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Navigating through the stinky swamp ahead.

It’s been difficult to write about the expected environmental consequences of the pending Trump administration for many reasons – not least of which is the feeling that the immediate demands of keeping humans safe, healthy and insured in the present are the most pressing ones. 830 more words

Environmental Economics

Reaction to McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan coined the famous expression “the medium is the message”. After reading his excerpt, I found it to be very complicated, but after reading it a few times it started to make more sense to me.   572 more words

The legacy of autocratic rule in China

What is the long-term legacy of political persecutions? Here I want to present the main findings of my recent research with Melanie Meng Xue (UCLA Anderson). 1,305 more words


Silence and the South Yorkshire Police

For 27 years, the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) were institutionally silent about their Hillsborough failures. For 27 years the officers maintained their silence. For 27 years, they fought hard to deny the truth. 2,733 more words