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Situations ... change your mindset towards it !

“Everyday day I struggle.

Sometimes I may fumble.

Few times I feel lost as if trapped in a concrete jungle .

Few times It’s far too late and I can’t think straight, 247 more words


Dear Future Children

Dear Future Children,

I did this for you. I don’t predict meeting you any time in the foreseeable future, but I wanted to ensure that when we do meet, I am everything that you need me to be. 217 more words


Dharma Tail Wagging

Yesterday, we had to take down a diseased ash tree which was close to the house. I always feel sad when a tree comes down. Afterwards the dogs enjoyed the new smells and opportunity to dig… especially our  Dilys.  66 more words

Middle Ground

Loss is a Bitch

Loss is a bitch

Who likes catching you off-guard.

She sneaks up on you

On your least expected hours.

You’ll feel her when you’re riding the bus, 71 more words

Path Of Life

God is Our GPS for Life

Recently, I was driving to the office and because I had a meeting, I needed to be there at a certain time and didn’t want to get caught in the rush hour traffic hang-ups so I was using the GPS app on my phone. 1,092 more words

Believing God's Promises

" TRUTH AND CONSTRUCTIVE VS DESTRUCTIVE , FALLS , FOES AND FOLLIES OF THE  UNSCRUPLOUS AND TREACHEROUS " . MORAL IS ONE PERSON ON SIDE OF TRUTH CAN BEAT HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF PERSONS WITH LIES. DEEP NEETI 8 " TRUTH AND DARE " or " SUN TREATESE " OF 44 vs 99 or Constructive 143 ( One 143 Means I Love You ( Importance of SUCCESS WITH LOVE  vs PERISHMENT WITH GREED AND PERMANENT LOSS. LOVE RESPECT LOYALITY REPRESENTS LOVE OR 143 ( HERE 99+44=143 and 44 is no way comparable to 99 and 143 ) . Mainly 5 Characters in this real plot and based on true story OF DEEP define this Deep Neeti or Sun Treatise 8. In this story Main opponents are 4 Characters out of Top 5 amounting to 1+1 = 11 ( As they consider themselves no less and very strong like 1+1= 11 and All four amounting to 44 going 4 fold in power but still unware about  Main Key Character they are wasting time on Knowledgeable Character 1 who alone is equal to 99. Since 44 of Character 2+3+4+5 ( 11 each ) collectively equal to 44 is not even half of 99 and even shorter than the best of Characters 2+3+4+5 combined at 44 vs 99 it finally proves that One Truth can beat thousand lies and ditchers in short or long run all the way. Main plot is in Main 5 and Rest of Characters from 6-10 are hardly any decision makers rather just inspiring conspiracy , the foes and folly.

They say Love is Majestic. Nothing can match Love , Patience , Tolerance and Non-Violence. Just like forgiveness is a trait of strong similarly in a reciprocal , Violence is a trait of weak. 654 more words