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A 'can't be unseen' video ad for toilet squatting

I’m busy writing auto cues for my MOOC session on the UK water privatization experience, and teaching at work is in full swing… so it’s a short post this month. 205 more words


The Canadian-Saudi Arms Deal and Path-Dependent Foreign Policy

The Story

Three months after stepping into power, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party face one of their first major governance controversies, over their continued support of a controversial $15 billion (Cdn) arms deal to Saudi Arabia. 1,445 more words

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Words of Wisdom on turning 30

On New Year’s Day, Silvia Spiva asked me to offer some words of wisdom to two friends who were turning 30 this year. I was surprised, yet honoured to be asked. 1,118 more words

What makes it science?

When I hear the phrase “I experimented with drugs/diet/habit/whatever ,” I tend to call bullshit. (A good exception is the author at Gwern.net who does blind, randomized trials on himself sometimes.) Without a control group you aren’t doing an experiment. 238 more words


# 15.31 How Smart is Specialisation? An Analysis of Specialisation Patterns in Knowledge Production

Gaston Heimeriks, Pierre-Alexandre Balland


To understand how specialisation patterns of cities differ among scientific fields, we study patterns of knowledge production in Astrophysics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Organic Chemistry between 1996 and 2012. 98 more words


Fourteen-Year Old Girl in Bikini Threatens Armed Cop

For those of you, my conservative friends, who believe police brutality is just a collection of deliberate made up tales, there is a video on the major cable networks today I hope you see. 1,100 more words

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