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Remembrance Day: Thomas Foy

If the saying that “war is hell” is true, then the Battle of the Somme in World War I was the perfect example of this hell. 351 more words


Almost right!

Let’s look at a case where I should have taken a family story with a larger grain of salt……and how I actually did have an ancestor come through Ellis Island. 645 more words

Who was James Jamieson? The puzzle...

Most new genealogists learn fairly quickly to write down sources for everything (‘cuz, no, you won’t remember which book you got that one piece of information when it becomes your focus again in 3.7 years after you find an amazing new piece of information… 253 more words

Irish origins for the McGee family?

Francis McGee was likely a famine immigrant ~ and too poor to make it to the US, so he settled in Edinburgh, where he was a fish hawker/costermonger. 368 more words

Starting to tell the McGee story

Great Britain conducts censuses every ten years in years ending in 1. Results are available to the public after 100 years (compared to 72 years for the United States), so the most recent census returns that have been released are for 1911. 1,059 more words