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Why do we tend to make choices leading us to failure when we want to follow the plan of God

Show me the way Lord, teach me your path… Lead me in your truth and teach me…

The journey with Christ Jesus can be long, has many challenges but as children of God,we always believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, the promises of God will come to pass, we will see by faith what we could not see. 834 more words


Taumpati pemamah biak makan taruss
Kda ketangkisan – with Mimi at Rumah Makan Semua Senang (Pak Siyo)

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When I read this quote, I knew it was exactly what I needed for this Thursday’s Thought. Honesty time. I don’t know exactly what path of life I need to follow. 111 more words


Help desk sehari
Pina nyaman auranya selawas bos adi pindah ni – at KP2KP Martapura

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Street Lights

People are walking tall, on streets which aren’t unknown to them,

Sadly, I merely know them,

I fear my wrecked reflection will be snubbed,

Under these faux scintillating lights, 71 more words


Serigala lapar – with Gete at J.CO Donuts & Coffee

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