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Not a Number; Not a Statistic

I have noticed that there is a topic on my blog that I mention frequently, but I’ve never really talked about in depth. That would be the abusive relationship that I was in for 17 years. 1,924 more words


Beginnings Can Be So Magical

The way your mind wanders because it knows nothing about where you are going or what life will be like once you arrive.  Beginnings can also be difficult because as quickly as positive possibilities become wonderful realities, failure and disappointment can necessarily follow.   44 more words



Plans have a way of changing. Detours and roadblocks often appear before us without warning. When that happens, our plans are altered; sometimes they come to a screeching halt. 277 more words


God's Path/Plan or Mine?

It is my hearts desire to be completely obedient to the Lord at all times. This my friends is not an easy task. I often get in my own way. 385 more words


Preordained and prearranged path for you.

As we prepared to move on in life and enter a new year, there is the urgent need for us to grasp the truth that will help us into a fulfillment. 361 more words

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Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord

1) The Almanac. Click on the month you want in the side-bar, then the specific date. The blog will tell you what happened in hymn history on that day. 865 more words

Follow Jesus

Don't Be Fooled...

Because sometimes all you need is a visual reminder of His goodness…

In today’s world, many – in fact MOST – do not set the Lord before them…They do not set ANYONE or ANYTHING before THEMSELVES at all, in actuality. 101 more words