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Getting to the bottom of it {The Path You Choose}

More Gabrielle action for you. Be sure to visit Kir and see what her side is up to.

Missed some? Catch up here!

The clinking of silverware intensified the pounding in Gabrielle’s head. 633 more words


Acceptance {The Path You Choose}

Continuing on where I left Gabrielle last week. Be sure to read what Bree is up to as well over at Kir’s Place! Missed some? 704 more words


Wet your whistle {The Path You Choose}

I’m having a little fun with Gabrielle this week. Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to wander over to Kir’s place for her side this week :) 923 more words


Dinner with the Folks {The Path You Choose}

Kir is going on vacation for a few weeks so this is the last “Path” until maybe September. So I hope you allow my indulgence of going a bit long this week ;) Be sure to click over to Kir’s  swanky new Fiction-only digs to read her… 1,061 more words


Revelations {The Path You Choose}

Another scene for Gabrielle. Next week should be interesting…just an FYI ;) Don’t forget to pop over to Kir’s and read her piece about Bree… 781 more words


A Wake Up {The Path You Choose}

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode of “Path” since we’ll be taking a break next week. Kir will be in Chicago for BlogHer enjoying all the goodies that entails. 814 more words


Perfect {The Path You Choose}

Things are heating up in Gabrielle’s world…just read on to see what I mean. And for some more heat, pop over to Kir’s place for… 799 more words