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Dying from the inside out.

I color my surroundings with bright bold color. But inside there is a darkness taking over.

I won’t deny the correlation of recent events. I know deep down the scars have been ripped open and the blood pours now. 194 more words

Card of the Day - 5 of Swords - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ah, the 5 of Swords immediately following the Lovers card, can you say love is a battlefield? With Venus having turned the corner in its retrograde over the weekend, things have been bound to come up in the area of relationships. 479 more words


Follow the signs be brave and trust life 

A song about tearing down windmills and Don Quijote in the playlist on the computer and a week later I was strolling in one of the parks in the neighboring city, never have I noticed the two windmills standing there. 512 more words


Card of the Day – The Lovers – Monday, March 27, 2017

New Moon blessings to all! What an interesting card to have for today! I truly believe to get the full effect, you should hop over to YouTube and listen to the card for tomorrow as well.

31 more words

Monday Stories: The Path

A young man sprints along the path. His breath is deep but comes out in steadily. The only sound he can hear is the slap of his tennis shoes and the rustle of his clothes as he turns the corner. 733 more words


Broken Open

How does the love shine through you?
How does the light find its way?

Through the cracks
And the holes
And the broken open soul… 57 more words