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Down Life's Path

Life can give us many opportunities to grow
The choices we make testing what we know
Some will test our endurance right to the line… 125 more words


Is being lost okay?

I overheard a part of a conversation between two people the other day.
Person 1: Where are we going?
Person 2: We’ll find out.

This made me think, relentlessly. 593 more words


fossil ~

ten thousand years
a broken heart
pressed beneath the stone
moments pass unnoticed
as hands upon the plow
dirty feet
claim the path alone
seedlings of some other… 10 more words


Card of the Day - Page of Cups - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Pay attention! The Page of Cups is a Messenger of the Tarot, and if you listen closely to your intuition today, you can pick up on what the Universe has to say. 351 more words


Through the Eyes of Tarot - Sun in Cancer - Summer/Winter Solstice - June 21, 2018

There is a new frontier on the horizon, and it is calling your name. You may not feel as though you have all of the necessary information to complete your mission, but you can balance things out in your favor by creating a checklist of sorts. 549 more words


With Neptune newly retrograde, it is highly possible for dreams to be off the charts. It can be very easy to want to escape into that dream world, having the kind of vibe that says…”I don’t want to be here; I just want to be there”.

21 more words
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