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To Trust or Not to Trust

I’ve been here before

And I know which way to go

So how come everytime I step my foot out

The rest of me doesn’t want to follow… 92 more words


Love Button on Path

Kenal Path kan? Kalau nanya ke ibu2 se Indonesia, kayaknya kenal semua yaa..

Path is supposed to be a substitute for Facebook, dimana kalau di FB kita bisa berteman sama ribuan orang, yang berefek bikin kita bingung… aduh ini siapa yaaa? 502 more words

My Daily Life

Card of the Day - The Hermit - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Looks like our hippie-owl Hermit has come along to show us the way. There is still a great deal of ground to be covered between now and October 8, which I think we shall officially proclaim “The-Light-at-the-End-of the-Tunnel-Day. 370 more words


Short Hiking Tour from Bad Laterns to Neugerachalpe

After a long rain period in June/July, the weather finally changed for good. So we packed a light backpack and chose a destination for a short hike. 390 more words


Information Overload

Everywhere we are being bombarded with it – information overload – television, radio, social media, video games, advertisements, e-mail and text, and on and on it goes. 371 more words

Following the Light

The road to enlightenment can sometimes be full of darkness but we must still follow it as along the way we may find a glimmer of light………