringer Ingelheim, for its respiratory drug, Spiriva (crystalline tiotropium bromide monohydrate) at a time when the US is putting pressure on Indian government for not providing adequate patent protection to multinational drug companies. 726 more words

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Team Big Data

Welcome back. You join us as we enter a really busy stage of the project, with every team now in full development mode the office is a buzz of activity, only broken by the occasional old school classic pop song (Back Street Boys, S Club 7, you get the idea), or a quick game of table football. 240 more words


Patents and Innovation

There has been much debate in the past and today about whether patents impede innovation. Some think we should abolish patents, some disagree. One can research perspectives from both sides themselves. 672 more words



Do you know that China has one of the world fastest trains and busiest transportation systems in the world?  If that in mind, China has grown because of the UNDERGROUND CHURCH OF JESUS who has been praying for their nation, and God has heard their prayers.   50 more words