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Father thank you for the Cross, and for the reality of Your deep love for us. You call us onto this narrow, circumscribed path. There is no limit to the depth of the wonder of the Love of this path, for Your love is greater than any ocean of shame, alienation, or judgment. 221 more words


Life is messy - control it and miss the point.

Kingdom Principle: God brings order with chaos and chaos to order.

Exodus 20:1-17 Psalm 19 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 John 2:13-22

Everything happens with purpose, but not always is the purpose understood. 885 more words

Year B

The path leads the way... in life and in sexual relationships

In the last week I had the joy to read another book by Paulo Coelho, this time ‘The Pilgrimage’. Though I admit, that ‘The Alchemist’ can hardly be topped, I gained some points from it, that I like to share. 952 more words

Being present...

This is the lecture i’ve been watching yesterday. It is an absolute must that you take a look at it, if you are interested into the state of affairs in the field of music, art, creativity,  or popular culture in general. 362 more words


Clarence Clemons - Peacemaker

Clarence used to walk and share the stage along the boss Bruce himself, playing sax in the E street band. This is his solo piece called Peacemaker, not known to many. 180 more words


What is Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (but really I’m all for celebrating love at any given day of the year). In this post I wanted to focus on a type of love that is slowly but surely being spoken of more often and that is: self LOVE. 277 more words

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