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The paths of the destroyer

“Concerning the works of men, By the word of your lips, I have kept away from the paths of the destroyer.” Psalm 17:4

The devil has set paths upon which he trods, fixed routes he traverses and dark habitations where he is most at ease. 1,146 more words

Christian Life

Castle on the hill

Far away a house is standing tall, alone on a hill. It has been built strong, like a castle some say.

A house that outstands the elements. 217 more words

audible drabble: Path of Life

Coming down to the last of the drabbles I have finished up. I am debating whether to do more right away or use this blog for the digital drawing and story that I am putting together. 61 more words


Honey, where are the kids??!!

Myself Loved the capture with the winding road in the backdrop putting me in a philosophical mood.

Often there are such benches in the path of life or a momentary Pause so as to say. 79 more words


Time to time your time

Time to re-organize your time.

If you have no time your are either waisting time or not appreciating it for what it is.

There is no timebank, you can’t deposit some of it and claim it back later. 234 more words

Go with the flow

It might be true that we need to fight for our dreams and that sometimes, if not most times, that means that we need to go in the opposite direction of the crowd. 209 more words

Keep Walking 

At times while walking down the path of life, you don’t actually see what’s coming at you from the opposite direction. So, you shield yourself from all possibilities which can hurt you or harm you. 157 more words

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